Hey wassup?
This is the reply for the interview. Thanx mate! I owe u one. Hilmi, The Section

How could you describe your band? Is it pure skinhead or Oi!punk band? How long are you existing?
This is an Oi! band. We still remain until nowadays after 8 years. (1997 - 2004)

How old are you and are you working or studying? Your business?
I'm 23 year old lad, working as ........................................(secret) . I frequently travel a lot.

Do you like Union Jack and American flag? What’s do you think about when you see these flags?
Union Jack - in 1957, my country got the independence from British and on August 31st, our flag 'Jalur Gemilang' was raised. So basically Union Jack means nothing to me. It's just the emblem of imperialism. Like what they did to Iraq last year...
American Flag - Some says this is the emblem of freedom. Bullshit...more individualism than collectivism. Supporter of Zionism! Slaughter!

Are you interested in football or in other sport? Which club do you prefer?
Football (English Premier League - Man Utd., Serie A Italia - AC Milan, Spanish League – Barca & Real Madrid), boxing & F1 race.

Where would you like to drive on holiday?
Singapore or Thailand or any parts of Malaysia.

Can you give me your Top-Ten (I don’t care - it can be Oi!, Punk, Ska, Reggae....).
Oi! - Roots & Boots, Reggae - Jaheim, Ska - Gerhana Ska Cinta, Punk - Rancid.

Do you prefer any religion?
I'm a Muslim. I believe the existence of God which is Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah (the last after Jesus).

Your discography?
Compilation :
1. Stand Strong & Proud - Splatters Records (2000)
2. Boots On The Streets - Neuro Empire Records (2002)

 EP :
1. Split EP The Section & Generation 69 - Splatters Records (2003)

Are you interested in policy? Do you vote?
Of course I vote. It's very important for me to vote. I'm the people. We the people are responsible
to choose what is good or bad. And we choose the leader who can represent our voices, probs & etc. We want to work WITH the government, not to work FOR the government. Together for the sake of our land.

Who is enemy No.1 for us, for everybody (on the streets and in our lives)?
We should look to many issues world wide, don't just look at the domestic problems. We must
urge the international communities to be more multi-lateral. There are too many wars nowadays
around the world. Together we work to stop the war?

Have you any idols (great persons from history)?
Dr. Mahathir bin Mohammad, our ex - Prime Minister.

With which bands would you like to play?
Rancid..if we ever can get the opportunity.

Have you problems with neonazis and boneheads?
No problem at all.

Do you read any foreign magazines / zines?
Bulldog zine, Bovver Wonderland zine.

When skinhead starts to be a neo-skinhead?
When punk arose in the 70's...I guess.

Which part of woman’s body are you keen on? :-)
Ears, neck, chest, private part, toes.

Your message to all skinheads and to the readers of S-R?
Be yourself, enjoy your life while you still can...don't fight, stop the war, stop the hate towards
other religion (Islam to Christian, Islam to Jews, Jews to Islam and Christian to Islam).There's
no point...we're all the same and equal. From Abraham to Ismail and Isaac, from Ismail for the
Arabs and Isaac for the Jews...Moses to Jesus later then to Muhammad. Get the point? Think
about it. Cheers!