You sing about nazi attacks...I know that german army was really strong!  But in the end The Russia won the battle. Which army was better from your point of view? "Ghost divisoins" or the "Slavic" one?
No single army on earth could defeat the nazis at that time.

Your lyrics are very clever and widely powerful. Do you read any interesting books about history?
Some books, I usually do not like to read.

I think your CDs are sold very well, am I right? Are you preparing new CD ? Will be there songs about World War 2 or about any different  historical era?
Our CD`s have not sold very well, they have been too hard to find.

So lets return to the question upside. There is nordic viking blood in your vains? Am I right? Will you sing about any middle-aged battles too?
At least not yet, too many have done that already.

And the last qestion is about band Ghost Division. Is it Sabaton revival  band? Have you already see them live?
I have never seen them live, I know that they are a tribute band and I am happy that they play our songs.