Skinhead brother, can you please introduce your band members? Age, hobbies, jobs…? When your band STA-PREST was established and what was the main reason to do it?


1.      Soni Bald - Drums/vocals, Age: 28, Job : IT

2.      Didi - Guitar 1, Age: 30, Job: Security

3.      Vidi Kalashnikov - Guitar 2/ Vocals, Age: 31, Job: Social Worker

4.      Harryman - Bass/Vocals, Age: 29, Job: Retail

5.      Budi - Guitar 3, Age: 25, Job: Field Services


Sta-Prest Boys was established in the year 2008. We started this band out of boredom and we wanted to create music to kill time. Our old band, ANARCHY 99 (oi/street punk), started in 1999, had disbanded. So we created a new band STA-PREST BOYS, that was once boring but now full of life!

You have just recorded new split CD. Can you please write us about your discography? On how many compilations did you participate? Which bands mostly influenced your style of music?


1.      2010 - Skinhead Troopers .ep “CDs”

2.      2010 - Strength Thru Exotic Oi! 4 way split album. Oi! Squad (Hongkong), The End (Jakarta), Skinlander (Bintaro) & Sta-Prest Boys (Bintaro). By Steel Town Records, Oi! The Nische Records and Tällärwäschär Dreckords (Germany) “Cassettes”

3.      2013 - V/A Made In Indonesia by Aggrobeat Records (Netherland) “CDs”

4.      2014 - 101% Proud, 4 way split album. Red Alert (England), Foreign Legion (Wales), Compatriot (Bintaro), Sta-Prest Boys (Bintaro). By RD Records (Bintaro) “Cassettes & Vinyl”

5.      2015 – Oi! It’s a World Invasion Vol. 2 Split Album, Rejects S/A (Brazil) and Sta-Prest Boys. By Rusty Knife Records, Rumagna Records & Clockwork Records. (France) “CDs”


Our music influences are The Last Resort, A.C.A.B. (Malaysia) and a little bit of influences from Metallica.

Tell me please anything special about the skinhead scene in Malaysia. Is this scene divided or united? Any special clubs or pubs which are owned by skinheads or just friendly to skinheads?

We do not know much about the skinheads in Malaysia but we do have a few friends from there. We only hear news from our fellow skinheads there that Malaysia has a great scene there.

I read some columns about Brown power / Malay power skins. Can you tell me more about this section? Do you have any personal experience with them? Do they have many bands? I read their manifest that they are not racists. They say they are only patriots and want to defend their own culture…What do you mean about?

We have heard of brown power/malay pride from friends in Malaysia but we do not know much of it to comment. In Indonesia, we do not have skinheads which have the same ideology as such, nazi or anything related to this. We only support the movement of the subculture skinheads that is in Indonesia which are not racist.

Many skinheads have got problems on the streets because of their image (boots, bomber jackets etc.) with immigrants here. Do you have personally any problems with foreign people, police or the state because of your skinhead way of life?

The skinhead image in Indonesia is still acceptable. Unlike punk which is much hated in Indonesia. The culture in Indonesia does not know much about the punk scene. The community only judges the punks by the way they dress as if they are criminals. They also do not see punks as musicians. The community does not see skinheads as bad because they do not know much of the skinhead culture existents up to now.

How many sections of skinheads do you really have in Singapore / Malaysia? Any RASH, Redskins bands or crew either? Recently I ordered CD from GlorypoinT band and their guitarist wear many communist/redskin T-shirt. Are Redskins popular in your country? Are skinheads more to left or to the “right” or middle there?

As I mentioned above, we do not know much of the skinheads in Singapore and Malaysia. We only know a little of brown power in Malaysia (KL) and SHARP skinheads in Singapore. We prefer skinheads in Borneo, Malaysia. They are about the same skinhead culture as in Indonesia. Focus on work as a working class individuals. Yahhh…. This is the characteristics of skinheads from a 3rd world country, working hard for a living.

Yes, I know Glorypoint, but I just know from you guys that they are redskins.

I only know there is one band, RASH in Indonesia who are full time skins band from Purwokerto, Central Jawa. We are quite close. Yes, in our country its popular. Like our guitarist, “Vidi” he is a proud and loyal redskin.

Do you consider SHARP movement like great and perfect idea? Is it spread among skinheads? Here, in Europe, many skinheads don’t wear SHARP patches or pins. They have got hidden it only inside of their hearts. Probably they are afraid of some violent attacks with the enemies on european streets …

I think the SHARP movement is great because it is against all negative actions involving racists in this world. But in Indonesia now, we do not need this movement as there is no racist issues. How can the Indonesians be racists? Their only focus is how to stay alive, not to get involve in racists issues. Yesssthat is how the people are in a poor country like ours. But Maybe in the future, I believe there will be SHARPS in Indonesia whenever a racist issue arises. If there are such individuals who claims they are SHARP, then they are only trying to gain fame and only as their slogan. They do not take actions as what they claim to be.

