Ok fighters, lets start with the important but not so favourite question and tell me your names, age, hobbies, jobs and nationality (in case you are not Italians).
Hi everybody, we're Payback from Rome, Italy.
I'm Damiano, guitar, i take care of band's business and try to do all the best I can to survive, then there's Matteo on drums, who's got a recording studio, Fabrizio, vocal, working in a swimming pool, Luca, vocal, who works with video/audio recordings and Andrea on bass, student.

There are 2 types of HC on the world. The first is about the streets, hatred, society, pride and skinhead roots. The second one about stupid things, sex, psycho stuff, about smoking crack and members of these bands always wear long hair. Which HC is real? Or is it one scene? Is it possible to make any Unity between these 2 streams?
We grew up listening to real punk hardcore music, we never cared about trends and fashion. We always did our own thing and we'll keep on doing this till Payback's last breath.

What the HARDCORE means for you? Why did you choose this way of life? Should be HARDCORE kids the elite of the nations? The best, the strongest, the most moral? Or is it only 1 „family“ united thanks to music?
We're outcasts, not elite. We're a loud minority who tries to speak its voice to reach all the kids in the world who got same problems.

I know a lot of Oi!, Streetpunk bands from Italy and sometimes they sound very similar. But your sound is powerful, brilliant, row and independent! Reveal me please this mistery :-) Is it thanks to your 2 singers? How often do you practise in the rehearsal?
There's no mistery about it ! We practice once a week and every time we write something new we pay attention not to do the same old punk rock thing. 2 singers surely help a lot doing this!

Is it truth that are there 2 scenes in Italy? HC and Oi!/Streetpunk and ska? Or do you know some boys from Oi! scene and do you keep the flame together? Tell me please more about your HC scene.
We use to play with punk rock, Oi! and all kind of hardcore bands, it doesn't depend by the music but by the spirit you got inside.

You have played with Madball and 1 song you have made together with Roger Miret from A.F. It is good luck for your band. Congratulation! Was it difficult to make Roger to work together with you? Tell me some story from the recording…
We had to open for AF in Rome, so we decided it was a good chance for us to record Roger's vocals for Bring It Back. He was very nice with us, he really liked the song and the lyrics and we're proud to have shared something important with him.

You are tattooed a lot. Which is the normal (classic) tattoo for the HC kid? When you have tattooed your arms and neck, it is sometimes difficult to get good job because of prejudices of society. Am I right? 
We love tattoo, some of us got a lot of them. Many years ago it was a problem to hang around with so many tattoos 'cause people believed you were in jail or in the mob ! Now it's different, in Rome a lot of guys got tattoos and it's not a problem anymore, except if you have to work in bank !

Your opinion on nowadays skinhead scene? Would you like to change anything inside this culture? How many members of the Payback are skinheads?
Some of us come from skinhead scene, we love that culture and we hope it can grow on with many more bands and kids working in the scene.

Do you sing about the politics too? About what should be HC songs generaly? Only about hatred to society, resistance and pride? Or about what?
We talk about what we see everyday, we got our opinion on politics but we don't like to use our music as propaganda. We prefer to say what we think about it in our own way.

Your elder 2 CDs are sold out. Do you prepare any new CD? Kings of Nothing was recorded for Valium Recordz but Bring it Back was edited by Countdown+KB+4 Subculture. Why? (Personaly I think it was good thing :-)
After so many years working with Valium we decided to move on with Countdown. Actually we're writing new songs, let's see what happens !!!

Do you accept sXe inside the HC scene? It is good way how to make yourself better and stronger but I love beer. It is my weakness :-)
We respect SXE scene and we got many friends who practice this way of life. We could never do it, we love beer too !

You have song about falling down of your land. You wear t-shirt Roma. Are you patriots? What would you like to change to make your life and country better and more happy?
We're not a nationalist band, we just love our city, even if it sucks for so many reasons. There would be so many things to change in our country, but i think we don't have all the time to speak about it !

Describe us please your lyrics. And do you accept only old school HC or new school influences too? And why?
We talk about what happens everyday and about our own experiences. We got many influences, from punk rock to old school hardcore, from metal to new school hardcore, and each one of us also listen to a lot of different music. We try to mix together and to get all the best from each one.

Is it important for HC band to stay on DIY label or is it good when some bands spread their attitudes among people through major labels?
I saw many bands doing records with bigger labels, that's not bad, but i don't like when these bands change their style and attitude just to sell some more copies.

You are italian HC band. Do you believe in God and do you wear any christian cross? :-) Is it essence of the american HC to believe in God?
Each one of us got his own approach to religion and spirituality. I don't believe, 'cause I think religion was just a big business who sponsored many wars trough all these years, but there are so many people who live it like something personal and they don't do any wrong for anybody else.

And the last messages and regards to worldwide?
Thanks for this interview, we really hope we can come to Czech 'cause we never played over there. Let's keep in touch and visit our page www.myspace.com/paybackhc
Peace !