How could you describe your band? Is it pure skinhead or punk band? (What is the name S-Contro)?
We are a band with many influences (punk, hardcore, metal, oi!) and not all of us are skinheads. S-CONTRO literally means “clash” but without the “s”, it means “against”. We have chosen it because it can have these two different interpretations.

In which town do you stay or live? /name of this (these) town(s) and something special about this (them)/
We are all from TORINO and nearby. At the beginning it was only an industrial city (fiat) but now there are also other activities. In Torino we have the great possibility to make concerts in lots of places (squats, pubs) and the musical scene is quite enorm.

Could you tell us anything about each member of your band?(business, girlfriends, hobbies..)
STEO-singer, tattoomaker, charismatic. His girlfriend is the drummer of ATTACCABRIGHE.
DANI & CUGI- guitars, stoned brothers. PELLE-drummer from Friuli venezia-giulia, he is also the drummer in WOPTIME and guitarist in STANDING STRONG. FEDE( HEINZ)- bassist. When he was child he drunk the Asterix magic potion. Dani and Fede are unemployed, Pelle is a cook, and every body love music & beer & drugs.

Why did you decide to become skinheads (or punx, but your band has RASH members, hasn’t it?)
It was the only great way to contrast society with violence and anger.

Have you problems with immigrants, Arabians or Gypsies because of your image etc?
We have many Arabian friends, especially from Morocco (cuggi’s girlfriend is studying arab at the university). The mean thing is to explain in a clear way our antifascist and antiracist position.

Is it easy to live in Italy?
It was easier before Berlusconi government. There are more social problems: taxes, intolerance, war, racism. Berlusconi has also increased manager’s activity. Rich get richer, poor get poorer..

Tell me please something beautiful about your land.
The good food, the art, the classic culture and many other things!!!

Do you sing in your native language or in English? Why?
Our songs are written in Italian to be understood, however in our CD we have translated the lyrics in English for foreign people.

Do you love any land in this blue planet? And why?
Turin squats-El Paso, Askatasuna...-Torino football club (cuggi e fede), pubs, “Murazzi”(do you remember???).

When skinhead starts to be a non-skinhead?
Nowadays many “new” skinheads follow only the fashion and lose the original values of this way of life - the street.

Are you proud of your Working Class roots?
Of course we are.

How could you characterize your style of music?

Your opinion on commercial bands like Rage Against The Machine in T-Shirts of CCCP etc?
We don’t care................;)

Your opinion on
a) arrogant rich bastards

b) Racism
c) Capitalism
d) Cyber“warriors“ – skins on internet
We have the same opinion for all of them: no respect. FIGHT THE SYSTEM.

Can you give me your Top-Ten (I don’t care – it can be Oi!, Punk, Ska, Reggae….).
SKARHEAD “kings at crime “, Slayer “ reign in blood”, 4 skins “ACAB” ,Cock sparrer” because your young” ADICT S “who split my beer?, BEASTIE BOYS “no sleep till Brookline, MOTORHEAD” ace of spades, London calling CLASH(!!!!!!!), AC/DC “back in black”, toy dolls”mi vida loca”.

Have you on sale anything for your fans (for example T-shirts, patches, pins, CD, EP etc)?
We are working foryou! Be patient!).

Have you any idols (great persons from history)?
No idols but we have respect for all anarchists or communists (no stalinism) that worked for the revolution. (Before, now, after).

And what’s about nazi wankers in Italy? There are maybe metal bands full of nazi shit like F.T.Enemy , arent they? And Blood and Honour…Are there big problems with them in your region?
We are lucky because in Turin and in our region we have not many problems with nazis. In fact they are not well organised like in Milan , Verona and Rome.

Have you ever been to the Czech Republic and would you like to visit us?
We haven’t been there yet- but we want like it of course! Only Pelle has once with woptime.

Are you in contact with anarchist movement?
Yes, of course and communist too. In Italy, in France and in Spain.

Do you prefer any religion?

Your cure for the illness called capitalism?
Live within but without being absorbed.

Your favourite bands?
See question number 16 and many other.....!

Your own reasons for to be antifascists?
There’s no reason to make difference on the colour of the skin. It’s just a question of colour and not other stupid ones!

With which bands would you like to play?
We don’t understand, sorry for our bad English.

Please – some regards or your mottos to Skin-Read readers?

ciao, , puoi inviarlo a Petr per favore?
grazie federico