I am in touch with Wan Shah from G69 but he is too busy now. He published Lion City fanzine. Do you know him and his magazine? How many other magazines are published in Singapore or Malaysia? Do skinheads support their scene or many distros and labels had to be closed because nobody had bought their stuff?

Yes I know Wan Shah from G69 but are not that close with him.

Yes there are a lot of distros, labels and records that are closed due to people not buying their stuff. But there are still some distros, labels and records who are still standing strong now. We always try to support them as much as we can. As the scene worldwide needs this kind of distros, labels and records. Without them we as a culture might not survive. No one will be selling the clothes we wear and no sponsors for gigs and no band release from any of these records.

Tell me please anything special about your beautiful land. Which places would you like to recommend us if we visit you and why? How often do skinhead bands make shows or festivals there? What about the Jamboree Skinhead Fest? Is it still alive? Which party or gig would you recommend us for this or next year?

In Indonesia, there are many beautiful places, if you like flora and fauna then you can go to komodo island, Kalimantan and a lot more. Usually there’s a lot of skinhead bands organizing gigs here. As for  Skinhead Jamboree Fest, it’s hardly we heard of. More of Oi! Fest (Jakarta), Oi! Is back (Bandung), Reoni Akbar Punk (Malang) and many more.

Some people dont know anything about minorities, nationalities, politics and some main problems of your land. Can you describe it for us? Is your society established on multi-cultural basement? Do you have any main problems inside of society? For example old settlers versus immigrants, left-wing contra right-wing people etc.?

As I mentioned, skinheads in Indonesia are different from those skinheads in Europe, America and other developed countries worldwide. We are more into working towards earning a living for our future. Some skinheads in Indonesia “left wing”. Left-wing skinheads in Indonesia are more into about  the rights of being the working class which are usually not given by our government . With a system of government that makes us struggle and work hard such a small salary in comparison with other developed countries.

Many people think that all Moslems are bad or sexist or not for equality with women!!! Please, could you describe the main point of view, the main attitude of Islam or to be real Moslem? Is it possible to coexist with Christians and Moslems and Jews as well? Why are there so many problems with Moslems in Europe? I can not understand this… Please help me…

Our country has a majority are Moslems. We hate those who create a differences in the religious cultures the most. All religions teaches us to be good. That’s all the comment from us regarding religion issues. Cheers…!!!!

I saw that many skingirls visit skinhead/punk gigs. They are so nice!!! But sometimes they have nice face hidden behind the burkas, haha! Can you please send me any photo of them or send me any web link? ;-)

For skingirls in Indonesia is not much. Only a short period they are skingirls, usually they are skingirls because their boyfriends are skinheads. After the relationship ends they stop being skingirls. That’s what I have observed in our scene.

What do you know about skinhead scene in your neighbour-countries? Indonesia, China, Thailand, Korea? And what about Yellow Side movement in Japan? They invited Bound For Glory for the gig there…

I have heard of skinheads in Thailand that has ideology of malay pride shiitttt……!!!! For China, not much, but I know skinhead scene in China is really great like the skinhead scene in Korea. For Japan scene skinhead they are cool. We are one of the fans of a Japan band, “Cobra”. Mereka are really cool….!!!!! But regarding the yellow movement in Japan, we just know from who guys. What is the yellow movement about? What is their mission? Huffttt…!!!

Tell me something about your tattoos :-D.  And what does „to be skinhead“ mean for you? Are skinheads accepted by police and government or are they mostly like enemies in your homeland?

As for Tattoos we all do not have one because we are not allowed to have tattoo in our workplace.

To us, skinhead is about the determination in work. In our thinking is that if we preach about skinheads, proud of being one, its no use if we are lazy in working skinhead. If so, for what speak about working class. So humiliating…!!!!

What do you think about Europe or Czech republic? Do you know any special facts about?

We heard a lot about the scene in Europe. We thought skinheads in Europe are strong. They fight against nazi, police and the gangsters who have to choose to die or survive. Huuffttt….. Fortunately we were lucky to be a skinhead in Indonesia unlike it. The most important thing is we can earn a living.

The style of Asian skinhead bands is a little bit to heavy metal and I really love it! It is music with high qualities! Which factor does make your music so nice and specific? I really love it! Which Asian skinhead band is the best from your point of view?

Skinhead bands are more influenced by a few bands from America and England.  Example, The End (Indonesia) is more influenced by American band, ACAB (Malaysia) their music are more of malay and english rock, Cobra (Japan) sounds more like England classic punk band and more. They are the few legend bands from their individual countries.

Any future plans with STA-PREST BOYS?

Future plans are STA-PREST BOYS are to create more albums and can be a band with a different kind of sound in Asia. As long as we are still young and have the time we will still exist and continue working until the time come for us to stop. Cheers…..!!!!!!