Oi! Could you please introduce your band? Why did you change your name from Penetraitors to The Pisstons? Did you change members or just style of music? I listened to demo of Pisstons and it is more melodical pub-punkrock with piano etc. Is it just new way of your music?
The Pisstons are four: Jojo on guitar, keyboard and vocals, Loiche on guitar and vocals, Stephan on drums and myself on bass. Jojo and I write the songs, he usually doing the music where I write most of the lyrics.

We changed our name from the Penetraitors to the Pisstons because our singer Kuebel left the band, as he moved to Berlin. I wanted to keep the name, but Jojo didn’t want to use the same name anymore. Our compromise was that we change the name, but keep the same logo. In the end though it was better to change the name, as it gave us a new start with better song writing and is a bit more creative musically. We wanted to put more keyboards into the Penetraitors sound (like on the last recording we did, our cover song of David Bowie’s „Suffragette City“), and the change in name made it easy for us to do this. It is still punkrock though, and the faster and harder songs of the Pisstons, songs like „Panic“ or „Reatard (RIP)“ are as hard musically as anything we did as the Penetraitors. 

And what about the members of the band? Age, hobbies, jobs…
I don’t like talking about my age. I was in the punk scene in San Francisco in the early 1980s, so you can guess that I am far into my forties! Ouch! Stephan and Jojo are both early thirties and Loiche is young enough that he could be my son! Jojo is an English teacher in a highschool, I teach English at the University. Stephan works for MAN building truck motors and Loiche is a nurse in a hospital. For all of us I can say that our hobbies are music. We all collect music and listen to other music. Stephan also has two daughters that are still young. I also have two children, my son is 9 and is a big Pisstons fan, and my daughter is 23 and often comes with us to our shows.

What shall we know about San Francisco? I know skinhead/soul band from there called The Inciters. Which cities in US could you recommend me? I have chance to visit New York and live there with HC kids from there. Do you think is it good idea? Or shall I choose other place in US?
I was in New York only once, and it was very very cold then, in the winter. I know many people who love it there, so I think you would like it too. I also lived in San Francisco for many years, so I know it is a very nice city, but also expensive to live there. Boston is also a cool city to visit. Most of the middle of the USA though you don't have to see, the cities are not so nice.

I think some of you have cut your mohawks, am I right? Do you like more your way of life or just more the future and the money for your life and family? ;-) I mean for example some problems in job with Bosses who often hate mohawk and punk style. Was it the main reason for cutting your beautiful hair? ;-) Capitalism slowly changes all of us. Will you change yourselves too ?
Our old singler Kuebel was famous for his mohawk. None of us in the Pisstons ever had one! I usually just wear my 25 year old, beat up and ripped leather jacket. But you are right, it isn’t easy to combine a punk lifestyle in our modern world. Stephan always has really wild hair, with all kinds of designs put in color into his hair, but the MAN company doesn’t mind. I like working at the university because teachers are allowed to be a bit strange sometimes. Both Loiche and Jojo have a typical Oi look to them, which seems OK for their employers. Yes, Capitalism does change most people, they either have a hard life when they get older, like our old singer Kuebel, or they become „normal“. I have always admired Kuebel’s dedication to punk. But even though I don’t look as punk as many others do, I have never nor will never become one of the suit and tie wearing capitalists.

Is anybody from your band owner or the member of the Empty Records? What was the best release from your point of view on this records? I know digipack of Penetraitors, nice vinyl of Springtoifel, beautiful razor-grinded  EP and The Gonads. Which plans with the label do you have got for the next months?

Yes, I am the one who runs eMpTy Records. It would be hard to say what the best release was. In almost thirty years of doing the label we put out over 500 releases. Most of these were punk bands, but we also did quite a bit of Industrial music over the years. We try to make the packaging especially good, and to do fun vinyl projects like the Springtoifel/Gonads sawblade shaped single. But I have decided not to do so many releases anymore on the label. I will still do a little, but not like the many releases I put out years ago. It is getting harder and harder to make the money back in, so if the new releases don’t bring the costs in, it means I can’t put out so much anymore. I don’t have enough money to run the label from my pocket. One release that I do want to do this year is a sawblade with the Pisstons, perhaps together with Sid Vicious. We will see.

You play melodic powerful streetpunk with hard hitting Oi! soul. Are you similar to any other band? I think you can be proud of your style. During listening your CD I heard from time to time Oxymoron touches. Do you agree ?
Thanks! I also am very proud of our music, especially that of the Pisstons! A lot of people had compared the Penetraitors to Oxymoron, which I do think there were a lot of similarities. I think the Pisstons have developed more of a unique sound that is harder to compare to other bands, although I have heard that our song „Panic“ has a very Oxymoron sound.

Which bands and artists do you mostly listen to and who had influenced you? Do you like reggae and ska too? You have got 1 catchy ska song with trumpet. I like ska, but it is really not my DNA.
The ska song we did with the Penetraitors we only did because our drummer of the time, Indy, was really into this style then. The trumpet turned out well with that song, but it was a lot of work in the studio to get the sound good. The Pisstons don’t have a ska song, at least not now.

It would be hard to say what has influenced the Pisstons. It is important for me that the lyrics are good, so in this aspect I try to be as good as the many bands that I like, not only punk bands that influenced me like the Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Minutemen, Cock Sparrer, but also things like the Beatles or Frank Zappa. I also do like Reggae a lot.

The others in the Pisstons would list other influences. Jojo has always very much liked the Pogues, and I think this shows in the Pisstons songwriting. We also both love the Clash, which might be the biggest influence on our way of writing songs.

