Japan is established from many islands. 4 of them are the biggest. Is the name SAPPORO the same word for Hokkaido island? Are Sapporo Samurai Skins from this island? Or is the Sapporo the name of any city ?

Hokkaido is the name of one of the island. Sapporo is the city's name placed in Hokkaido.  I don't know about Sapporo Samurai Skins.

 Are there only 2 section of Skinheads in Japan? Traditionalists and nationalists SSS? Or are there any other organisations? And which one ? Do you have got SHARP or Redskin (communist) sections in your land? Or is it only minority / a few people outside the skinhead scene?

I have no idea about Skinhead scenes. I like Hardcore / Metal Punk. I know there are some Skinheads in Japan, and I sometimes see them at gigs.

 Are there any  fights between Skinheads in Japan? Why? Who is the biggest enemy of the skinheads there?

I don't know about this topic.

 You are very proud Nation !!! Tell me something about your politics. Are there any nationalist parties in Japan? Do you have got any serious problems in your society?

There are indigenous people called Ainu in Hokkaido. few hundred years ago, people in Honshuu landed Hokkaido and started taking Ainu's lands.  Ainu is still alive in Hokkaido.  There are their museums. They fought before, but now they are also part of Japanese, and I believe we are in a good relationship.  However, there are many Chinese and Korean in Japan, and sometimes we have problems about them. Also American military makes trouble sometimes in Japan. I like Japan and want to live for good.

 I think the best skinhead bands has always been: Sledge Hammer, Bull the Buffalos, Strong Style and Ikazuchi! Do they still exist? Can you tell me anything about their members? Do they have got any other bands or musical projects?

I have heard Strong Style and Ikazuchi.  I think they are still playing around.  I don't know much about the members and musical projects.  As I told before I'm more into Hardcore / Metal Punk man. ;)

 I think it is very difficult to be in touch with somebody from the Japanese skinhead scene. Do you think that your scene is so mysterious? Or dont you like foreigners? (the joke) :-)

Haha, it's always a big mysterious. I think the biggest thing why Japanese don't often keep in touch with foreigners is shyness.  We don't want to make mistakes.  That means we don't want to speak English unless our grammer, vocabularies, pronunciations are correct.  We feel shamed if we make mistakes.  Some scholars say Japanese culture is based on sham.  haha

 Everybody knows heroic fighters. Kamikaze men! Are you proud of your ancestors? What can you say to me about the World War II and about your army? I know there is a big shame for US (Hiroshima and Nagasaki :-(!!!)

I didn't go through World War II, so I could say from what I heard and learned from history classes.  I think that was the only way to attack enemies in that situation about Kamikaze Fighters.  They were of course scared to die, so they shot heroin by themselves to be relieved from the fear.  I respect my ancestors, and I believe we are still fighting against worldwide problems such as global warming, depressed economy, and preservation of the species.  Our enemy is now Nature and human itself.

Which flag do you prefere more? The flag of rising sun (white with the sun target) or your war flag with shines of the red sun?

I like rising sun better. Do you?

 Are there any „still existing and living“ skinhead groups or crew in your land? Can we contact them ? 

Where can we buy some stuff like skinhead T-shirts, patches, CDs, LPs ??? Sledge Hammer, Sapporo Samurai Skins etc. ?

I think there are still some some skinhead groups in Japan.  You can search their goods like these stores.




 I think you ordinary use svastika sign and svastika symbol. Is it a part of your religion and culture? Or is this symbol banned in your land?

Actually, those two signs are different.  Swastika and Manji which you often see in Japan are opposite.  If you take a look at carefully those two signs, you can find that's mirrored.  Manji is used as a sign of Shrine (a.k.a. Jinja or Yashiro) which Shinto, one of Japanese religion, believes.  About 90% of Japanese believe two religions at the same time.  One is Buddism and the other is Shinto. I think Shinto was made about 1,800 to 2,100 years ago.

What do you hate the most ? ?


 Can you tell us anything about lyrics of the skinhead bands? I think they sing about japanese pride, japanese culture, about fighters, Fatherland, skinhead pride..and ? Against homosexuals, against politics? About what they sing generaly?

I think you are right.  They sing Japanese pride, culture, war and love. Some bands would be against homosexuals and politics.

 Is the skinhead scene in Japan associated with punks? Or is it separated life-style? Is the skinhead scene large and strong?

I don't think skinhead scene is not as large or strong as Metal, Hardcore, or Rock scenes in Japan.  Some skinheads are associated with punks. 

 Which place in Japan should I visit? And what should I try or see?

Tokyo is the biggest city in Asia, so you'll find something interesting over there. Kyoto is very different from Tokyo, and you can see many temples, shrines, old houses and traditional cultures. 

 I think Japan ladies are very very beautiful. Do you agree with me? ;-)

I believe so, too ;) I could say they are good at make-up. haha

 Can you describe japan mentality? I think there live strong, handy and proud and friendly people there. Am I right?

Of course there are good and bad Japanese as always. But we have lived in not a big country (the land is almost the same size as California, USA), and resources are little, so we have to help each other to live. Now, more people goes to foreign countries, population is decreasing because of less new borns, and baby boomers are older and older.  But still there are 120 million people in Japan, so people live closely and that's why it makes people friendly and nice.  So I believe you are right. ;)

 With which land do you feel friend-ship? Or the similar destiny? Do you like for example Russian, chinese or mongol people?

I don't mind where people are from.  Our ancestors probably came from China, Korea and other Asian regions in millions years ago, then we started doing trades between European countries in 17 century, and American made new constitution after World War II.  This country is quite mixed with all kinds of cultures.  So how come I can say I like or don't like people in other countries? :)  There are always problems between other countries, but I believe everything will make a good turnout someday as long as WAR doesn't happen.