How long does your crew exist?
Since 1996.

How many members have it? And supporters?
Around 30 all over the country.

Is Clube Skin done for laical public or only for young non-known skinheads?
It's like the official Portuguese SHARP newsletter, but anyone interested can read it!

In which towns we could find members of SHARP Portugal? Only in Lisboa?
In Lisbon is where you can find more members, but there's sharps too in Coimbra, Aveiro, Porto, and in some small villages from the south of the Country.

Have you any your own bands which are playing on your concerts? Albert Fish, Omited grass, Mata Ratos :o) ?
There is a new band from Porto called Mancha Negra that is the only SHARP band in Portugal. The others you mention, only Albert Fish have a strong relation with SHARP.

And have you any own zines like Clube Skin?
There was Vontade de Ferro, but it ended. It wasn’t a SHARP fanzine, but a non-nazi skinhead fanzine.

Some skinheads from Portugal wrote me about problems with Afro-Americans and with their gangs. Have you like skinheads serious or any problems with them? Can you solve it?
No, we don´t have problems with them. We only have problems with fuckin boneheads.

Your zine Clube Skin is very popular in my country, are you happy from this fact?
Yess, of course. It's nice to spread our message and get in contact with other scenes, because we are like a big family!

Do you read any foreign fanzines?
Many! Ejecutor (Spain), Root for Boot (Hungary), Music for hooligans (Spain), Dalhe (Galiza), Skin Read (you may know it...ahahahh!) and many many more from all parts of the world. World wide united! We must be just one voice!

Which women from which countries are the best and the most beautiful?
Well, in every country, there is beautiful women... but today we stand for Portuguese and Hungarian! :)

Are you active in demonstrations against racism?
Yess, spreading the anti-racist message by flyers, zines, manifestations, etc... and fighting racists on the streets!

And what’s about policy? Are you interested in?
(Almost) all cops are bastards!

Do you believe in anarchist society?
We can't answer that. SHARP is not about politics, it's about letting know the people the roots of our Skinhead movement, that is multi-racial. In Sharp we have anarchists, communists, apoliticals... but individual opinions. But SHARP as a group is not political.

Do you prefer ska and skinhead reggae or strong music like hard core?
Some of us prefer HC, Punk and Oi!, others Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae... in general we listen to everything. Is good not to have a closed mind.

Which people are the most sympathic for you?
Don’t understand the question...

Is it easy to live in Portugal?
No... Portugal it’s having a economic crisis.

Tell me please something special about your land and your Portugal ladies !
We love to drink and to party, we love to meet new people and we have the most beautiful girls in the world!!!!!!!!!! We also have a very cool sun and nice beaches! The best beer in the world are portuguese: Sagres and Super Bock.

Why did you decide to become skinheads?
It's a way of life... simple life in a rude way. A working class stand. And we love everything about our culture: the music (ska/reggae/punk/oi/hc), tattoos, girls, pubs, beer, football, loyal friends, clothes...

Do you love any land in this blue planet? And why?
Any land have his own charm.

When skinhead starts to be a non-skinhead?
When extreme politics interfere.

Your opinion on commercial bands like Rage Against The Machine in T-Shirts of CCCP etc?
Hmmm... this issue is very complicated... a band is sell out for sell the music they do for years? The most of us don't like RATM, but they did it some cool things, like play on television with the amerikkkan flag inverted! But we prefer Do It Yourself bands, support the underground!

Have you on sale anything of your crew (for example T-shirts, patches,
Yess, you can find it on

Have you any idols (great persons from history)?
We don’t have idols, maybe some persons we admire, but no idols.

And what’s about nazi wankers in Portugal? Are there big problems with them?
I know only Swastika band which is musically full of shit and by texts I fucked up them well too!!SHIT!
They are in a strong moment, is like a fashion because of football, but like any fashions they're going to end!

Your favourite bands?
Oppressed, Skatalites, Komintern Sect, Laurel Aitken, Red Alert, The Clash and many many more....

Please - some regards or your mottos to Skin-Read readers?
Stand strong, stand proud!