Tell me something about the skinhead scene in Romania. When the first skinheads appeared there. How many skinheads are there, the names of the crews, their public enemies...
Cezar: Pheww... Skinheads here have appeared in different cities according to people's connections to their relatives in foreign countries, actually. Every info was very hard to get, we couldn't travel abroad so being a skinhead was understood very differently in each place.
     For example, the very first skinheads I for one have ever met were from Timisoara, near the Serbian border, and they were right wing. Nobody even knew back then that there were SHARP or apolitical skins in the world. In that city it all started with Serbian ethnics and the war in Serbia, so everything was about nationalism, anti-Islam and European identity.
We got all kind of politically associated skins in our country, and it all kind of depended on what city you were from.  Therefore each crew's likes and dislikes hehe.

I listened to the band Brigada de Asalto. Is it the only romanian band? I think they are WP, arent they? How many other bands do you have in Romania? Is Brigada de Asalto still alive? Were they supported by any rigt-wing political party?
    Cezar:     They're rather a cover band as they only change the lyrics of foreign songs by accomodating them to their distorted view of local society.  I don't know about their activity at the moment (nor do I give a fuck) but I do remember local right wing skins  I was friends with used to mock the band for having a dark skinned frontman, and that their bass player (also president of the organisation behind the band) had connections with local secret service and shit...
    As for other bands from my area, I could only suggest Scandal, but they split years ago. Vlad, the bass player, aka Auschwitz (that was his nickname because he was a very thin fellow hahaha) is now a tattoo artist in a proffessional studio in UK, where he moved with his wife and daughter. Actually, Vlad also had a very antifascist band called Manifest, but the nickname stuck  hahaha.

What about the politics and political parties in Romania? Is there rigt-wing bloc or stronger  left wing stream? What about your president, society, unemployment, salaries and the prices? Do yout hink that Romania is more poor land than Bulgaria for example?
    Cezar:     I don't vote and I don't care about political parties, I try to avoid those assholes, but sometimes I just can't have a normal day without some political bullshit popping up on my facebook wall hehe. Here you get left wing politicians today, who turn right wing tomorrow, then they go back to being lefties and so on. Quite the same as they do in the skinhead scene too pfff
    Medium sallary here is about 350 eur, and a Czech beer is fucking almost 1 eur, Pilsner Urquell for example, gas is about 1.5 eur, so you figure it out.
    I dont know if people in Bulgaria are poorer or richer, but I bet you the politicians there cheat and steal as much as their kind does in mine or your country! Fuck em! All in all, what I can say is that I've been to Bulgaria and they don't have Pilsner Urquell there, so what more do you want? hahaha

Who organized the concerts in Bucuresti with the bands from Israel and german Towerblocks? How many people came there? Why dont you organize any other streetpunk or Oi! gigs?
    Cezar:     Hah, you did your homework, it seems! My wife Cristina and I were involved in organizing some gigs here, in Bucharest and in other cities not far away from the capital city, when we lived there that is. But as a matter of fact, we weren't big time promoters at all, as we only did gigs with bands we really liked and were friends with. Back in  2007, if I am not mistaken, we had apolitical Dutch band DestrOi! fly over to open for Molotov Cocktail and Los Fastidios, an event which was organised by Gabi, owner of local punk pub Underworld and singer of Molotov band.  I think there were about 300 people attending, plus small group of nazis trying to pick a fight in the area with their antifa enemies or some shit like that.
    Later on, in 2010, we had our very first gig which we 100% organised ourselves in Fire Club. We had Italy's Automatica Aggregazione and Germany's Towerblocks. We sold a lil bit over 100 tickets, and it was a hell of a party. The same year we brought Bulgarian oi!sters from Varna - the band name was Bois with Boots! - to open for Germany's Forbidden Kings.  The Jewish band on the poster we didnt know shit about - I don't even remember their name ?! - , they were part of the whole event the main promoter was responsible with. I think there were a lil bit over 50 people at that party.
    Besides that, we helped with other gigs, even if it was just drawing posters and advertising for the gigs, hosting them in our house, or arranging contacts and so on, like with Toro Bravo in Craiova city, where there were around 100 people present.
    We don't organise and we don't give a shit about gigs anymore, because at first the scene became too political, then they all got tired of this shit and all the pubs are now full of hipsters and wankers like that. Besides, we moved away from the capital city. We live in a village in the mountains with our amstaffs - we breed them according to FCI regulations - we are the only skins here hahaha, and the only gigs we are interested in take place abroad where we try to travel as often as possible.