You sing very often against the fascists. Is there really problem with white terror on german streets? Or is it just calling against them from the punk attitude? Do you have any negative personal experience? I know they are mainly cowards (10:1 is not problem for them)…But the Antifa acts in the same way!!!
Well, there are sometimes problems here with fascists, but not as bad as in eastern Germany. Still, we had a high profile court case here two weeks ago of a stupid nazi beating the shit out of a young punk kid, who almost died. I personally cannot stand any kind of racism or patriotic shit. I haven’t had much experience with nazis here, but in the USA there are a lot of really stupid, patriotic people, all waving American flags. My own dad is one of these, and he now thinks I am too „anti-american“. I think all people, all over the world, should be treated with respect and that everyone should have the same freedoms, standards of living, and a right to happiness.  

And what about the cops? Are they the worst in Germany and so aggressive? Do you think anything will change inside the society? Or will be there more police brutality in the future? Do your hearts beat for the revolution times? Or dont you believe in any wind of change?
I had a lot of problems with the police in the USA, but this is probably more because I was younger then and they didn’t like the punks that went to the concerts then. Here in Germany it is not as bad, but I will never trust the kind of person who would become a policeofficer.

Also, with America’s crazy gun laws, it is also true that the cops there are totally paranoid that everyone they stop has a gun, so it is a different world there than it is here.

You sing about hatred against WP but against Panthers too. Personaly I know problem with black racism and so called positive racism on the streets. Is this the problem which you wanted to describe in your song? Racism sucks, but it has got a lot of colours…
Yes, of course, there are racists from all societies and cultures in this world. There are a lot of black racists in America too, and they are just as bad as the white supremacists. It is all the same bullshit. There are also a lot of sexist women in the world today. For every man who is called a sexist because he thinks a woman’s place should be in the bed and the kitchen, there is a sexist woman who think it is the man’s job to work all day and bring home enough money for her. It is all the same bullshit.

And what is your the most popular drink? Do you like beer, cider or whiskey?  Have you ever tasted any czech beer?
I personally like American bourbon whiskey the most, but also cider and beer. I am not so fond of dark beer, but I do love Czech beer, where the best Pils in the world comes from!

You described your hatred against Techno and hip-hop, haha. I am always angry when I walk the street.Techno youngsters think I am some retard because of my boots and bomber. When will they realize that real retards are just and only them ?
Well, most techno is music done by people who are not musicians, which you can tell if you listen closely to it. Of course, many in punk bands are also not musicians, but punk also has an aspect of fun and being part of the scene and especially the political and social consciousness of punk, all are aspects that the techno scene is totally lacking. Hip hop I don’t like much either, mostly just the sound of it is boring for me. It lacks dynamics and melody, which good punk music has. Also, I don’t like the message of many hiphop artists: make money, buy gold jewelry, drive sports cars and have a lot of stupid girlfriends with big tits. This is just stupid and macho bullshit. Many hiphop artists have worldwide hits, and have nothing worthwhile to say. They could do so much more to influence their young fans against the many problems of the world, but they don’t care.

Is punk rock scene and music slowly dying? Your attitude? Are there born new bands in Deutschland? I read metal magazines and there I very often see skinhead bands on metal festivals. For example Frei.Wild or Stomper 98 or 9mm Assi Rock n Roll. Do you think is it dangerous to make mainstream from our culture? Or is it just the good way how to promote our way of life?
I don’t think the punk scene is dying. I have been hearing this for the last thirty years. But there are always new bands coming and lots of people at shows. What is changing is the distribution channels available to bands today, especially in regards to the internet and digital downloading.

There will always be bands that will get popular and move into the mainstream culture. This happens in all music scenes, not only in punk and oi. If it is good or bad, I am not sure. Usually the bands have to give up a large portion of their independence and learn to „play the game“ of the music business in order to get that far. But it sometimes does expose people to this music that normally might not have gotten into that scene.

Do you play a lot of concerts or are you busy with your families, wives or jobs?
Well, we don’t play that many live concerts, and sometimes it is difficult to play often in a band and also still have families and a job. We play only live concerts on the weekends, but so far it has worked. Our families know it is important for us, so they let us have our fun.

What was the best information or message in your life last year?
I am not sure I understand your question.

I thought which NEW or message (from TV or other media, or from other people) has sounded for your like cure or influenced you when you had listened to it :-) Do you understand?
The main influence in my life the last several years has been my children. I am very close to both of my kids. In general though I don't like TV at all. I have been very interested in science the last ten years, especially in the field of biotechnology.

How do you declare your band? Do you stand against all these pre-names like Sharp, Red, Rash, Rac, anti-PC or apolitical Oi!? Which is your point of you?
Yes, putting a label on any band or type of music is never a good thing. The best bands are those that make their own style or influence their own scene in a unique way, which I think the Pisstons is doing.

In which way The Pisstons influences the scene? Musicaly or lyricaly? Describe me please more :-)
To be honest, I would love to be able to say that the Pisstons influence a scene. I don't think we are well known enough for that, at least not yet, but if we would ever influence anyone, I would hope that they would appreciate the lyrics. This is one of the things about the Pisstons in which we have really tried to improve upon compared to the Penetraitors. The lyrics are important, and very good lyrics can be inspiring and I would love to be able to inspire someone through the Pisstons.
Once when the Penetraitors were playing a show in Schweinfurt with Loikemie, as we were playing one of our songs, there was a young girl on the side singing along with one of our songs. It was a great feeling, that someone would know our music and lyrics so well as to sing along with us.

Last wishes or messages?
Thanks for the great questions, it was a lot of fun answering them. Right now the Pisstons are writing new songs, and we will go into the studio to record the first four very soon. It will be the beginning of our new album, which we hope to have finished and released in 2012. We want it to be the best record we could ever make, so it be a full length album of about 15 songs, and will be a lot of work to write, so we are going to do it slowly. We would love to be able to play someday in the Czech Republic, so if anyone is interested in booking us, just write!