1. Could you please at the beginning of all introduce yourselves? If isn’t secret of course. So tell me about your age, jobs and hobbies.
K- Hello, My nickname is Kabanos, I’m bassplayer, sometimes I sing and I’m 30. After 10 years of milling, I have become sick with this and I started with the shop (Hardset shop – now I have opened the second one) and together with Rabiát records I collaborate on the streetwear sign Hardset. Hobbies- sometimes I visit body-building centre and practise Muaithay. But from time to time I organize concerts and I like drinking beers with the mates.
M- Hello, I’m Miloš, or Milošek, or Jew Priest or Priestess etc :-) I play the drums in OA (Operace Artaban) and I’m 30. Nowadays I am selling items in the second Hardset Shop and I have a small firm for the T-shirts etc.: www.revoltwear.com. Hobbies: the mostly music, practising of Thai box, football, dancing, body-building, internet, nudism and scooters-tunning. And the wild life-style too :-)
Z – Ahoi, my name’s Zmetek and I play the guitar and although the others hate this, so instead of this fact I sometimes sing. I am 19 years and I study SPSchool by the last year – I hope. Maybe my the biggest hobby is my tattoo studio Reject-tattoo, which takes me all my spare-time. But I play the cards, drink and hard enjoy the life whenever it’s possible.

2. Have you any bars or pubs where your crew is getting together? It’s not important to name these places but I would like to know if some these places really exist.

K – That’s right, we have these places. But these places are changed, ´cause sometimes we are banned from the pubs until we die :-) But we visit Rakev for a quite long time (Coffin).
M- Sometimes I visit Faval too.
Z – We shouldn’t forget TOP-bar either.

3. You’ve  got the old song „Friend“ (from your the first debut-split CD with Incident 96) on your new brand CD again and once more in English too. Is this song important for you by texts or by music personally? I guess, isn’t your the best song definitely! I like the others. So have you any personal bond for this song?

K – Yes, that’s truth. This song is the most personal for me although it isn’t the best one. This song is full of memories and nostalgia – that’s all :-)

4. And when we are in the past times, tell me, what was happened with your the first singer (his name was Miloš, if I’m right). I saw him on the Chelsea fest 1, but in Most where you played with Loikaemie, you had a new one -Srnda- who was losing the text ( it was 98-99 year, I think) :o)

K – His name was Jara alias Pig and normally he left the band (like the others). His last girlfriend (and him too) thought that the band isn’t the best solution for them. And we have to apologize the losing of the text by Srnda, ´cause it was his the second gig after 3 weeks of trying. 
M –But sometimes we meet Jara in the pubs or on the actions and Kabanos drags him his Gróngle :-) But I think we have never played in Most. The concert with Loikaemie was in Teplice in Velvet club.
K- Grongle are testicles.

5. Kabanos, how you say, everyone knows many fascist scum in sports wear and maybe every skinhead have fought with them. But on the other hand the childish „leftiests“ are growing up. Everyone means that only him is the real antifascist. Political correctness started to be full of shit…these „linksfaschisten“ sometimes aren’t friendly to skins. Could you tell me your own opinion and spread this? 

K – Fascists and „left-fascists“ are similar and almost the same. If somebody is different, he is called „nazi“ or „commie“. It is the same fucking habit like during the inquisition. Everybody is speaking about freedom but the first step is the banning of the piece of your own freedom! These childish wars mostly end very soon. But we’re still standing here.
M- I’m surprised by these „leftwing-fascists“. Because they speak only about tolerance to people, whom they have never seen before but they totally know that these people are the most oppressed and they want to secure them. But when your attitude is different (for example you think that Arabs in France aren’t so oppressed), so it’s the end of tolerance for you and you are called by sign (we know which, don’t we?) :-) But often it depends on the age and these people will know in the future that nothing is only black and white. I remember myself and my opinions when I was young. 

6. I remember 2 years ago on your guitarist Ondráš in Pardubice´s concert. He isn’t in the band now. Before him there were playing metalist guitarman Zeloš…Why do you so often change your guitarists? Are you torture them?

K – Nowadays we have the fourth singer, probably the fifth guitarist and the second drummer. It´s never-ending situation. We’ve never suspended anybody and the people who left us are still our mates. But very often was woman the main reason for leaving the band. So man, stand stronger :o) 
Z – I think that the guitarists in this band are the most tortured ones, so it’s the reason J
K- Marcel the cock is lying :-)

7. When I was talking with many left-wing skins, they agreed, that apolitics is trend! By them it’s the reason that apolitics don’t feel any fear from the left-side so they want to be without problem with nazis, who seems like strong beaters…(but they aren’t!). What could you tell us from your point of view?

