Overdose TV...which is your relation to TV? Do you like it or hate it because of commercialism and addiction ?

Of course we hate it! Well in fact we hate the people that get stupid with their fuckin‘ tv set! They are like zombies, they believe anything they hear and they want to look like every famous people they see... what a fuckin‘ lobotomy!!! We hate those stupid programs of tv unreality! We think its perversion to he kids and, in a sense, a way of authorised dictature.

Your band has 3 members...was it always 3-membered band ? Do you think that it is possible to make maximum great rough music when you are 3 ?

We were 3 at the beginning, we had a singer... but no bassist! And then I (Antonio) came into the band as a bass player. Some years after the singer left the band, so I had to take the lead vocal while playing bass as there was no one else to sing with us. With the time we decided to keep this line up, because for us the special relationship we had inside the band was more important than the show... taking a new member just to sound better would mean breaking this special ring, this special friendship, and give more importance to the appearance of the band than to the inside of it. I think that people can feel those things, the most important is to be yourself ... we feel all right like that ... and, after all, there is no need to be 12 people on stage to make punk rock!!

On your new (debut?) CD you play song about Spain (D and C). Do you like Spain and have you any closer relation ships to this land?

Yes! I come from a Spanish family. All my family live in the south of Spain and I go there whenever I can... so yes, I have a closer relationship to this land.... I like this country but not all parts of it. We have one song about Spain and it’s about the special atmosphere you can find in some parts of this country. We like the way of life there because people are always having fun and have no limits, we are a bit like them so it was nice for us to go there, and meet some good guys!

Are you interested in Spanish civil war and revolution since 1936 ?

I am interested in the history of that country, of course, but what I know more and what seems even more important in my eyes is everything which went before... the birth of the anarchist movement in Spain , and how it grew up ... how the people from the working class took power and did many actions against the state ... 36 is the beginning of the civil war, it’s just the result of those long and hard years of crisis and riots.

What interesting about France? Many people think that Paris is dirty capital with criminal and violent immigrants. Have they only prejudices or have you really some serious problems there (or in France generally) ?

Interesting in France? Not much I think .... this country is really fuckin‘ boring! I don’t think what people say about Paris it’s prejudice, I think that maybe those people came there and saw what really happens... it is not racist that being honest. Paris is really dirty, and shitty city... For the immigrants, you cannot say all foreign people have the same behaviour.. because that’s not true! But it is real that there are some people who have a very bad and a very racist attitude toward French people and show no respect to anyone... Any people who live there in a big city can tell we all had one day problems with those kind of people, the one who say the opposite is an hypocrite or someone who lives in a great and „bourgeois“ area and never goes in the street!

You were on compilation from MAC Spirit of the streets. Which band was the best on this v/a ?

Overdose TV ! ha ha ha ...no,.... I don’t really know... I think that the best are maybe Brigada Flores Magon and P38.

Have you any great friend-ship with any French band ?

Well in fact we have not known the bands we played with enough to say that... they are many bands which are friendly to us, but we can’t say it’s a great friendship. The ones who are really like our brothers is the band “Cri d’Alerte“, they’re punks from Bordeaux.. we are always having fun together, we are real friends and we share the same way of life, the same ideas... also in this town we have a closer relationship with many bands like “Los foiros“ ,“Sons de lucha“, “Mongol rodeo“, “Les apaches“... in fact Bordeaux it’s a big family of punks and skinheads and the scene is very bound.

Are you interested in history? Have you any great person (idol) from last times?

We are interested in history, of course, but we are not fanatics !! the history is the past... it is important to know what happened before we came here, what our predecessors endured before and what they fought for... all that is very important but today it’s another situation and you must live with your time... things change, and we must ace other problems. I am very fond of Spanish anarchism, like I said before, since the late 19th century with the fight of the working class for their rights and for honour, but also world wars are a period interesting in history. We have no idol... just respect for the action of some activists... but that’s all. We used to have idols when we were kids and we listened to heavy metal bands!

Your opinion on Daniel Cohn Bendit ? He was one of radical leftist student in 1968...Were these demonstrations and barricades in 68 good and useful for anything or not ?

No opinion on him... we don’t think he is a super hero... He is now at parliament... a politician still a politician!!...and we don’t like politicians...

Are you interested in Japanese bands ? Although they are often RAC I like them musically (by the way I don't understand Japan language so I don't worry about their words, haha)!

I didn’t know they were often RAC... it seem surprising that they listen to Rac music in Japan! We like some bands such as Order, Dingo, or Miburo which is a very powerful band.

Which land is the great part of world for our scene (doing gigs, making zines, bands...) ?

