About next 2 years you will be existing more than 10 years. Do you prepare any great shows or celebrations?
We do not know, probably we do a show here in Turin, do a new CD and tattoo the name of the band on our bodies.

In which town do you stay or live? /name of this (these) town(s) and something about this (them)/
3 of us live in Turin (Torino), and two lives in Montanaro, a small place 30 km over Turin.
It’s a good city, with a very big antagonist movement and some concert every weekend.
There are too many good bands in our city.

Could you tell us anything about each member of your band?
Eugenio the voice of the band it’s a really Torino calcio supporter, he love football and girls; Bito the guitarist love to sleep and taste good whiskeys.
Toffee (Davide) the other guitar player, plays with Eugenio in another great Oi! Band called Banda del rione, and he’s the Latin lover member of the band.
Kalle bass player usually keep in fight with nazi scum and drink good beer
Johnny the drummer, love smart dressing, taste good whiskeys and grappa and spread anarchist ideas around the world.

And what’s about skinhead or street-unity scene in your area or region?
We have a good skinhead scene in our area. 5 Oi! Bands and really street unity with some people, it’s a wonderful movement!

Is anybody from your band in contact with mafia? J
Yeah!! Mafia, pizza, spaghetti e Mandolino! But don’t talk about it with the Godfather!

Which beer do you prefer? Your owns from your country or any foreign?
We like some kind of beer, Mwnabrea and Moretti are good Italian beers, but we like also
Guinness, Kilkenny, Mcewans, Bulldog and many others.

Is anybody from your group vegetarian or SxE?
There aren’t SxE in our band. Johnny, Kalle and Toffee are into vegetarian.

Could you enumerate us your front favourite Italian and foreign bands all around the world?
1 Cock Sparrer
2 Kina
3 The Stab
4 Nabat
5 Infezione
6 Motorhead
7 Rose Tattoo

I’ve heard something about ´come back´ of my favourite band Erode – is it truth? Do you think as me that this band could be very popular in the skinhead or street scene?
We don’t know if it’s true, the band here in Italy is very popular into the movement.
The band Rebelde do a cover song of Erode.

How could you characterize your style of music?
We try to characterize us with melodic riffs but powerful and good lyrics.

I know that you know 3:2 pro MH /band from the Czech Rep./. I think we have more better groups…why do you know above all this band?
I (Johnny) have their demo tape. Some years ago in trading the 7“ of my old Hc/punk band (Up to Date) with some Czech/Slovak band.

Your attitudes as attitudes of skinheads are non-political. But many people think that fighting against fascism and racism is policy /me not!!!/. What do you want to message those people?
They‘ re free to think as they want, too many people are blind and ignorant.
We define us non political because we don’t like parties and institution.
But we have a head and we think. It’s different. Non political doesn’t mean ambigous or non committed.

Are you proud of your Working Class roots?
Yeah, we are really proud, but sad, at the same time; the work it’s a big chain for the people. It’s hard to survive.

 Make you strong the fact when you can see skins and punks united on your concerts?
Yeah, we are very proud to see Skins and Punks on our concert; Skins & Punks =T.N.T.!!

When skinhead starts to be a non-skinhead?
When he think that’s a lost battle!

Were you on demonstrations in Genova /Janov/ against G8 summit? Your opinions on these protests?
Some of us was in Genova. We think it was a good kind of protest, but there was (and there is) a big mass media and political parties instrumentalization.

Do you prefer any street sign? For example Fred Perry, Lonsdale, PitBull..or do you rather wear T-shirts with motives of your band? J
Both of these.

Which part of woman’s body are you keen on? :-)
Bito: face
Kalle: bottom
Eugenio: all part of them
Toffee: bottom
Johnny: bottom

Would you like to sing any new songs in English too?
We don’t know, at the moment we haven’t English lyrics, but everything it’s possible.

Do you love any land in this blue planet? And why?
We love all the land, every land have a good thing to see. We live on the amazing planet earth.

May we order any T-shirts or other things from you?
Yeah e have some merchandise. T-shirt, sweat shirt, some kind of badges and patches.
You can order it trough our email address.

On cover of your CD ´Il santo´ is angel-skin-hooligan. Are you fans of any club?
Kalle, Eugenio and Toffee are into Torino calcio Ultras, Bito have a Black & White heart (Juventus), Johnny isn’t a football fan.

Have you any CD you won’t ever sell out? /some your musical jewells/
Cock Sparrer „Shock Troops“, The Smiths „Hatful of Hollow“, The Stab „Nessun Ribelle“, Hiatus „From resignatio to revolt“, Kina „Se ho vinto se ho perso“, and many others...

Make I stupid questions ? J /I don’t think so – I hope, haha/
No, you’ve done many good question!

Please – some regards or your mottos to skin-Read readers?
Thanx a lot for the interview, satan save Skin-Read zine .