I think you wanted to make videos about Eastern countries, about the skinhead scenes there. Is this video alive? Where could we see it?
    Cezar: That was the plan, to make a documentary about skinheads in former communist and eastern countries, but sometimes people let you down and you can't do shit without the right resources.  We've only managed to do a quick Serbia-Bulgaria-Turkey tour, and that was it. The very few shots we could film are on the dvd which is given away with the our 3rd issue of the magazine.
    The positive side about it is that we managed to meet some really great people (along with the majority of assholes that is) and we have decided that if we couldn't do a full documentary, we could just do short interviews with people we visit and burn them on the give away cd/dvd. As a matter of fact, this spring miss Jenny Woo will visit us here and we'll take advantage to do a video interview about a Canadian skingirl's impressions on touring in East European cuntries and living in Russia for example.

Have you ever visited Czech republic? What do you like the most here? What do you know about my land? Beside my SkinRead zine ;-)
    Cezar: Our former co-editor Lăbu
ș did visit your country for something that didn't have something to do with the skinhead scene in particular. He was there on the terraces when Dinamo București kicked out Slovan Liberec :)) In Bucharest we invaded the pitch and UEFA decided 0-3 against us, but we won 3-0 in Czechia and won at penalties :) Lăbuș is a member of the Energizații firm of Dinamo :) I used to go to the terraces too, but not anymore.  I hardly even watch football on tv - although the game is great, it's just business nowadays. I'd never trade a place on my village's terraces (probably 100 seats all in all hahaha) with any of the major leagues. Our club here in Cornu is in the last division or something like that, but at least they play for fun, and the stadium is right in my back yard, I just have to go over a small wood and valley and a cross a stream, and there I am :) Besides, I can go with alcohol and no fucking cop cares about it, and if I'm out, I walk 2 minutes to my house and refill hahaha
    Anyway, Lăbu
ș also joined me and Cristina in 2010 in Czech Republic when we visited Brno for The Corps European tour.  We had the chance to meet really nice people there  (including Czech locals, Aussies from the band  and Hungarian promoters from Scampkid Records) and renew our wardorbe with some Hardset items, and of course drink as much beer as we could! :D The downside to our trip is that our retarded companion, Lăbuș, got so drunk that he lost his wallet, we continued our trip to Austria for another gig and abandoned Lăbuș over there in the land of Rumburak, so he had to go to Prague to our embassy to renew his passport or some shit like that hahaha.
    We didn't have much time to visit the usual tourist sites in your country, but would love to come back and do just that. Besides the rich history our nations have shared in this central-eastern part of Europe, the things that come to my mind when I think about Czech Republic are the skinhead music (Operace Artaban, Pilsner Oiquell, The Riot, Disdainful etc.), the beer (Pilsner Urquell, Budweiser, Gambrinus etc.) and Mrs. Hanna Brezinova of Tipit Z Hanky Kennel who breeds and judges amstaffs. Ohhh, and Skoda of course, which half my family drives, we either have a Dacia or a Skoda. I drive a Dacia Logan MCV, because I'm such a patriotic thug haha
Are there any problems between skinheads in Romania? Are there for example conflicts between RASH or SHARP with Nazi skins? Do you have there just any redskins? Or problems with football fanatics?
    Cezar:  I think we have more problems than we have skinheads here haha. People would rather debate on idiotic issues like who's more skinhead than other, probably comparing the number of poorly done tattoos, or the patches on their jacket or the eyeholes on their boots haha, than gettings their priorities straight and I'm not talking about literally organizing, forming official crews, promoting gigs or shit like that, what I mean is that they should all just not talk the talk, but also walk the walk, right? Just get out there on a Friday night, have some beer with your friends, go to the stadium, go to a gig, get in a  fight, I dont know, just fucking live it, mate!
    There were some SHARP in the past, but now everyone wants to get rid of that label because it was way too politically involved with the left wing and some shit. Also the RASH were just a few people who dissapeared quickly.
    Also the extreme right wing skins, there may have been some in the past, I mean people listening to oi and RAC, but nowadays you get all this modern so called political soldiers haha who sometimes, and I do mean just sometimes, listen to real music but most of the times are into gabba and whatever other crap is out there.
    As for hooligans, that thing happens only on the terraces, in everyday life, we're all friends.
Is the punk scene associated with ska and Oi! scene? Can you mention here any streetpunk bands from Romania? Are you in touch with Bulgarian bands? Tell us something about them.
    Cezar: Punk's dead in Roumania! There may be some pop-punks or something. All the bands which are active now sound like an American highschool band from the Hollywood chickflicks.  It's fucked up!
    We're friends with just one skinhead band from Varna, namely Bois with Boots. I know there were some other Bulgarian bands playing in my country, but I dont go to antifa gigs and shit like that, sorry.
Many people think that it is dangerous to travel to Romania. Do you have the same opinion? What we should see? Bucuresti or the mountains ? Can I normaly fly there? Will we enjoy street life?
    Cezar:  Well, it's like those classic horror movies scenes with the stupid hot blonde chick taking a shower or something, and you just know she's usually going to get it first, no matter the name of the flick or what negative character we're talking about, if you catch my drift. ..
    As for recommendations, well, Cristina and I moved away from Bucharest and we now live in a village in the mountains, so there you go!

