Some melodies of your songs I know. For example you made a cover of M.Oldfields song but who will be next?
You know how to recognize real hit-song. On new CD we have 1 cover of Ramones. It is our tribute to this band (3 of them are already dead). We like their music. But some musical „expert“ again didn’t understand this and this stupid told something about stealing of music!!

By which kind of music are you the most influenced? Maybe you listen to HC and punk music. And what about Oi!, ska ?
I don’t know any Oi! band. Only Orlík. But probably I know some Oi! band but I can’t recognize if is it Oi! or not. I don’t find any differences among bands. I have 1 rule – I can like some band or hate any band. But I can recognize ska – it is great music! Beautiful. I love just SKA-P in this moment – some Spanish band, maybe. Or Persiana Jones – maybe band from Italy. Who doesn’t know it, is poor man. Or Tleskač (ska from Czech rep.) – you have to love them. I wish them long live!

Your singer has very specific original and pleasant voice. I really enjoy this listening. Tell me, is he looking after his vocal folds?
We are just often 2 singers. But we don’t look after our folds and voices. From time to time only alcohol but NO rare eggs like Karel Gott. And I hate Leos Mares so called „singer“. He is very stupid and his words in medias are just fucked up!

I have to return to your previous band Kontrast. You don’t speak too much about this project (why?). I was looking forward to demo-tape of Kontrast for 2 years. Then Vlad from Bulldog sent me it and I was really happy! Kontrast had original texts, real patriotism, intelligent words and music…but Kontrast ended. And I need know why !?
Kontrast again? Ok! We don’t like remembering of this band and this era. Ending of this band was the worst for us. In 1996 we recorded the first demo of Punk Floid and 1 man told us we are good band and that he can arrange some concerts for us etc. He looks like a manager – professional. But he told us – you have to change your name. You can’t have name with „Punk“ inside and that we must change texts. From punk to more serious sense. We were young and stupid so we agreed with this and accepted this idea. So we started with Kontrast. But it wasn’t good. A few members left this band and we continued only a few gigs. Then we ended career with Kontrast and Punk floid was risen again! And who doesn’t like us so it is only his problem now – we don’t care! We play what we want to play.

Many years ago I was on rock camp in town Zabreh. In this region lives band called Oi!Revolt which calls itself like a Orlík revival. I don’t know members of this band but some people hate them (because of right-wing etc). But clearly by the music: Has Orlik revival still any sense in the Czech musical scene?
I don’t know opinion of the other bands of our band but I am interested in Orlík! During so called „communist“ regime in this land we could buy only some metallic bands like Vitacit, Kern or Titanik. After so called Velvet „revolution“ in 89 my dad bought me in Prague LP Rebelie-punk and oi! and Orlík too. And it was beautiful! New start. I don’t know Oi!Revolta band and I have no opinion about revivals. But if people go to the concert of Revolta and they like it, so where is the problem? And the words about member of this band? I just fuck it!

Mostly you have serious girlfriend-ship or families. I think it is not easy to play in underground punk rock band during your family duties. Although I have tolerant wife, I know these problems very well…
I’m the only one with the wedding belt. My son is 4 years now and I have a kind wife. From time to time it looks different but when I am kind too, so there is no problem.

Like a Kontrast you made a interview for joke-SHARP zine PragOi. For which other zines have you ever made an interview?
I cannot remember really. I sleep only a little bit and I drink a lot of spirits so my memory is bad. And it was many years ago.

And your future plans for the band? Would you like to play abroad?
We were in Poland and in Slovakia. Our republic should not have been split up. There are many beautiful pretty girls (include the police women). Maybe we will travel to England, but it is just only plan.

Probably some teenagers can think that your texts are only about alcohol and funny stories. But among words it is possible to find more serious themes like politically critical etc. Will you still criticize mistakes of the government and society in the future too?
We WILL criticize again and again. And I think we will be still inspired.

Who are your fans? Are there maybe many punks before your stage, but the skins too? Which is your attitude to skinheads (negative or positive)? Are you interested in this subculture ?
I don’t know this very well although I have some information. But I know that these scum with swastika on their bombers are only 1 section. But I don’t really know ideas and attitudes of the other sections. I don’t understand how can Czech man wear the swastika??? But when I want to get some reason for this wearing from them, they are really stupid and you know how it always ends.

When is the man young, he has radical point of views and smart solutions. During years he will recognize that the world is not only black and white and that reality is different. What would you like to mess to youngs who start to „heiling“ ?
What should I mess them? I fuck them. Just I don’t understand them. It is the same cause like that swastika on the bomber jacket.

How often do you listen to your own Punk Floid CDs at home ?
Me personally quite often. So two times a month. But it is not because I am narcissus. It is ´cause of finding any mistakes and know what to do better on the next CD.

Would you like to vote for the punishment of death? For example HC scene is full of so called humanism from time to time…
It is not humanism, but stupidity!! Everyone this „humanist“ will go and kill these scum who killed him a child! Everybody is humanist till the situation is normal. After bad experience, they go and totally change their attitudes about 180 grades.

And what about your attitude to problems with teenage Muslim gangs in France? It was spread to Sydney and many countries of Western Europe…
I think if somebody starts to make fuss and rubbish, we should fight him. If somebody starts to rob, we should beat him through his fingers. And what „glorious“ European Unity did? EU gave them money and shut their mouth. But what will they do after they waste these money? They will make the same situation. Now they know how to get this money! When I will move to Eskimos, I will have to worship their traditions too. It is clear!! Probably now it seems that I don’t like Moslems but I hate every religion!

And what about the marihuana and so called light drugs? From my point of view it is shit for weak people. I think your song Speeds is about this, am I right?
Hm, I don’t know. I am non-smoker and I am pity too.

Any problems with society which hurt you every day? What would you like to change NOW?
Probably I would like to make small defenestration in Parliament and Senate. I’d like to fully cancel Senate and vote other people to Parliament. And these voted people would be honest! So they would do their job without any salary (like in the old Roma, I guess).

Your the worst life experience?
So far maybe nothing.

And the best one?
When my son was born. I was there. My wife had still some problems but I was together with my son – little baby in the next room. I felt so happy and good. And it is SON.

Which book and zines do you read ?
I read different books from Hrabal to sci-fi. I don’t care about style of the books when I like it. But it shouldn’t be romantic story. Maybe I’m too stupid (joke). And from zines: what comes for me. I am not finding this regularly. But sometimes I have read inside very stupid questions (like I would not eat the meat and the similar shit).

Have you any favourite historical era ?
Middle Ages. Whenever I visit some castle I think I lived through this before. Maybe I had lived in some castle in the previous life.

The worst sexual experience / situation?
For this time nothing. It was always done.

And the best one? Haha!
It could be compromising situation for my wife so I won’t answer.

Are you satisfied with your new CD ?
We will more play and less sing on the new CD.

And now 1 question for women (feminists). What do you love on women (it could be parts of body) and what do you hate on them ?
Feminists – my opinion is that they’re so nasty lesbians with who other women don´t want to sleep with them. So they need to fight for their rights. But seriously: from my point of view women in this country have the same rules like men. They can work as a miner or dustman. For these activists is important hot office and money from EU for their-selves. But if they are very interested in this fight, they can go to Afghanistan and to Arabic countries and help there to other women who have there very bad experiences!
I like lean girls with nice face, breast (not huge), pretty ass and long feet. Blonde or brunette, small or big – I don’t care. And I don’t like women’s brain because it works in the opposite way from the men’s brain and then come difficult situations.