K -  Shit. People who recognize us know that we always stood against scum who wanted to fight. Because of this, we are still SHARPs for nazis, although we aren’t SHARPs now. So don’t care if we still have this (little bit childish) sign „sharp“ or not. We are skinheads, not cops! And I’m already not 20. But instead of this I will always stand against every totalitarianism!
M- To be apolitic doesn’t mean for me to be apathic without my own point of view. And what hurts us or endanger us, we will always stand against this. And what about the pressure from the nazis: you can talk this from the different side too. Leftiests hate you and call you as a nazi and right-wing calls you a commie. So you have 2 enemies although you’re innocent. It’s very usual with our band, but we don’t give a fuck :-) And we never tried to be „friend“ with somebody who we don’t like!! We aren’t afraid of problems with enemies. And 1 thing yet: if you’re not blind, you will understand that so called militant left-wing would like to get the same behaviour  like nazis if they were in power! It means if you are not with them, you are enemy and if they could, they’d like to destroy you like a nazis will do when they were on the top.

8. When you have played many years ago, you played under huge flag of Trojan SHARP helmet. Personally, I must nostalgically remember because these years were very good: a few people on the concerts but the faith a friendships were the most important. Now you don’t play under this flag. Do you stand against policy so sharply that you do not accept Trojan sign?

K – I must correct you. It was only Trojan helmet, not SHARP (although in these years we really Sharps were). The new flag is still in the production so I hope we will fly this very soon!
M- Take it more easy. The old flag is somewhere hidden, honesty I don’t know where, but maybe one day we will find this and carry on showing this again :-) And of course, this era was other, but not worse or not better. It depends only on you. Nostalgia is good for the retired men :-) And these 3 things which you mentioned are still important but you have to have a good people around, not wankers! And the scene during these days were better, smaller but stronger. Only a few of non-political non-racist fiends and the rest was full of nazis. That flag was symbol of us all. Today it could mean only symbol of weaker skins-humanists :-)

9. On your new CD you have got a text against lying and slander. When I drive somewhere I can hear sentences like „Rabiats beat punx“ or „they have beaten boy with Anarchy symbol on his T-shirt“ or „Rabiats beat girls“…Is this truth? Or false?

K – Ok, but when you ask „where did you see this?“ , the answer is „I have only heard this…“. We are not saints but we are not any scum too! To beat punx? And why? I record punk CDs and I organize punk concerts where we play with Operace Artaban. It is impossible to beat all the punx there :))))
M- What could I told you ?? :-)) Lies are only lies but to be honest: I laugh this shit. But believe your eyes and don’t  believe only „words“ from the people who you almost don’t know. If somebody wants to have a enemy, he will always find him :-) Or is it really truth?? :-))  So you can choose the right way :-)

10. Adam, probably I live too far from you but 1 year ago I have got information that you aren’t with Eva anymore. So who is your girlfriend now? :o) (maybe I know).

K – Hm, the next day is always better than this :) I am already with Markéta 3 years more. You can download our photo on our websites.

11. You’re  apolitical oi! band. Do you really anything change inside this society? Is anything what does hurt you? Would you like to change this actively?

K – Many people judge apolotics like a primitivism and apathy. I think (and I know) that many people are friends together till they start speaking about politics (about things which they cant influence). I really know about things which hurt me but I don’t want to influence other people by my stupid ideas. I don’t have a band for influencing minding of the others! Let’s stand together for the things which unite us!
M- Of course, politics is around me and always was  ´cause I’m living. But I won’t hate anybody who is good man ´cause of he has different political view. Sometimes I like having argue with people about politics. You can imagine boring days if the people had the same political ideas. But now I don’t talking about blind fucking fanatics. They will be never my friends. Personally if I have a time, I’m interested in relations of society, read newspapers, watching news and speaking about policy, having argue, huff and puff :-) And definitely, I don’t like many things, I’d like to change this and this and I think I´d like to change something by my own part, but it depends on the situation. Recently I have signed petition against invite of Turkey to EU. But unfortunately I think that the chairmen will do it by their own. Maybe freedom is the most importanto for me. Nobody, no system will tell me how to live, how to looks like, what to think. But I´m afraid of the freedom because I think it slowly dies. Look at USA (in the name of war against terrorists people’s rights are shorten. And men in power like this very much.