What about the tourists? Do you like them? I would like to try your sea!!! Is it good idea? Have you ever been there? Which town would you like to recommend me? (I really want to visit your land and sea!!! Maybe you can help me? :-o)
    Cezar: Yeah, I like tourists. They come, they pay for their staying, then they leave, why wouldn't anybody like them? haha
    I think my country is very rich from a tourist point of view. We've got Carpathian mountains, hills, plains, lots of rivers, lakes, the Danube delta, and the sea, and all areas are full of monuments, castles, museums etc.  Probably the only problem would be the bad roads, but usually people's hospitality is well known.
    If you want to go to the Black Sea, I'd recommend staying away from main resorts, and try to get a more roustic location.  If you personally want to come, just gimme a call, I'll arrange a trip for you to enjoy, at the sea or at the mountains.
We can read something about Romania. But what is the most special in your country? Which is mentality of your nation? Which food or drink is your national and what should we try during our visit ?
    Cezar: I think we're very friendly and hospitable people, and that we treat people the same way they treat us.  We have lots of agro-touristic family run hotels, especially in Maramure
ș and Bucovina regions, and that's where I think you should go. And definitely try our own ancient noble wine called Fetească Neagră / Black Maiden (semi-dry), cause the red is so dark that is almost black :)
Some say that there are a lot of gypsies in your land. Is it truth? I think there is not „problem“ there. Am I right ?
    Cezar: Yes, there are lots of them, and yes, most of them are a problem. But also most people would prefer things to stay that way so they can have a scapegoat for their own failure. I know good and bad gypsies, the same way I know good and bad Roumanians. I may be a patriot and supporter of national identity, but if you ask me, I wouldn't trade a good gypsy over a bad Roumanian, just because he's fucking Roumanian.
Hmm, and what about the police? ACAB? :-)And the system ?
    Cezar: That's the mother of all problems. I used to follow closely and did care about what happens in politics and system all in all, but not anymore.  I don't vote and I think democracy is full of shit. Democracy means that a bunch of media brainwashed people decide which of the many thieves can steal more from you, and which ones can steal just a bit. The funny thing is that all this stealing is very much legal and it's called taxes. So fuck 'em!

Cesar, you edited 3 numbers of your skinhead magazine. Will you ever continue? I think you can be proud of it !!!
Will the skinhead scene in Romania grow up in the future?

    Cezar: Thanx, we are indeed very proud as we've put a lot of work into each issue and we have always done it our own way, even though the zine got lots of criticism especially from people with their own political agenda. We have never called it a day, it's just that things got so complicated that we couldn't focus on the zine as we were supposed to, so instead of releasing some crap, we preferred to postpone a new issue to when we can really do the job.
    Nowadays we are very busy with breeding dogs (we own an official amstaff kennel called Perkele), Cristina's sculptures (she does mainly statues for the people in the amstaff scene) and working the land (mostly we inherited from our forefathers). From time to time we manage to go to some nice gig especially abroad. We'll see how we can squeeze the zine in as well :) We already have some materials done, but it's going to take some more work to finally get a 4th issue, so I can't give you an exact date.
    As for the scene in Romania, I don't know, fuck it, I'll be 40 soon hahaha, so I'm just living the life, mate, while I can, we're not a Church looking to convert people.

So thanx for this opportunity, it's been nice to answer your interesting questions! Good luck with the zine!