Skinhead brother, can you please introduce your band members? Age, hobbies, jobs…? When your band THE BOIS was established and what was the main reason to do it?
The Bois was established in 2001. Me and my vocalist played in other bands before but nothing worked. Then we met our drummer Oaki and guitarist Roy in a drinking session. My vocalist knew them and told me they can play their instruments well and maybe we should try them. Nothing to lose we jammed and the first song we played Suburban Rebels (the business) cover we clicked very well. And from then on we started jamming. Second session we already had an original song (cream of the crops). The reason we formed the band is to spread the sounds of south east asia oi and a platform for us to make  a stand and spread our beliefs. And the rest is history.
Baba- bass (37yo) personal trainer
Razmy- vocalist (33yo) admin assistant
Roy- guitars (29yo) shipping assistant
Oaki- drums (30yo) oil and gas

You have already recorded many CDs. Can you please write us about your discography? On how many compilations did you participate? Which bands mostly influenced your style of music (beside The Oppressed of course, haha)?
We are strongly influenced by as you know already The Oppressed. Roddy is a brilliant song writer in our opinion and he's contribution to the scene and what he stood for. And also some old bands like cock sparrer, angelic upstarts, sham  69, 4 skins, cockney rejects, the business, last resort, blitz, oi polloi, klasse kriminale, the menace, exploited, the adicts, perkele  just to name afew. Discography:
Cream of the crops-2003
New generation- 2006
High on Oi!- 2009
(All albums)
Sharp as a Razor- split ep with the oppressed and the d teez (2011)
Numorous compilations (lost touch) hahah

I think that you sing all your songs in English language. Am I right? I appreciate this because I can understand ;). But why don’t you sing in your native language? Do you use English in your private life either?
In Singapore the first language is english. Our second language is malay or indian or chinese. For us it's malay but we are more comfortable writing our songs in english. Maybe in the future we will write one or two songs in malay. Never know (:

Tell me please anything special about the skinhead scene in Singapore / Malaysia. Is this scene divided or united? Any special clubs or pubs which are owned by skinheads or friendly to skinheads?
I can say we have a very healthy scene here. In Singapore it's a very small punk and skinhead scene so we unite as one. There will be misunderstandings now and then but we just blame it on the alcohol at the end of the day hahahah.. We are very close with our south east asian brothers as well. Inviting bands from there  to play here and vice versa. In Singapore we don't have a specific pub where we meet to have a laugh cos the price of alcohol is a fucking rip off here. We would always meet on the streets of city hall and have a drink till the morning. (:  Malaysia and Indonesia they have good pubs where they meet up for drinks which is nice.

I read some columns about Brown power / Malay power skins. You have got 1 song Die Troopers. Can you tell me more about this section? Do you have any personal experience with them? Do they have many bands? I read their manifest that they are not racists. They say they are only patriots and want to defend their own culture…
Yes the have KL Troopers there in malaysia who fight for the brown race. Of course they won't admit they're racists and say their patriotic. Every bonehead says that. They have "darah dan maruah" festivals translated means " blood n honor". So you tell me is that what skinheads believe in? And they are just monkey see monkey do. One idiot wears a swastika patch the rest would follow without understanding the real meaning of it. And the funny thing was they tried to enter the oppressed show in KL recently and some even wore The Oppressed t shirt and took pictures. What level of idiot is that? We have had alot of fights with them before. Everytime we have a show in malaysia. Now it has slowed down. Die troopers is a song dedicated to these fools to tell them what kinda idiots they are and to ask them to get the fuck out of the scene. This scene doesn't belong to them.

You are strictly SHARP band. It seems that SHARP movement slowly dies in Europe because of many reasons. Is this idea strong in Asia? I think so. Which Asian Oi! and SHARP bands are the most popular?
YES we are a sharp band. And some will now say another political band. Before you judge a sharp skinhead to be political think about least we are doing something for the scene by eliminating the poisons in our culture the nazis and educating the masses that skinheads has got nothing to do with racism cos here when society sees a skinhead the first thing they say is we are racists. Oi and punk in itself is already political. We are singing about the fucking government, the boys in blue and so on. It's politics itself unless you're singing about the birds and bees then I have no say. We have a strong SHARP scene here in south east asia. Some sharp/antifa festivals yearly. And standing up agaisnt racism when we have the chance. There are a few sharp bands here in south east asia.

Many skinheads have got problems on the streets because of their image (boots, bomber jackets etc.) with immigrants here (with non-white people…). Do you have personally any problems with foreign people, police or the state because of your way of life?
We have no problems at all with immigration. In fact we love it. And we have singaporeans who migrate as well. It's how it is now and it's for the better. We don't see color but see all as humans. A lot of problems with the police we had and even some of us has spent time behind bars for various crimes but mostly rioting.

How many sections of skinheads do you really have in Singapore / Malaysia? Any RASH, Redskins bands or crew either? Recently I ordered some CD from GlorypoinT band and their guitarist wear many communist/redskin T-shirt. Are Redskins popular in your country? Are skinheads more to left or to the “right” or middle there?
We have sharp/antifa skinheads, and skinheads who call themselves traditional. In Singapore we unite. As long as you respect my beliefs I'll respect yours. But if you were to be in bed with the enemy (nazis) then you can say goodbye to our brotherhood. We had arguements and misunderstanding about this before. Some parts of south east asia they have nazis but not in Singapore. It's nazi free. (:

I am in touch with Wan Shah from G69 but he is too busy now. He published Lion City fanzine. Do you know him? Do you know his magazine? How many other magazines are published in Singapore? Do skinheads support their scene or many distros and labels had to be closed because nobody had bought their stuff?
Wan shah i know him personally. A good brother. The zine is no more distributed here. We have punk zines here done by some guys i don't really know personally. For skinhead zines we don't have one anymore. We support distros here.

