Your tape „Viva Republica“ is recorded like very professional (clear sound, mix…). Is it due to good acoustic of DDM (Resort of Kids and Children) in Rakovnik or is it only thanks to your examining and hard working before this recording?
Thanx but it could be better, mainly the tape (next time it will be better we hope). DDM has helped us very much but the sound there is not excellent. We have recorded it like a concert without people so difficult job have had mainly sounders with this. It was really funny when you have recorded ¾ of the thing and somebody did mistake and we had to record everything again and again. Haha.

Your message „fuck off“ in booklet is specially for communists too. But your texts are against social injustice. Are you interested in any idealistic section or not?
We don’t belong to any part but I have to say that anarchy is not distant from our minds – but we really don’t like this separating.

Could you please a little bit introduce each other now?
Band from June 2003: Parfa-singer, Sakor-drums, Dolek-bass, Kuba-quitar

Do you play together from the beginning of the band or has anybody gone off ?
Red Insect was born on September with: Parfa-singer, Sakor-drums, Imra-quitar a David-bass – with these was recorded MC/CD Viva Republica and the split with Non Conformist. Then David has gone and Dolek-bass came. With these one recorded MC/CD Police Bastard. Then have gone Imra and Dolek and the band had pause for one half year. Then came Netty-quitar and Zděnda-bass. Recorded CD from German tour Live in Hamburg – benefit for AFA – will be out on March 2004 under ACV Litvínovsko. After one year Netty and Zděnda have gone away, returned Dolek and Kuba-quitar ---- it is crazy, isn’t it? Haha.

Do you feel like an anarchist band?
How I have written it up, we don’t like separating but we are not distant from the idea of anarchism.

Which is anarchy and the anarchists from your point of view?
We have positive relation-ships but the word „anarchy“ is very large and everybody can think it differently. Our point of view you can hear in our texts we mean.

Do you think is it normal that punkers keep prejudices against skinheads in the scene?
Prejudices are bad definitely when we stand together for the same aim but lets be round, skinheads (and not only nazis) have prejudices against punx and anarchists too – sure it is in the Czech Republic.

Do you mean that socialist skinheads are domain only of West and South Europe or have they any chance to fighting for their ideas in our country too? In the ex-„communist“ land?
I think they are really domain of different states and not of Czechia. But it is simple thing when we live in the ex-communist land. In this situation is everybody commie when starts to think more socially – but it is for long speech…….

Releasing of your CD Police Bastard was financed by your owns, wasn’t it? Do you want to release anything else now?
Yes, Police Bastard we recorded own and the same situation was with Viva Republica, only the split with Non Conformist distributed Šroub – Emergency Records and Live in Hamburg – benefit for AFA - distributed ACV Litvínovsko. We have plan with recording 7“ split with Němá barikáda (Silent Barricade). It should have been out but because of changes in band it is more difficult. It will be benefit for Anarchist Black Cross.

If new CD will be powerful like „Police Bastard“ so there is no admonition. Or do you want to make any changes in texts, style…etc.?
Our style is totally satisfied for us and we don’t want to change it. And texts will be the same too. I don’t agree with singing about alcohols, bitches, drugs….it is not for me.

Were you affected by any Czech (and foreign too) bands? If yes, which one was it?
At the beginning we were influenced by classic punk bands but the time has gone and it was faster and more political punk then.

Do you know Czech Rat-Race? From my point of view they make similar music like you, and that’s mean very impressive music and very powerful texts.
Yes, we know Rat Race and I think they are more to HC. I was pleased from their CD-demo / live.

French and Spanish RASH wrote me that they like your CD „Police bastard“…Many stupid people think yet that these skinheads are strictly stalinists etc.! And your opinion on RASH? Do you know personally any R.A.SkinHead ?
Personally I didn’t meet any RASH yet and I have no information about this culture. I don’t know their statutes…..sorrrry

Your attitude to Working Class?
Working class-workers are the base for society but there are swine and leaders in this society too and these scum are oppressing and exploiting working class…Eat the Rich and Capitalist Swine. EQUALITY FOR EVERYBODY!!!

Have you any plan how to reach righteous society?
1) We, all together need clear mind
2) We need to teach equality, solidarity and tolerance

Could you describe me ideal model of your life? And your model of your ideal society which about you dream!?
Ideal dreamful society…without bastards and helpers of system…look at the question number fifteen.

Who is the enemy No.1 for all?

I always read in the papers that „Anarchists and skinheads threaten this society“. What do you want to message to authors of these sentences? Which is their aim by this lying?
Are really anarchists threatening? I did not read it yet. I don’t know if one broken shop window is worse than exploitation, famine, wars…..maybe Mr. journalist have got stone to his head on some demonstration.

How do you feel when parliamentary and bureaucratic parties and institutions still grow up and their power due to stupidity of „nations“ grow up too?
Our emotions are eternal….haha. They do everything bad.

And what’s about parties which call themselves „communist“ but just they are only state capitalists and fucking liars?
Clear, they will be the same like others after they will seem money and good places. Their sweet ideals will become terror.

And any „friendly“ regard for trockists, stalinists,…stooges of systems?
Rest in peace

I saw Vladimir Franz on your show. How could you make friendship with him? It seems he likes your concert.
Netty know V.Franz because he has tattoo saloon in Rakovník and V.Franz goes there. Franz said that he likes our music but only until ½ concert. After this half it is the same he said….but there are pleasant words from the man who teaches the music and do it like a sound tracks. 

You are in the direct contact with AFA. Do you think they make useful work? And the second thing…do they really attack real fascists?
Yes, we are in contact with AFA and we know AFA makes good and useful work. Now it is difficult to recognize bonehead from sportsman – AFA has own monitoring but from time to time make mistake. Nazis should write it on their faces – it would be easier for AFA then and they could avoid to attacking of non-fascists. 

Do you have any souvenirs for sale? I think T-shirts, patches, pins…where could we buy it?
We have in distro MC,CD Police Bastard, t-shirts, patches, badges…You can order it from Emergency, Papagáj, Insane Society, ACV Litvínovsko etc too.

It seems that sexism and feminism too is trend which western society offers us. Where is the solution? Where is the border among these directions?
TOLERANCE, don’t make others what you don’t like too and LIVE FULL LIFE.

Your future plans?
At last record 7“with Němá Barikáda and then be together 5 years without personal changes inside the band.

Would you like to message anything to anybody all around?
Live not weakly survive…..stand against!!!!!!!!!

Have you any motto which could everybody follows?