Lets start introducing of every member of your band.
Mišo – guitar, voice
Bobo – bass, voice
Žabiak – guitar
Dudo - drums

Do you remember beginning of your staying in in Oi!, Punk, HC etc.? Where were you a few years ago :-) ?
STANAZ was born on the ruins of the 3 other bands which were split up but their members: me, Kovo and Bobo still wanted to play. We play style which we love. After some time Kovo left the band and Duda was the next drummer. And the last singer Patrik left us too and was replaced by Šefer. But Šefer went to Ireland because of job so we had to find other solution.

Once some people from Bratislava told me about bad situation with nazis there. Are you really so monitored by them? Is it there really so hard? Do you really park your car every night on the different place? Do you really still wait the attack?
It was really very hard. Me, Patrik and Šefer have very bad experience with nazis. They set fire to our cars, 2 men were stabbed and my nose and skull was totaly beaten up. But it was 3 years ago. Now it seems to be better here. I have no information about growing of the nazi power.  

So are there still more and more apolitical, antifa skins etc. on the streets? Or are boneheads still in power (I dont mention NS black metal scene etc., but just neonazi „skinheads“)
I dont know, its hard to say. There are a lot of young people who support us but there are a lot of nazi supporters too. But nowadays they are hidden, covered up because it is hard time for them. So they dont dress like many years ago. But there is still a few of them who are smart in dressing. But sometimes you meet these boys and you dont know if they are nazis or not. But it is really hard to answer on this question because I have no statistic.

Do you practise any sports? Tell me about your hobbies beside the band.
I go to the fitness, football, squash, and  thaibox in past (but I am too lazy now and I hate going to the lessons). The other members practise nothing, only rot. But Žabiak practised, but the health problems were stronger.

Did you enjoy piet-concert after the murder of the young student Tupý? The band Rozpor was there and they introduced to audience what is SHARP for example. 
Of course, we were there.

Which bands do you like? I like your music too much because your style is what I need to have inside our czechoslovakian scene. It is powerful, 2 voices..just real Oi!Core!
My big idol are Discipline so I wanted to play similar music like them. But german bands like Krawallbrueder, Toxpack, Berliner Weisse are very closed to my heart. Definitly we want to play style which is not here and which is original.

With which bands do you usualy  play together and how often?
It is a long time from our last gig. No time for practising, a lot of other things to do, some changing of members so we had to canceled a lot of gigs. But we usualy played with ROZPOR and we have about 20 concerts played in Bohemia, Austria and Slovakia.

I have heard about some conflicts between bands of Slovak scene. For example Incident vs. Zaciatok Konca. Is it normal in Slovakia or rare?
I can´t explain anything on this theme. They know why they hate each other, it is their fight. But I think that it is not normal and usual here. 

Describe me your personal future plans.
To be milionar, burgeous man and enjoy my money with my girlfriend in Caribbic.

And the plans chained with the band?
To become legend as 4SKINS, haha.

You sing „we dont want communist system back, we dont want capitalism anymore“. So what are you fighting for? Do you know any other alternative?
Of course, I vote for the trade systém like we know it from the history. I will give something you and you will give something me. Money destroy people mentality! It is reason why I want to be rich. Because trade systém is unfortunately utopia and I want to be really independent.

State doesnt want to see problems with drugs, paedophiles, violence and criminals. Do you wish to také law to your own hands? Justice is not good and neutral enough. So people have to punish the criminal!!
Yes, definitly YES. Todays laws and justice is full of shit. Sometimes police catch the criminal but some judge let him go home. It hurts me. Really it would be better when people could také justice to their hand and make some solution and execution. I am not believer but in this case Bible tell clearly: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

Do you have any problems with minorities because of your skinhead image? A few skins, unfortunately, were attacked because some people thought that they are nazis.
Personaly I have had no problems during these 12 years. I always explained that I am not nazi.

I am not any anarchist, but I can imagine how some people hate you because of your anti-homosexual song. Tell me about your attitude to homosexuals.
My attitude is described in that song. I dont care about them if they are not public. Once some gay wanted to fuck me so I had to break his nose. It was terrible. Gays can do whatever they want to do but they cant disturb my freedom. In this case I am against them. I condemn gays like Elton John, Michal Dočolomanský and the similar. Because they are half life hetero and if they are old so they become mad and want to have cock in their ass? It is really stupid! But if somebody want to condemn me for this fact, it is his choice. I dont care.

Everybody should be proud of own land, town etc but it has own border. I wont scream that I am proud of to be Slovak but I am proud of where I was born and where I live whole life. I like Bratislava a lot and many people hate us because of this. But they just come here for the business etc. Ok, they can live here, of course, but they should not hate us and condemn. Nobody is blameful because of his own place of born and growing.

Which historical era do you like? Would you like to return to some historical decade?
Personaly I wanted to return to the era of the Celts or Vikings, but Templars too. I like Barbarians too much.

„If the unity will be here, our judgement day will come“. Really we have to stand together now. It is my dream to make strong movement where is law „all for one and one for all“. Do you have this crew or is it just only dream? I thought that it slowly become a reality. But during some time I found that there is only hypocrisy, no unity and only small divided groups of stupid people all around. There are only about 300 skins/punks/mosh people in Bratislava. But if people will hate and malign each other so unity is only dream. 

I think that you go voting and that you are not members of groups with password „only pivo and laughing“ which is totaly fucked up, I think.
Yes, but I voted only once because there is not any good party for me. I cant accept if somebody tell me „I am apolitical“. Because everybody has own opinion (or should have). Everybody has opinion which is associated with his own life and quality of life. Probably when I was 16 I had similar apolitical attitude, but no more again. Everybody start to see political activities in own town or state. Differences in society, criminality, social stuff, it is just policy! Unfortunately, to be apolitical could be only stupid who is totaly fucked up. It is life from one day to the second. Only food, alcohol and sex.

In the song Jednota 2002 you sing about not use policy. But there are another lyrics in the songs „Lahostajnost“ and „Apolitická holá hlava“. So do you want to change situation by the politics of the streets?  
No, I sing about not to be in parliament or in any political party. But everybody tries to find any good solution. We need to be in good situation because state wont help you ever! We work hard and state wont give you any health service, flats. Lean on yourself, not on your state.

Do you want to take the law to your own hands?  Me yes, whenever I hear about any news about paedophilia, molestation of children, murder…
I hate these things too. Mainly atrocity making on children, women and animals. How is it possible? Why anybody can harm little child? But the same situation is with animals. An eye for an eye, the tooth for the tooth.

Should bands play and sing about serious problems like (paedophilia, raping, execution, drugs) or only about running from the reality by alcohol, riots and skinheads?
It should be 50:50. People could see that the world is not only pink and good but on the other hand they should know that their suicide and depressions is no solution.

Tell me something about members of the Right Rest band.
No comment.

What would you like to mess to the other people?
Your attitude is your identity.So save your attitude in every case. Your attitudes are not only any game. Once you will understand this. Be careful before it is too late.