Could you introduce yourselves?
We don’t like it but:
Petr-singer, clarinet

Your 1st demo CD was D.I.Y, wasn’t it? And you play good new songs on concerts. What’s about new CD?
Our demo is already history and it was really DIY. We have now 10 new songs recorded with frontman of famous heavy metal band from the past Vitacit. CD has name „jeden pro druhého“ + 5songs from demo like bonus. Editor is Kabanos and Kuvajt, thanx boys…

Have you any czech( punk and others) bands like idols?
No! I have no band idols and boys neither! Ne! It’s sad but there aren’t good bands here (only a few). We wont talk about bad bands but I want to regard good ones like Incident, Jedna Krev, DPH, Happy Rock, Zaciatok Konca and Orlik, of course.
Honza-I like punk but I’ve no strong idol. I’d like to name foreign Biohazard, Madball, AF, Hatebreed, Testament. And from our I listen Eastern Star now.

Do you think that prejudices from punx to skins are real?
No, they aren’t. Pseudo-punx who hate skinheads live in country-side –rednecks- and maybe they are true sometimes but they miss information. I think they are not able to be different!
Honza: I want to give greetings for! punk! band Volant.

Are socialist skinheads domain only of Western and South Europe or have they chance for fight for their ideas in this ex-bolshevik country too?
What is it? Socialist skinheads!? I don’t know why somebody still mix skins with any before- or after- name like socialist, nazi, red-anarchist etc. Fuck this up, fuck socialist “skinheads“ and others. Many people still don’t know that skinhead is only pure, proud and clean „brock„! Hooligan in good way. That’s it.

Your attitude for Working Class?
My attitude has to be positive because I’m one of WC…To excitrace from chains of torments and misery its the biggest effort of working class…
Pospa with David are too working men .David is lorry Tatra driver. Honza is dirty student…

Who is enemy no.1 for all of us together?
Every stupid.

Do you remember killing of 16 year old nationalist Dan Hejdanek in your town Pardubice by gypsies? Your opinion?
How can you remember this? It is too long time ago. Dead 16 year old boy, what could I say to this …Today he could be 27 years man. At the time of this killing young skins wanted to scare gypsy house and this young stupid…was killed. Times ago I always said it was a murder…but today I’d like to do the same thing like this gypsy…when somebody wanted to attack and endanger my family…

On the concerts I often meet young pretty and pleasant brunette girl and gypsy man how you call him „Lakatos“. So I think prejudices go out! Its great..tell me more about them!
It is not just only our crew because Lucia is girlfriend of Honza. And I don’t know Lakatos.

And what about „apolitical“skins who have good relations ship with nazis? What can you say to me about this problem?
Nothing I will say, they are only stalewater….

Last year on Chelsea fest nazis attacked and beat you, Petr.Many skins and punx only watched this…nobody helped you...I need some details…
No, only one nazi beat me (he was too much strong, haha).And its truth that others from „one unity“only watched…but it is unfortunately normal today…What could I say to this yet? One for all and all for one!!! Its not rule of today!!!You must save your life alone…nobody wants to help one another….

Do yout hink that every skinhead should have respect because of his quite dangerous (on the streets) way of life?
Mate, nobody will respect you because of your skinheadism. And nobody will understand you when you are skinhead…Only and one more only skinhead knows why he is skinhead, from which causes and reasons. Of course, there are many people who don’t know, however…

Did you grew in any different subculture? Before your hair-cut were you what??
Skinhead I’m only from this band. Boys are HC. By the way, I was rude metal-boy before till 15 years. haha.
Honza: I played clarinet in folk brass-band till 13 years. Sfter I started to listen to other kind of music and be skater. Maybe in 15 years came band…

How could you characterize your musical style?
Sharp Rock´n´ Roll?
Honza: Street punk

Your texts /outside alcohol, riots and tattoo J /?
Very wide….About us tramps when we sing around fire and flames with friends, guitars, about animals from wood…no, of course, haha! Our songs are about friendship strong like a stone, about friends who will help you, about evil and power of money, about skinheads who hang up their boots (it is better to hear it…)

Do you prefer any land through scene (and why?)
Maybe England. I am not any „pro-Angloman“ but tradition grew up there and skinheads were born there too. Today it’s different and I know this. Business aren’t so young boys from UK DK film, but I am still interested in boys with hair cut, Crombies, Martens boots who stomp somewhere in peripheries of London and other big cities.

Tattoo..who made this for you?Which motives do you have and how long?
Pospa is expert for this-he has blue both arms+other parts of body…I started in 18 and stopped this about 2 years later. I have warriors and ornaments…Pospa was tattooed by G S Tattoo Jablonec nad Nisou and Highland brothers tattoo Žirovnice.

Has anybody from you wife, children, dog…:-) ?
I have my wife and when you get this interview I will have young little born boy or nice girl. Oi!

Yours the worst situation in life?
There are many, but the worst…? One day my girlfriend found me in bed with her mother and twice I could be behind the bars. I was very scared. I don’t want to live anymore. Fortunately I have got amnesty from president of Czech Republic. Hail to Vaclav Havel, haha!

And the best situation?
I am glad that I have my wife…
Honza: I am fond of my tolerant girlfriend and that I can play in 2 good bands with good bois!

What would you like to do when you win many millions?
I’d like to do nothing after. Maybe me and my family would like to travel a lot..
Honza: I will buy my own brewery, records studio and Mercedes.

How will be situation here one day?
Normal. There will be not any radical changes here. Czechs are not radicals. Never have been, never will be…

Have you any favourite historical era??
Favourite maybe not but I am interested in our republic after Mnichov (1938) and borderland and time near the end of second world war-banderovs, wehrwolf (and 50ties in our country).

And era you want to move to?
Probably the same like in your question upper(but only for a while).

Youngs often join nazis mainly because of music. There are quite a few of these bands but always on high quality of recording. Do you know any RAC bands?
There are many nazi bands, not only a few! These bands are (musically) good and bad. It is the same like with non-political skin-bands. We all know that nazi hear many apolitical bands (Cock sparrer, Ultima Thule, Agent Bulldog…)O.K.I have at home any CDs with nazi music and I am not their stupid fan, ok?! To be fascist is for youngs big adventure. To belong to any crew and be like „razor“. Maybe they think that they do good thing, but they are too young to understand their mistakes. They have to understand that everything around nazis is big SHIT! IQ is great weapon here because it can help to understand!

What about life in your town Pardubice?
Normal, nothing interesting. It is the same in other cities, isn’t it? Jobs, every day problems, in free time with bois on beer. From time to time any concert in our night club…

Be the side you don’t want to wake up?
 Petr: be the side Karel Gotta
Honza: be the side Eva Pilarová
Pospa: be the side Rocco Shifredi, he has too big spermbird!
David: be the side Pospa, he has too small spermbird!

Have you any plan to reach justified society?
It is too heavy. In every justified society will be always somebody displeased.
Honza: No. Every idea for justified society is utopia. Democracy comes with the least evil.

Do you want to tell whatever to anybody, wherever?
Thank you for your interest. Many interesting articles in your zine we wish you.

Have you any motto which should we follow?
Stay loyal to your truth and never walk away…And fuck the prejudices.

And so delicious at the end…how do you like my zine? Bad and good things…
Many bands which I don’t know (but its my problem, isn’t it?). Uselessly many leftist bands (your problem I think). No, Petr, your zine is really good. I like to read your opinions. Be strong and cheers!