12. Adam, does your label earn money for you ? Are you still work in the factory? How much money do you have to invest to CD before recording and editing? Have you got own studio record and where are CDs printed??

K – What’s „earning“ of money?  It depends on the band (half/half). People rather like downloading of photos, melodies and similar scrappy things to mobile phones and they don’t care about CDs…like Mr.Štrajt burning :-). Question about factory I answered upside. Money for investing are my personal thing but…if you want: it’s take me about  40 000 – 95 000,- Every band always records their album where they want to record this and after they send it me. If is it ok, we can arrange other things!

13. Probably you all are patriots and we can fell it from your songs. Is it important for you to rise up national identity in the times of decadence? And why should be Czechs proud? Have you any favourite historical era? (and would you like to return there?)

K- Of course, I’m patriot, but why should I return somewhere? Everybody talks about misery but when have they starved for the food or had a fear about life or life of  their family or relations? I’m glad to living now! 
M- So yes, I’m patriot. But I have to say: independent patriot. Just I like this land, but I don’t like this state very much. I don’t want to tell people why should they be proud, but I am the most proud (or I am keen on) the Czechs, Moravians and Silesians who stood up for the freedom and for this land. Against enemies who wanted to oppress them and take them (and us, of course) freedom! I’m living now and truly, I don’t want to return anywhere. I think that whenever in the history it wasn’t easy time. And about national identity: I think it is right to love your country, but it is wrong to hate different nations and to be jingoist.
And the words like decadence I don’t like too much. Everyone sees a decadence in the different things. Personally, I am not much conservative, I like some traditions but the society is developing and me and no other people is able to stop this. Not always are the new things the bad ones. But very often it could be truth.

14. The most popular bands for you – truly and strictly! I think immediately the music!!

K – Rabauken, Oi Melz, Perkele, Mr. Review, Madness, Bulbulators, Začiatok Konca, Stomper 98, Verlorene Jungs, Badlands etc. I won’t write everything what I have at home (about 500 CD)

Z –  Incident, Warrior Kids, Condemned 84
M- How do you want, so for example: Division 250, Skrewdriver, Banda Bassotti, K-Opcio 95, Buldok, Budoár Staré Dámy, Broadsword, Sensefield, Damned, Fortress, Mistreat, Kritická Situace, Bound for Glory, Skullhead, Ramones, Warzone, Clash, Rabauken,Velvet Underground, Mad Monster Sound, Mr. Review, Close Shave, Business and tons and tons of the other groups, I could write it you till the morning :-)

15. Does anybody from your band listen to grind core, HC, crust? The grind core is not so bad, I guess, haha. It’s a piece of aggression and mood..it’s like made for this age.

K – I listened to Grind when I was 16, HC still and crust never :-)
M- I listened to Grind like a child, the same with Crust. I fuck this now but HC (NY style, Emo or SXE) I still like. I like reading of many HC zines ´cause it is not only about music. I am different but I like many their ideas and I support this. Because it is a alternative and I like every alternative instead of stupid rostrums on Nova TV :-)
Z – HC yes.

16. Young people are very radical with quick solutions! But after you’ll know that the world is not only black and white. If I talk about nazis, what would you like to mess them, who don’t „sieg heil“ anymore and them, who just started to „hailing“ ?

K – I don’t want to be bull here so I won´t say here what is right and what’s wrong. I’m not cop and father either :)
Boys, make your best, but we (SKINS) are the best :-)
M- Everybody makes your own good-luck. Of course, when is the boy young, he finds himself. But today when you can find information everywhere (not only on TV and in newspapers),  they can find what they want to be without problems. Some messages haven´t any sense.

17. What about the movies? Tell me your opinion on: Skinhead attitude, Clockwork orange, Romper Stomper and 9/11 Fahrenheit.

K – I saw Clockwork orange and Clockwork orgy too :-) but the book is different ! Romper Stomper is great!
M- Hm, I saw very quickly Romper Stomper and Clockwork Orange but I think I’m not interested in this. I like Titanic:-)) I’d like to see  Fahrenheit 9/11. And now I’m totally mad in Football Factory- movie. It’s excellent and fully unrealized movie (but it’s good, it won’t be commercial film).
K- Titanic Boooo it’s just for women :-))))

18. I though you have more tattoos on your body. Do you want to have a places for any ultra-tattooed projects? Who tattooed your bodies? What could you tell us about your pictures?

