Have you ever met through your shop with envy or for example with boycott of buying any things from you due to any people or organizations? You know, prejudices, lies, finding of mistakes...and so!

Those things know everybody who does something! I’m not any exception and I’ve to say YES. There’re always many people who only tell a lies, hinder works of the others etc. It’s totally true by skinheads activities, because everybody hates this culture.

Less or more people go to your shop? Is it different from the beginning? Only the same people visit you or still new faces too?

Many more - scene is growing up so I can meet new and new people - it’s great! I’ve more large view thanks to shop and I’ve recognized many good friends - some of them I’ve unfortunately lost, but it’s normal in these situations...

You’ve definitely a lot of friends thanks to your activities in the scene. When some young person comes to you /editor, member of band.../, do you want to know him or is it only formal and impersonal?

I don’t want to be soulless but when you’ve not enough spare time you cannot do any things to deep - it could see then that I’m arrogant. But the other side is - I’ve helped to many bands and zines and only few of people ever helped me. Reality is sad - if you’re candid and reliable, people will betray you - now or then! It’s human mentality which you can not fight enough with. Sure, I’ve had conflicts with every editor of fanzine from Czech republic ever been. Situation is always the same. They want to help with distribution, tapes, CDs, music, pieces of information... I always helped them but over next 4th or 5th issue they tell a lies about my person, about my zine and my activities - it seems like shit but which zine from these is still here with telling a lie now ?

I remember you from time to time helped to young and beginning zines. Borrowing of CDs, LPs for reviews I mean. If Skin-Read has no contacts would you like to help me?

Probably yes…. In spite of difference of our opinions...but it’s because of your age.

You’ve not enough time, of course. Could you tell me which activity do you prefer? Editing of CDs, making Bulldog, shop, organization of concerts…?

Bulldog fanzine and shop is totally covered, the same - It’s endless working full of phones and war of nerves. Editing of CDs isn’t so frequent and organizations of concerts is the other thing which isn’t good for nerves J But after every gig, which I’ve done, I’m proud to do something for the scene - it’s my personal satisfaction because I’ve never make a money thanks to concerts. In spite of I’ve visited only good bands. Priority is fanzine and shop.

Jitka is pregnant /not yet - Dominik was born in February, after Skin-Read No.2 was OUT! I wish you all the best!!!/ It’ll be exacting for your time definitely! Is it possible we will see you on the concert yet? /on which you won’t organize?/

I don’t know. Family is priority for me and I rather lost all my activities but my wife and my child have to be happy - it’s important for me. By the way - I’m not fettered. I’ve seen hundreds of concerts and bands which make concerts now I’ve seen many years ago in foreign lands for example. I’ve driven to Germany between years 1990-97 and watch there many Oi! and ska bands so it’s not problem for me. I’m a little bit old to visiting every concert…

Do you remember any situation in your shop when there were any problem between AFA and boneheads? Which side from these would you like prefer in following conflict?

This is bad question, friend. For AFA is fascist everybody who hasn’t their ultra-leftist opinions - so me and my friends. I don’t like this organization and I know personally people who established this here - They aren’t and won’t be my friends any more! Because of AFA in Sweden almost burned off my friends from band Clockwork Crew because they recorded new album in Ultima Thule studio at the assaulting time. AFA from Germany attacks non-political skinheads and due to AFA propaganda were banned concerts of HC bands Discipline or Warzone - People from AFA have problems with their owns and unfortunately part of my family is there too /boy-cousins/. Not all members of AFA are bad and scurvy but I hate them at all generally and on the world they’re called linksfaschisten! I don’t like demagogy and blindness. So, it’s about you who is or who isn’t fascist for you …! I don’t care opinion of AFA and when they’d like to attack some skinhead in my shop or on the street, I will canny with honour die they won’t win this fight…

Theoretically - if I was young, weak and through plain motives nazi and I would like to buy for example sweat shirt Lonsdale, Harrington jacket and T-shirt ´Skinhead´. Are you going to fuck me, run away with me or you would sell me these things without any problems?