Tell me please anything special about S´pore. Which places would you like to recommend us if we visit you and why? How often do skinhead bands make shows or festivals there? What about the Jamboree Skinhead Fest? Is it still alive? Which party or gig would you recommend us for this or next year?
Singapore is a small island. It's always the same thing for us to do or go to. (: we have some good shitty clubs here for wankers. Sentosa a small island is a good place to.go to. Lots of activities there. We have shows here regularly but not like a fixed one. No proper skinhead jamboree yet because in some parts there is division. The Bois plays like 5-6 shows yearly. In Singapore and Malaysia. Not counting our europe tour of course.

Some people dont know anything about minorities, nationalities, politics and some main problems of your land. Can you describe it for us? Is your society established on multi-cultural basement? Do you have any main problems inside of society? For example old settlers versus immigrants, left-wing contra right-wing people etc.?
Singapore I can say is a safe peaceful country. Multi cultural society. No racial divisions. At work or school you will have all the races working together or playing together. Immigration is not a problem at all here. But now the govt. is controlling it. Sometimes you will read in the papers about racism but everywhere you will have idiots. And the govt. takes a serious stance on this. You can be jailed if you commit an act of racism.

Many people think that all Moslems are bad or sexist or not for equality with women!!! Please, could you describe the main point of view, the main attitude of Islam or to be real Moslem? Is it possible to coexist with Christians and Moslems and Jews as well? Why are there so many problems with Moslems in Europe? I can not understand this… Please help me…
Islam doesn't teach us to be terrorists. Killing or even harm another human being is a sin. These extremists doesn't represent islam at all. Their acting on their own accord and using the name of islam. They believe by doing this they'll go to heaven. Fuck them. Committing suicide is forbidden in islam let alone killing people around you as well. The actions of a few will now affect the rest. Same goes to any religion. We have christians or jews killing muslims. But do they represent their religion? I have clients And good friends who are christians or jews. And we get along very well. I'm a muslim but don't practice my religion. So its not appropriate for me to go further on this topic. All I can say is islam is a religion of peace. We must and should respect all other races and religions.

I saw that many skingirls visit skinhead/punk gigs. They are so nice!!! But sometimes they have nice face hidden behind the burkas, haha! Can you please send me any photo of them or send me any web link? ;-)
I don't keep photos of them mate hahah...but yes we do have skingirls who wear headdress to shows. They still believe in the culture and also in their religion.

What do you know about skinhead scene in your neighbour-countries? Indonesia, China, Thailand, Korea? And what about Yellow Side movement in Japan? They invited Bound For Glory for the gig there…
Don't really know about the scene in Korea, China or Japan. I know a guy from Japan and all he could say was the scene is divided now. Right wing is on the rise i think now in japan. We played in Thailand and Indonesia before. Love the scene. Very united. They have tons of bands as well from there.

Tell me something about your tattoos
:-D.  And what does „to be skinhead“ mean for you? Are skinheads in Singapore accepted by police and government or are they mostly like enemies?
I have a biomech english dragon tattoo on my right arm. With a fred perry and boots in it (my very first tattoo so didnt want to cover it) left arm a skinhead with pork pie hat holding a baseball bat. Spider web on my elbows. Old english letters "hooligan" with another biomech english dragon wrapped around my lower left arm. Trojan logo on my right chest. The oppressed lion city skinheads on my left. Me and Roddy had it done in singapore when he came over alone and had us to cover for the oppressed for a mini tour of south east asia. Back is still under construction. Maybe gonna have a crucified skinhead with the now tribals in top. And some stuffs for a whole back . Skinhead to me is a way of life. Been in and out of prison because of it. Relationships lost because of it. But at the end of the day I have my brothers, my music, my boots and braces, my way of life that will never leave me. I'm proud of who I am and nobody can take that away from me. It's like a religion to me you know. It's not accepted by the boys in blue but well we don't give a fuck. They think we are a threat to society. Let them think what they want. We are the ones having a laugh.

What do you think about Europe or Czech republic? Do you know any special facts about? Did you visited our land only once? Did you enjoy the gig?
Personally I love europe. Maybe I would even migrate there one day. Czech republic is a very beautiful place. Love the old buildings and people. The ladies are so beautiful (: we had a show at club 007 as part of our europe tour. It was amazing. The after party was brilliant. We had so much to drink that we broke tables and chairs in that club and nobody said anything about it. Hahah..

The style of Asian skinhead bands is a little bit to heavy metal and I really love it! It is music with high qualities! Which factor does make your music so nice and specific? I really love it!
We have so many influences. As for me i listen to rock n roll, reggae, metal. My guitarist listens to punkrock. Drummer listens to metal. Vocalist listens to everything. And of course we love oi music. So we mix all our influences together to create our music

Any future plans with The Bois?
Currently we are in the studios recording our 4th album. Some splits with overseas bands as well. Also we are touring UK in May 2015. Playing in Manchester 0161 festival. (: all looks good for the future.