Can you please introduce your band and your members (age, hobbies, family status)?
C: Allright – SCHARMÜTZEL was founded in the year 1995. The former line-up Roger(v.), Tobi (g.), Rudi (b.) and Steffen (d.) brought it up to two demos, a 7", two albums ("Derb & Gnadenlos "- 1998, "Wenn Es Nacht Wird "- 1999) and various compilations. Also, there were many awesome concerts during those years with bands like THE VIBRATORS, BLANC ESTOC, BOOTS & BRACES, PANZERKNACKER, VANILLA MUFFINS, RABAUKEN, ZONA A, PUNKROIBER, VOLXSTURM, THE BRUISERS, SPRINGTOIFEL, BROILERS and many more. I joined the band in 2001, but the new millennium brought some more line-up changes, which culminated in freezing the band for quite a while. But in summer 2006 Roger (the only remaining initial member) and I decided to record and release the songs, which had been written and collected since 2000. Said, done: the result was called "... Ain't Dead" and along with KB-Records, we also found a new label. The line-up was finally completed with Chriss (g.), Dani (b.) and Timo (d.) and soon we were prepared to enter the stages of this world again. Several great shows and lineup-changes later, KB-Records re-released the first two albums plus the 7“ in a compilation called „Die Alte Zeit“. Arrived in 2009, we began writing new songs combining influences of hardcore, rock’n’roll and a little bit of metal with the pure oi!-punk the band started with. In April, the recording sessions for the fourth album „Forward Into War“ took place. The next bigger station was the "United Street Kids Festival" in Switzerland, where we shared the stage with bands like PERKELE, KRAWALLBRÜDER, RAZORBLADE and many more. In December it finally happened: the new album „Forward Into War“ was released by Bandworm Records. So, 2010 started with a strong, new release in our backs and stage-wind in our faces. We also wrote new material constantly, so that our new album will be recorded in a few weeks. It's gonna be a blast...!

The current members are:
Roger (vocals), 35 years old, in a relationship. Hobbies: making handmade BDSM-accessories, DSA (pen&paper role playing game)
Chris (guitars), 33 years old, engaged. Hobbies: webradio-DJing, watching movies
Steff (bass), 22 years old, swinger. Hobbies: music, sports
Simon (drums), 32 years old, engaged. Hobbies: sports, music

And just directly to you :-): Which part of women bodies do you like the most and why?
C: The political correct answer to such a brilliant question can only be: the brain – just because it's very important for me, that I can have interesting and mind-stimulating discussions with the female person that I adore...afterwards I had a lot of fun with her close-shaven pussy, which tastes yummy and feels fantastic by slipping in. 

Aren´t you afraid of feminist women because of your erotic calendar and the sexy photos in booklet? What do you think about so called political correctness? It goes hand in hand just with feminism, I think.
C: No, we are not afraid of feminist women. There's no need to, I think. The photos in the calendar are a statement for pure and raw girl-power. Just look at the pics where they smash us up...! Nobody was forced to pose in a uncomfortable way. And in our booklet I just see some sexy boys in the centrefold...
Political correctness is some kind of mind-control in my eyes. It's important to accept and tolerate all forms of human and animal life but it should be OK doing bad jokes sometimes, as long a joke stays a joke. My parents educated me quite well, so I don't need any p.c.-parental, showing me how to behave the right way.
The idea of feminism is older than the „new wave of political correctness“ and much more important. Male and female should be treated equal. That's a fact and an idea worth fighting for, but it's not OK to twist the so called „male supremacy“ into a female one. No one should be exploited and if some girls or boys have exhibitionist tendencies – why not pleasing the voyeurs of each gender? Sex is a natural thing, that everybody should enjoy.

Are you proud of your sexism-crew? Do you have any special stories from the roads or from the backstage, haha? Travelling is just associated with fucking, am I right? ;-)
C: Yeah, we are very proud about the girls and boys of the S.C., it's cool to watch the whole thing spread itself over Germany, we even have some V.I.P.s wearing the patch.
The roads can be very long sometimes, especially when you have to smell the stench of rotting feet contaminating the bus. But with enough beer, every trip is a good trip. When we are in the right mood, we take pictures of our naked butts while we take a rest to drop out some yellow water.
Being backstage means hours of waiting, some more drinking and after the show – even more drinking and party with the other bands.
Sometimes I wish, there would be some more fucking, but there are not that much punkrock-groupies...what a pity. So girls, don't be shy!

R: There's not much to add, except the fact, that the S.C. is not really sexist. The name was chosen to provoke and what shall I say – it works!

Your new CD Forward into War is very, very good! It is ASS-Kicking, brothers!!! It is very aggressive and angry against rich and capitalist scum! Socialism is the only way! Are you deeper interested in these questions and does politics have got place in your head and in this scene? What’s your opinion?
C: Thank you, I'm glad that you like it. It's just our opinion and music is the best way to pound out our aggressions and anger about the system, capitalism and all the shit we have to deal with. I'm not that much into politics, but you can't lead your life without building yourself opinions about several points and things going wrong. And when you're in a scene, no matter in which, it all floats in automatically. A scene like ours is nothing more than a kind of microcosm, a society among the society, with people of many different classes and different directions in it. That's why everything is so complicated these days. It's not a working-class-thing any more. There are redskins and rash on the far left side, sharp floating into the 'greyzone' and the r.a.c.-fuckers on the far wrong side. To me it seems that it doesn't matter where you see yourself in this shit, it seems that it counts more, where some shitfaces like to put you in.  

