Could you please introduce yourselves? How many people has your band? Your business??? How old are you?
Right now as I type this the line-up for going to Europe is: myself (Rick) on trumpet, Timmy on Barisax, Brandon on trombone, Bill, Alan and Brigid - vocals (all original members I might add), Kyle on drums, Scott on bass, James on guitar. The band has had many changes over the years with people leaving and coming back. It's always growing. It's been very hard. I am the oldest in the band at 42 now. I started this when I was 30. It's been fun, but I'm getting to old to keep it alive right now. Being in a struggling band takes a lot of time and energy.

Tell me something interesting and delicious about San Francisco city…?
San Francisco is a beautiful place to live. My favourite city in America. A great little scene here. though as everywhere, it's on and off. And right now I must say, it's off. A very tolerant, open place to live though.

What about scene there? Small or large? Have you any well or not so-well known bands?
Small scene compared to England. Sometimes over the years it has grown, but right now it is kind of small. Mostly old guys carrying it on right now, I fear when we old farts die, there might not be many to carry it on here in America anyway. Of course this is my world and my view and there may be others I don't  know about. In Los Angeles right now, it seems to be growing. And younger. San Francisco is a retirement community for skins and mods it seems. Big bands here...not really...except punk. We are the only ones doing soul. As far as ska or reggae, you'd have to go to Los Angeles for that. I mean we love it and have great DJs, but not bands up here for some reason.

Are any boneheads in your area? Have you any problems with them? Or is it region of colourful people like New Orleans for example?
I don't see any boneheads these days. There used to be in the80's. But not now in San Francisco that I know of. world that I see. They don't come to our shows if there are any. Why would they really? We play soul. I would say it's a very colourful city. You'd be surprised I think. It's not like the rest of America.

On CD La Lotta Continua you introduce yourselves with tribute to Redskins „Lean on me“. Are Redskins your main idol and musical inspiration?
I wouldn't say main idol, but a few of us really love them. I would pick them for a record to have if stranded on a desert island.

With which bands would you like to play? How  would you characterize your style of music?
Mostly, our way of playing northern soul with what we've got. Trying to keep it as close as we can without the big productions of a studio.

Your discography (have you been recorded for any compilation? Which song(s))?
We have been on a few compilations. I'm not really sure. But we officially have 3 Cds out: Movin' On Doing Fine Well, Well, Well and a couple singles here and there.

How long are InCiters existing?
We have been at it about 11 years or more now.

When skinhead starts to be a non-skinhead?
I'm not sure if I understand that question. It's in your heart I guess...even if you grow your hair out and change a little.

And now a little bit of policy…What about 11th September? Was enemy so clear how at the beginning media said (bin-Ladin I think)? And where is the truth?
Rick didn’t answer this question…(S-R editor marked…)
Which part of woman’s body are you keen on? :-)
I guess I'm a breast man. momma.....

Why did you decide to become skinheads?
That just kind of happens doesn't it? I started as a punk, then mod, the scooterboy, then skin, the scooterboy again, then soulie, now I'm just me. Whatever people want to label me. I don't give a shit about that stuff anymore really. I never really did. I'm 42 after all. Again, it's all in my heart. Sometimes I fell mod...sometimes skin..always loving the soul and reggae and ALWAYS riding my scooter still!!!!

Is it easy to live in the USA?
I hate our president and our foreign policies and a lot of times our system..but I love my country of course. It is easy living here I would say. But you know, we work hard here and sometimes the common man here gets a bad rap for what our government does around the world. We try to change things, but money talks when it comes to politics and we little people don't have much say in big matter what you hear or think. But, again, I love my country! Embarrassed of it sometimes, but never ashamed. Disgusted with it sometimes, but proud others.

Have you problems with any immigrants? Did they thing that you are bonehead or did they know what you are?
Immigrants? I don't understand this question so much either. We have immigrants and sometimes it's a argument or a political topic...but America was built on immigrants and is the melting pot of the world. I've been to a lot of countries and think we are very tolerant here actually. Yes, there are bad ugly parts of the country with closed minded people. I'm not saying it's all beautiful like San Francisco.

Are you interested in policy?
Politics...yes, but not as much as Bill in the band. He lives it everyday. I am interested, but lazy I think. I try in my little ways to better things.

Which land is the best for doing streetmusic? What can you say about your texts?
Street music? What exactly is that? Sorry? Texts? Sorry again.

Have you any idols (great persons from history)?
My wife would say I don't know....stupid I know. I love music and those kinds of people in history.

Do you like American flag? What’s do you think about when you see this flag?
I'm not ashamed by the flag. I think it's waved a little too much sometimes.

Your future plans?
Have kids and be very happy. DJing soul and reggae…maybe start a new band when this one is done.

Redskins, RASH, SHARPs…tell me what do you know about and your attitude?
I don't even care to talk about that stuff anymore. It's too much to answer in a email really. that stuff is a long conversation to be done in person, politics and religion.

Release – some regards or your mottos to Skin-Read readers?
Stay traditional, be yourself at the same time. Don't be what others want you to be.

Rick Kendrick
the InCiters