Are you practise any new songs now? Do you prepare any new material?  Will you record any other CD which will be about some WAR era ? I wish, because your Passiondale CD is the most fuckin* death CD which I have ever listened to!!!
We just recorded a new record last month. The 21 of november will the album be released :-) And yes, its all about WO 1 again.

You have one woman bass player inside God Dethroned. Do you know any other so hard and beautiful metal woman in any other band ? :-)
We don't have a woman bassplayer. I'm the bassplayer already for the last 7 years. But we had a girl on guitar for 1 year but that didn't work out so...

Do you have got any regular job or do you live through and thanks to music? If yes, you are the happiest people in the world, I guess :-)
Its not possible to live on God Dethroned so yes I have a regular job. I'm a teacher of Mechanical Engeneering.

You used in lyrics some memories and letters of the veterans or survivors of the Ypres battle. Did you find in the archives, old books etc.?
Well, Henri wrote all the lyrics, but he found a lot of those things on the internet. But also our old guitarplayer Isaac helpt out a lot. He is from Ypres.

I think that Faith kept the warriors of the Great World War alive!! I think you are not christians, haha. But I think all people of those time believe in God and religion. Was it their right way? Or in what should they believe in? ;-)

Difficult to say, it was a total different time of course. Faith and religion was the only thing they had and the only thing they knew probably.