With swastika badge I will fuck you and I say you won’t buy here anything! But neo-nazis don’t wear any motives or patches, so I sell my things without prejudices to everybody who comes to my shop. I don’t see to minds of people and if I am not intolerant wanker to attack everybody who has different political opinion than me. Bulldog Shop is shop for children of the street, punks, skinheads, ska fans and so one, so if neo-nazi comes and buys something it is plain that his money will be use for fighting against his stupid ideology. It could be patch, zine or concert where non-racists will having a laugh on his bill. It’s about pride. I don’t buy in nazi shop braces either any more…

You wrote me you don’t care skinhead with Thor’s hammer if it is not linked to racism etc. You sell these hammers in your shop too - do you mean that Ásatrú and whole mythology becomes very commercial due to selling?

Sorry, but what’s about this fucking question? It’s the same as long as you asked me "do you mean it’s good to selling Fred Perry because nazis wear it?". It’s the same. Thor Hammer is about nordic mythology and I have no problem to selling this. Many skinheads are interested in mythology and legends and it’s maybe about patriotism and national pride too and skinheads are proud of their lands. Do you describe for example Dropkick Murphys as violent and nazi band only due to photos with Celtic crosses? And one detail yet - shopping of Thor’s hammers is domain mainly for members of AFA.

I think you don’t care about left-wing/right-wing thing in bands. We can find many leftist bands in your distro. But what’s about right-wing groups? Could we find anything?

Can’t you really bend out policy? What do you mean if you say left-wing, right-wing? I’m selling bands which aren’t intolerant, racist and violently racist. There are antifascist and anticommunist bands here and bands which are totally apolitical too…I don’t know all members of these groups so I can’t say you anything about their opinions. But many bands have their cover-pictures very joke and funny and I am not god to judge these bands…

People can choose today where they want to shopping. Do you think that can you offer them anything original in your shop?
Bulldog shop has definitely cheapest CD/LP and clothes. And people say I am best provided. Let answer consumers because I can’t say you anything - I am not able to answer you why my shop is the best. But about prices - I’m really the cheapest….

Have you ever had any problems with distribution? For example with selling laws...?

No, because nobody has reason for this...

Now something from culture life - did you visit Museum of Communism in Prague? You needn’t pay anything thanks to your name and family name…haha! No, seriously - it’s very informative. Would you like to visit it?

Really not. It’s the same I wouldn’t to pay holiday in areal Auschwitz.

And what’s about your friend-ship with AFA? Don’t like them, do? I’ve to say that for example bands playing under AFA are very likeable for me.

It’s about you what are you listening…My relation with AFA is my personal thing or my having information about their members but more I have answered you in the last reply.

Are you honouring of skinheads roots - so Working Class or you don’t care any longer ?
Working Class in 2002 is really different than in 1967, so you can find answer alone. Everybody who feels like a skinhead could be skinhead and don’t care about education. Skinheads were grown from working class and people accept this and they’re loyal to this fact - there couldn’t be problems with this. I know many skinheads from universities but….maybe it’s not their way of life, probably fascination for this time…

Your biggest dream?
Happy Jitka, healthy child and house with garden where our dogs could run…

Your biggest wish you could make a reality when you win a lottery?
I would buy then fucking strong Porsche Turbo from 94 with 700 powers... I’m lying - I would buy something for family, as usually…

Do you mean you could still work in normal job under pressure of boss power when Bulldog shop doesn’t exist?
But I’ve been working normal for many years ago But you’re right - I couldn’t work so "normal”! I can’t give a respect to any stupids who could say to me what may I do…Only boss of mine am I now.