I don’t really know but I can tell you that it is not France!! I would say that every country has its good and bad sides... Spain for example is very god for the fanzines, there are thousand of them but few shows... in France there are many many shows and many young people who organize it but the scene is still divided and unorganized... Generally I think that countries such as Germany or also your country seems to be good places for the punk scene. I have heard a lot about Germany and it seems really the perfect place...But we have never been there so I cannot really say...

Which label from France is the best for recordings and distributions of music ?

I would say WORST! But I think it is Combat Rock for sure... it has a great distribution all over the world and works with many great labels such as knock-out, etc..

Which business has usually members of bands like yours ? And which is your job ?

Which Business? Don’t understand that question. Sorry. If you mean activities: I (Antonio) have a distribution list with records, shirts, patch, button badges... In the band Jimmy (guitarist) is most of the time unemployed... but he tries to work whenever he can; Le Briard (drums) and me are students.. don’t know for how long ...but we are as long as we can get money for going to school !!!

Girrrrls...which part of woman body are you keen on ?

Jimmy: the legs !
Birard: Her Wallet... or her fridge
J Antonio: Some women are really pretty, you can’t say there is a part of the body which is better than another...

Your the first sexual experience ??? Ha!

Jimmy: I can’t remember.... I was completely drunk
Briard: I just remember there was place enough for 2 or 3 more ones.
Antonio: I got fucked by a girl I loved! ...and just after she went with another guy!..

How do you recognize bonehead on the street ?

Their faces!

Do you think that patriotism has place in this world in the 21st century ?

Patriotism means nothing for us! Sure you can be proud of your culture and defend it, this is normal ... we shouldn‘t forget where we come from,... but are you gonna die for your country? For your flag? Who cares about you ...you will be forgotten just as all the thousand of people we lost their lives in stupid wars.. why should I care about my country, does it care about me? The only reason to fight in this world today is not for any flag or any country... but just for your friends and your family!

Could you describe your style of music? And about what are your songs ?

The music? Pure streetpunk
The lyrics? Genuine.
I could not explain what we say in every song, but there is one thing I can say: our lyrics are not clichés, we don’t sing stupid „punk“ slogans which have been said a thousand times before by many other bands, ....we just talk about ourselves and what we have inside..., how we live our lives and what we fell at any moment about one situation or a fact, we also talk about how proud we are to live that way, into punk rock, and we sing for the glory of that movement.

Any non-serious regard to our readers ?

Hey! People who went to your country told us that there are many pretty punk girls there... is that true?? Well if any of them read that, please get in touch J we would be very happy to make some friends there !! Well more seriously, we salute every punk rocker and every skinhead who will read that, and we hope that one day we could come and visit your country!....and see all those pretty girls!

Any question for me personally ??

Yes! How old are you? When did you start the zine an why? Which are your favourite bands? Which Spanish and French bands are more known in your country? I started making my skinzine in 2001 after my graduating exam on Grammary-Gym school. And why? Because there was NO skinzine which could introduce leftwing (and not only leftwing but all together against fascism) bands and strict antiracism and antifascism in Czech republic. People could not recognize boneheads and true skinheads. So in this time this subculture needed some information-list with whole pure truth! So I decided to make a zine! Many apolitical skins went to the right scene in this time and many other apolitics thought that RASH and SHARPs are only hippies with skinhead images!!! Now they know it is not true! I have made 8 numbers of my zine with pure attack against racism! And I am proud of it…although hated from many, understood by few :o) And my favourite bands? Every bands which I introduced in my zine by interviews or by reviews through their CDs, EPs etc. Sometimes I am keen on pure Oi –skinhead rock!, sometimes melodic sing-a-long streetpunk, when I am bad mood I suffer this from Hard Core or thrash metal. Ska and reggae sometimes but it's mainly good for some drunk parties. And known bands? People in our scene are not ignorant so they really know every band from every more or less known label!!! But personally I remember now (I am drunken): Overdose TV, Drei o Klok, BFM, Les Partisans, Rogue Squad, Bulldogs, P38, 8°6 Crew, Ultimo Asalto, HardXtime, Kaos Urbano, Zakkarak …and unfortunately really many fucked rightwing bands…uff!!! Spain or Catalunya: Opcio K-95, Nucleo Terco, Kortatu, Non Servium, La Flama, Ruin Bois…hmm, sorry I am not at home now and I cant watch my CDs collection…I have about 1.500 titles of streetrocks so I really cant remember everything now…

That’s all ! thank you very much for the interview... and we are really, really sorry for having been so long... we are fuckin‘ lazy... I hope you forgive us! Thanx again.

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