K – I have tattoos from  Zikiho-Brno and from boys from Jablonec (Peťa and Standa - G.S. tattoo) and I’m greeting them all by this way. These pictures are as wallpaper of my life.
M- I like tattoo, I want this more and more. My pictures are any fighters, ornaments, some skinhead, Roma´s legions etc. Personally I don’t like any negative, depressive pictures, ´cause I’m not negative person and I don’t want to be negatively influenced :-) I have some relation for every my picture but maybe I won’t choose it today. I’m tattooed by  Ziky from Ritual Art in Brno and now by Zmetek in his Reject tattoo.
Z – I’ve tried something on my own, but don’t care – nothing special!

19. You’re still on the czech skinhead heaven…Your future plans like a band (and then like a persons) in the future ?

K – I am glad that I don’t feel like any star. In the future I want to fully live, not only scratch a living. And in the future we will close Milosek to the Madhouse!
M- I don’t live through any strict plans so we will see what the future will bring us. It’s crucial for me not to live boring life. When I will be a retired man I must have any memories full of fun and life with a speed. And I would not be any wanker. And I’m glad that I’m positive man and that I have a joy from small things and I don’t care any problems.

20. The high policy is a shit (how The Prowlers said) and you have to stand against from morning till the night. But every our act has relation with politics. So do you vote? Do you prefer left-wing or right side? Or is everything here so fucked up that the only chance is Fussball, Ficken, Spass und Skins?! It could be interesting question , hehe.

K – Yes, once I voted. And I will go again when we will feel that so called communists and the similar insect could win. I will drive on holiday in the time of voting this year.
M- How I said before, I´m interested in policy and maybe I will vote. But I don’t know which party should I vote. I don’t like them (less or more). Personally I have some attitudes from the left, some from the right side. I have my own ideas and I don’t care about if is it left-wing idea or right-wing point of view.
Z – I could not vote last voting so  I will go this year. But I can’t rather tell you which party I will vote.

21. If I want to have got a Records firm and make a brilliant  CD´s as Rabiat Records, have I to be a millionaire? Haha. It’s difficult to make these things, isn’t it? I can’t imagine this, could you tell me more about this? 

K – First step: you must put apart, then pick all money and lets go. Or you have to have got a rich father, but I don’t know this personally :o) But you should love music and do it with love.

22. Do you know famous quote of Neruda „Whatever I was, I was glad to be“?  Can you tell me piece of past of every person in your band? It´s not because of monitoring, but I´m interested how the revivals of Brno´s Oi! spent their youngness!

K – I’ve played in bands Los Sommros, No Passaran. Operace Artaban.
Los Sommros-I was 14 and full of ideals :) Animal right etc. Instead of this people from this band told me that I’m apolitical. I didn’t write any lyrics.
Then I established (mainly against fascism) playing band No Passaran. In this band I’ve been writing lyrics and music and some of them we play with Operace too (Přítel (Friend), Jednota (Unity), Boj o život (Fight for life).
Then I’ve had a pause for a year and some told me „base the band again“. And before I thought I won’t play anymore and OA has been here for 10 years.
M- So when I was child I was listening metal and then Orlík, Tři Sestry and mostly all bands on the compilation Punk n Oi!, which was the first LP surveying this style of music. Then I was in age when I believed in goodness of people and I was full of ideas and I was interested in anarchy and similar things. And then the skinheads come (from time to time with added policy) :-) Just developing of the person and I think that everybody has to be developed and that developing is with you whole life. I can’t judge anybody because of past. It’s important if that man wasn’t any wanker and scum.

23. Politics, how we recognized, really separates the people. It’s mainly weapon in the hands of stupids and intolerants! We have known each other for 4 years without problems and any negative emotions. Do you think that it isn’t really impossible friendship between redskin and traditionalist one how many people like to say this? I think it´s a question of intelligence. Someone has to have always an enemy. Your opinion?

K – Hm, I´ve known this for many years :-) I can talk with everybody without problem but I don’t like when somebody propagandizes his (sometimes fickle stupid) idea. I think that many people around me changed thanks to my attitude.

24. For example: when Rozpor see bonehead in the audience, they don’t play the concert. It´s their choice. Your opinion on this? Is this the right way how to cancel visiting of nazis on our gigs?