Did you learn English alone? Did you make any English test, exam?
I’ve never learned, it’s maybe inside myself… Nobody believes it, but it’s truth. Carl from The Templars said to me, that I am lying and he asked me where had I lived in USAJ Maybe many foreigners speak often to me…

One day you wrote me you can establish brutal Oi!Core band. This idea is maybe dead because of your short time, but do you want to share with this?
Simply, I have not time for this. I was playing with many bands but through full-range trying /five times a week - 6 hours/ we have never made any album - it wasn’t possible in these years. It was quite sad for me so I wanted to take ´satisfaction´ and I wanted to established the band and produce it alone on Bulldog Power Records. But I have really no spare time so it’s only dream. This idea-band I called Cross Check and now it is existing band but without me

What would you like to produce on BPR? What has been already produced on this?
MC THE PROTEST - Live in Prague 1997 - sold out!
EP THE PROTEST - Praha 1998 /300ks , red vinyl/ - sold out!
CD THE PROTEST - From Protest to resistance 2001 /1000 ks/ - sold out!
CD OPERACE ARTABAN - Páni kluci 2002 /together with Bass Riot Records/
CD BETTER WAY - We don’t give a Fuck - this is madness 2002 /together with Bass Riot Records/
Future plans for debut and new CD Slovak INCIDENT, CD compilation FUCK THE NAZIS - SKINHEADS RULE!, CD THE PROTEST/THE RIOT, CD BRICKFIELD etc…

You say you’re author of texts. Can you tell us for which bands do you write?
The Protest who always made from my text ribbon and from the refrain made whole text - so you can see how is it. Then I wrote something for Operace Artaban, The Riot, etc…

The Protest sang one song against RASH and then they have recorded one song for the Insurgence Records…Your opinion?
I have solved whole this situation with people from Insurgence Records and they still wanted to have The Protest on the Class Pride World Wide vol.2. Many RASH from the whole world said it is not good idea to give The Protest on this compilation! „Fuck the RASH“ is still my opinion and Insurgence know me very well and they know it is my opinion and I don’t change it anymore! If I had to deny „Fuck the RASH“ The Protest could not be on this compilation!

And what’s about BBB crew? Is still anybody wearing for example patches of this crew etc? Is this crew still alive or is it personal thing? If is it dead thing – do you feel sadness?
BBB crew started many years ago and many nowadays skinheads were very small children in these times.…It has been dead thing for a quite long time. It was only group of good friends so it was not big and serious thing. It’s the same you remember your the first girl and love story – experiences, jokes, memories, concerts, friendship. It was here but it won’t be anymore! You can see old photos and remember but it will not come back any more! I feel sadness but the life is going far and I don’t want to stop on the rails and watch back to deserted railway station where many good friends were there…

Are everyone last members of the crew loyal to the original spirit or are they totally different?
I don’t know where are they and where have they gone away….

You had lived in 90´s in Prague. What’s about Orlík? You were 18 - your experiences? Did you differentiate among welfare and wrong?
Excuse but I’ve to a little bit smile you . What is welfare and wrong? Everybody thinks that he’s right and does welfare. Orlík thinks it too. But true, i have never liked them. But now I have a little bit different point of views…

What do you think about people who are SHARPs and though they meet with nazis, sieg heiling, but still say they’re real skinheads, real Sharps...?
What do you think about people in non-political Oi! movement who meet with leftists and anarchists? …I don’t know these people…. But I’ve been known many "nazis" for many years from times when they had long hairs and me Cherokee and the main thing was destroying of communist system. All punks from 80´s wore badges Rock Against Communism. What would you like to hear? I don’t know fence walkers, so people, who one day march with nazis and the other day with communists without any problem

Next Bulldog will be out maybe about next year. It’ll be number 25! Do you prepare any surprise for this jubilee?
Of course, there will be CD inside and it’ll kick ass to everyone around the world likes the last issue

Have you any adage or motto?
Don’t override anybody and don’t vilify somebody either. It’s not life’s motto only I try make it real.

Do you want to send a word anybody through these pages?
Jitka, I love you

Message for Skin-Read?
Thanks for interest. Don’t take everything so seriously - it’s only Rock and Roll, so… SKINHEADS - Still alive and Kicking