R: I am very interested in that topic but it's my opinion too, that in the scene politics are abused way too much. You don't have to be left-winged to dislike nazis, also you don't have to be right-winged to reject communism! But you should recognize what's going wrong (planned or not as well) all around the world and it's important to receive informations not only via paid and bought mainstream-medias...! Being aware and having your own minds is indispensably. Within the scene,  that ridiculous right/left-wrangling is at the wrong place – the only thing that counts here is the policy of the street and not the ones of the nazis, commies and we-love-everyone-hippies!

Where have you just already played, in which countries? What was the best gig for you and why?
C: Although we love travelling, we just have played in Germany, Austria and Switzerland so far. But we hope, that we can really play in some more countries all around the world in the future. So everyone who likes to book us is invited to give us a call or email (
It's hard to point out the best gig... but I'm sure, that it was in a nice, hot and sweaty club with a crazy crowd in front and upon the stage.

Would you like to play in the Czech republic? How much money should we prepare for you? What do you know about our country? Anything special? Just nice horny women with sweet tits? ;-)
C: Is the fuckin' pope a catholic? We would LOVE to play in the Czech republic! We don't care so much about the money – but it should be enough to pay the bus and the gas, a nice place to spend the night, along with enough food and booze...
We have been to your country several times after playing in eastern-Germany and it was always about good food and cheap cigarettes.
I took a trip to Prague some years ago and visited a brewery in Pilsen, too. I love your country - the people are very nice and the girls are hot as hell.

The scene is full of „apolitical“ bands. What do you mean when you hear the word „apolitical“? Do you have any problems because of your patriotic and socialist lyrics inside the scene ?
C: When someone says, that he is apolitical, it's quite wrong. It's OK for me, being not interested in politics at all. Just like I said before, I'm not into politics that much as well. But having a opinion in this or that, is a political state already. So, it's impossible to be totally 'apolitical'...
And yeah, we really do have problems inside the scene. The reds/rash pushed us into the 'greyzone'. That's the pool, where they love to drown those bands, which show the middle finger to right wing AND left wing. They don't read our lyrics and don't listen to what we are saying. But we try not to give fuck about the rumours they are spreading. We see ourselves as a bunch of oldschool-sharp. And that should say enough to show where we stand. Neither red nor racist!

R: I think, 'apolitical' is a synonym for being neither red nor racist and nothing more! Politics always divides the scene and between right and left is enough space for everything non-extreme!

Do you think the scene will grow in the future? Would you like to cut any cancers from this so called scene or skinhead/punk movement?
C: It would be cool, if the scene grew in point of quality. But I wouldn't cry a single tear, if the self-appointed scene-sheriffs died in a plane crash. Fight the real fascism instead of hiding yourself behind stupid internet-rumour-attacks.

R: I wish, I could cut away some cancer...and the cancer are the fucking political extremists!

Your music is just genius! Better and better. How often do you practise weekly? Do you like more your new material or do you like more you elder CDs ?
C: Man, you really embarrass me... it's far from being genius, but we're working on it. Right now we practise once a week, because of the upcoming recording sessions. When we practise the live-set, it's just three times a month. But everyone does a lot at home as well.
It's always the new stuff, I like playing the most. But I've got my favourites from the older CDs as well. 'Law And Order', 'Out Of Sight', 'Kraft Durch Oi!' and 'New Breed' are great tunes to play.

You decided for singing in English. It is very good for me! Did you decide it because of sending the message to the foreign countries, to foreign mates?
C: Since the early days we write our songs in English and in German. There are a few points why we do that. The first point is, that you can reach more people all around the world with lyrics in English. Another point is, that some words sound even better in English, than in German. Our singer is half Scottish, so there is a special connection to the English lyrics. Some bands don't write lyrics in their native language, because they are afraid of being trapped in clichés. But we have the balls to tell our German buddies in their own words what pisses us off, as well.

What does mean „to be skinhead“ for you? Will you believe in this way until you die? Do you believe in so called scene or are you just more individualists?
R: Skinhead means to me: pride without prejudice, pride without politics, pride on your friends, your football-team and your scene! Being neither red nor racist, working-class, patriotic(local)!
I'm skinhead since 1986 and I will be buried with my boots on!!!

C: I totally agree with Roger... it's more than just a fashion, music or hairstyle. It's about living a special way of live – with heart and soul...!

What would you like to change NOW if you could ? Inside the society, in the world...
C: I would take from the rich and give it to the poor. I would feed the hungry and cure the sick. And there should be more good sex in the world...there would be less wars if some politicians weren't anal-retentives.

R: Just the same I would say...!

„You die alone“ is a doom metal ballad where your voice sounds like Lemmy from Motörhead.. By what have you been inspired for writing it?
R: The inspiration for that song was a failed relationship and some kind of self-realization. Total freedom equals total loneliness and no matter how many beds you fuck through - in the end you lie in dead bed alone... Musically, the bands I love listening to in such moods were to blame (Danzig, Type-O-Negative,...). I think the sound fits quite well to the atmosphere of this song, and music should always carry the lyrics anyhow.

C: Yeah, Danzig was a inspiration most definitely...

Which bands do you listen to very often? Any hot top-ten?
C: Let me favourites right now are the following:
Agnostic Front, Cock Sparrer, Sick Of It All, Dropkick Murphys, Madball, Social Distortion, Klasse Kriminale, Motörhead, Oxymoron, Misfits

R: Social Distortion, Agnostic Front, Johnny Cash, Cock Sparrer, Warzone, Demented are Go, The Protest, Skinflicks, Section 5, Franky Flame and Superyob!

And tell me your opinion about SkinRead magazine :-)
C: You're doing a great job by getting in touch with the bands, just to find out what's behind the music. It's a great honour for us to take part in the current issue and we hope, that it wasn't the last time. Carry on with the good work, brother...Na zdravi!