I will start very widely for this time. I know you live in NY City. Describe me please hardcore scene in the whole United States. USA are so large so I am interested if you are in touch with other bands and crews across the whole land?
There are some places which we dont know, specialy up and down in the east. But in NY City there is big core of street punk. But big problem is with young people in the venues. They are less than 21, they are 16,17,18 and not to go to the shows. And in NY City Old school dies, they stay at home, drink beer, watch the myspace web. And young kids mean that HC is more hippie. It is totaly different than hard core used to be.  

Is there for example any difference between East cost and West cost? Is there only musical difference or inside personality and mood of the people there either?
That is really a huge question. Having only been up and down the eastern seaboard, I can really only talk about that, but there are definitely different scenes in different areas. Some are more urban and some are more rural and the culture reflects that, not just in the music but the lyrics too.

New York…hated or loved.We know something about this City only from movies, unfortunately. Tell us please the truth about this Big Apple. Is this really beautiful and careful place?
New York is my home and I love it. It has its faults, but so does everywhere, right? There are shitty parts and really good parts. The worst thing now to me is that so much of it is becoming prefab commercial places, like Starbucks and McDonalds, and all that shit and NYC is losing its uniqueness. Sure its much safer for the tourists now, but also its becoming just like where they live so why bother visiting? Not that there aren’t still good places, there are (That is why I like Brooklyn so much) but NYC is losing a lot of its original soul and character.

Are you in touch with the Oi! scene? Which bands or people do you usualy meet? Very well known band from NY-City is The Templars, I guess. Do you know them? Do you visit or own any special clubs? Do you join reggae, ska or Trojan sessions?
I like listening to Oi! Bands and we have played some shows with Oi! Bands. No we don’t know the Templars personally. In the US, punk, Oi!, and hardcore are all mixed up together pretty much, so the same places we play are the same ones that an Oi! band would play.
I DJ a night once a month where I play all ska, reggae, dancehall, and Oi! stuff. Not the new ska shit that is really just pop music with horns, but the original stuff.

You are preparing an European tour. Do you prefer audience and lifestyle in Europe or in your land? Do you like mother Europe? Were you born as Americans or do you have got European blood in your vains?
The European scene is great! I wish it were like that back in the states. I think right now the scene in the US is in decline, but hopefully it will pick back up again. A lot of things contributed to this, particularly the mainstreaming of  “ hardcore“ at it getting on MTV and such, but its not true hardcore, its more like metal, but that’s what people think is hardcore now.
All of us were born in America, and while our ancestors came from Europe and South America, for most of us, that was a long time ago. I think Mike is the only one who has a parent that wasn’t born here in the US.

Are there skinhead roots and culture inside the hardcore scene in US still so strong? Is DMS crew alive or are there any other famous gangs around?
People who are making this culture are keen on it. They believe it is beautiful thing! And the same situation is with all these skinheads inside. In NY it is without any problems because it is not about white guys. There are portorican skinheads, cuban skinheads, black skinheads, whatever you can see. At least I believe that to be skinhead is about working class It doesn´t matter who you are. The original skinheads were involved in jamaican culture and everything in it. The whole racism is…how can anybody call himself skinhead and to be racist?

So D.M.S. has got the same stances ?
Yeas, I mean yes. They all are mixed. DMS is really not crew anymore. They are central guys. They are still what they are. They believe in it. Isaak, Freddy…they are core. But there are different crews and bands there. Some people wear their DMS tattoos..For example Hatebreed. They started with hard and brutal music around the globe but the others copied them and other copied them. So now it is only short hair metal. It is not what I want to see.

Your society is really multicultural melting pot. I think it is normal to see black, jewish or hispanic fans on your shows, am I right? Or is there any problem with „prejudices“?
Yeah we get people of all races at our shows, and no there isn’t a big problem with racism in the NYC scene, though there are in other parts of the country, especially Northern Florida and parts of Pennsylvania. We did a tour back in 2006 to do an Anti-Racist Festival in Northern Florida, and the day before the show, local Nazi crews did a drive by shooting... So cancelled the show. 

And what about the reality on the american streets in association with your skinhead image? Do you have problems with cops, nazis or black people bacause of your „view“ ?
Honestly, I don’t think that these days its even much of an issue in the US. So many people are wearing shaved heads and Fred Perry and Ben Serman stuff these days that its kinda getting hard to even tell anymore. I mean if you go to a show or something its obvious who’s a skin or a punk or a skater or a straightedger or whatever, but amongst all those people we are all suppossed to be brothers anyway, right? I personally never have any kind of negative reaction when I am walking around the city or anything. A lot of the skins in New York City are of different races also so the race thing is kind of a non-issue. On the occassion that I do meet someone that is like “Are you like a Nazi or something?” I just take the opportunity to explain that that is an image created by the media, and that skinhead culture has nothing to do with racism and in fact came out of Jamaican culture and therefore would be stupid for there to be some kind of racist part to it.

Your song „Abused“ tells about violence against women. Is this topic big problem in side your society?
It is mostly about violence against women, though it can also be about womens violence against men, its just kind of about not abusing the person you are suppossed to care about. I think it is still relevant today cause domestic violence is still pretty common in the US.

„One good thing“ just tell us about your love to your kids. Have you already become parents? Me yes and it makes me so fuckin proud. Do you believe that you educate your kids in the good way? Which mistake the parents (daddy) should not ever make ?
I am a parent, I have an 8 year old son, Noah, and that is who the song is about. I hope I am educating him well. I think the most important thing for a father to do, is to try to just be there for their kids. I am divorced from his mother, and they live in a different state (New Jersey), but I try to see him as often as possible and I call him a lot.

Your CD EMPIRE STATE was edited by Luca from Count Down Records. This label makes for HC scene a lot, I guess. Do you know Luca personally? I think he has stayed in US for some time, is this truth?
Yeah Luca is a good friend of ours, he’s come over to the states (stays at Blake's all the time) and even gone on some short tours with us. Luca didn’t edit the record, but he did release it on his label, Countdown Records, which does seem to be doing a lot of stuff right now, which is great.

Is nowadays Hard Core influenced by social (socialist) topics in the world? Or is it mistake to mix political views with music? Does Working Class have dignified life in your land? Or should this Class fight for her right?
I think that there has always been a strong tradition of politics in hardcore and punk, so it definitely has its place, though I don’t think its a requirement. One of the things that I think that you saw happen with hardcore in the early ninties was that it started becoming more about personal topics, especially with the rise of straight-edge and vegetarianism. A lot of this is cause there was a shift from it being an urban thing to its moving to the suburbs and becoming more about those kids. They had a different life style and so they sang about what they knew. I think that if you look at it, the working class in America is the majority of the people, but also most of them don’t listen to Oi! or punk or hardcore, so you don’t have as much of  that kind of scene as you see in Europe. The majority of the working class in America just go to work, come home to their families, and spend the weekends hanging out in their yards or their local bar, they have a pretty good life and any complaining they have to do, they just do it amongst their neighbors. So they aren’t fighting for anything. Interestingly, these are also the same people that like to call up conservative radio talk shows and complain about whomever is president, reguardless of what the president is actually doing.

Many people from HC scene prepared some hip-hop solo-projects. Do you like rap too?
I personally am not a big fan of rap or hip hop, there is some stuff I like, but on the whole I don’t listen to it much.

Thank you for the interview!! Any other message at the end?  
No Thank you for coming to our Czech show and interviewing us... Hope to see all of you back in Europe very soon! Just keep checkin up on our page www.myspace.com/oldeyork for updates and show info and new releases! Thanks!!