K – It’s the private thing of everyone. Someone needs an enemy :) It’s clear when somebody makes a riot on the concert or challenges, he must be kicked away!
M- The rest sentence is just fully bad ?? So the nazi will come on the concert and the band won’t play ´cause of him? Just you’re laughing, aren’t you?:-) This situation has many solutions but it hasn’t no sense to make a  concessions on your own concerts. But it’s sad when for example on 1 fest couldn’t play  Section 5 ´cause of Mensi from Angelic Upstarts. Because this old lunatic didn’t want to play with them. It’s pity to impose somebody your attitude.

25. Ok, you’re apolitics but you didn’t want to play under the flag of Cable Street Beat – Strictly antifascist. But for me the T-shirts of your „fans“ like  Punks not red or Midgaard Soner aren’t apolitical! But just like a motives which nazis wear. Your opinion?

K – Áááá´:) I remember. We ripped down this motto from the stage where we should play.
„Punks not red“ is for me truly motto just like a  „punks not hippie“ for example :-) The band Midgaard Soner has her own history (this past is out now) and people should see on her nowadays music and acts.
M- Why should we play under the flag of any CSB organization? No one from band is member of this and generally we’re not interested in this thing. In Italy we ripped the old Russian flags and this nobody has done before:-) Believe me, that if the any flag was upper us (for example White Power) so we won’t play under this. It’s normal for us. And about T-shirt MS. My friend wore this but some 5 boys on Antisociety fest have beaten him and destroyed his T-shirt. But he wasn’t any nazi and he won’t any bonehead!! Which sin has he made? That he had a T-shirt of the band which music he likes. T-shirt never hurt anybody, so where is the so called tolerance?? Who can say what to wear? This is the face of fascism too!! Not any T-shirt. If you have on the T-shirt „I´m nazi, I will kill you all“, so ok, you can wait everything bad but M.S.?? People who have beaten my friend shouldn’t talk about respect and tolerance. Strictly fundamentalist and ultra-sexist Arab is a poor man, but the man in the t-shirt of M.S. is the biggest enemy…Pity!
Z – I’ve got a T-shirt  Punx not Red too and I don’t think it’s a propaganda of a nazis.

26. When I listened the first time your song „Zatracený“ and I thought you want to revenge death of your brother. I think that there are many innocent victims (not only skinheads) and fucking murderers here. Would you like to take a law to your own hands?

K – Definitely, not only once. I was judged one time for the thing with this I really didn’t anything to do! Secrets with ACAB (after 1 year from cross examination) drove for me to the job and I was nearly from arresting. Lawyer took 60.000 (we all selected this) but I was at the end guilty. Therefore, this text is about us. About condemned without any court. And the laws take to the hand everybody who (for example) smash face of somebody for lying or something similar.
M- It depends on the time and on the politics. My own experiences with courts say to me that I can’t believe in this anymore. There are many murderers outside just like many innocent people in the jail. It makes me angry but I don’t know how to change it and I think it won’t be better. It could be worse, just look at the history. 

27. Who is the biggest enemy? Nazi in a sports clothing or bonehead in bomber? On your CD Páni kluci you sing „when nazi will cross our way, we will fight“. But from these time you are not against them in your songs. Is there any reason? Is really antifascism for you just like a dangerous policy???

K – Just I’m not so childish and anybody’s opinion is not reason for me to fight him. If anybody is against something, he can’t fight people who aren’t against this, ok? I will always stand against every totality!
M- Antifascism clearly isn´t any policy. It’s just a securing of the freedom. Of everybody’s freedom who don’t want to have this dictatorship here. But many organizations have a full mouth of antifascism too and these organizations are very politically dangerous and if they will got a power more dangerous either.

28. How often do you listen your CDs at home, haha?

K- I listened to our music always whole 1 month after recordings and then I don’t want to listen it for a long time.
M- Sometimes I hear this, the more the newest CD. 

29. Tell me about beginning of Operace Artaban? Trying buildings, instruments…Did anybody play in the other bands??

K – Just we will repeat :) Los Sommros, No pasaran. Still the bassquitar. A lot of rehearsals…
M- I was playing in some mad (maybe punk bands) and then in more famous HC/Black/Doom band called Tisíc Let Od Ráje (1000 years from paradise). By the way, their guitarist Honza practise us in Thai Box these days.
Z – From my 12 year old I have been playing in  punkrock band kapele Soudruzi (Comrades), which was split up in 2002.

30. No football song like a „Zbrojovka do toho“ on your CDs anymore. Aren’t you now interested in football matches?

K – Many people are betrayed because of corruption in our league. Now we work on new hymn for Kometa (hockey Brno) but I don’t think that everything is good there...
M- I’m still interested in football but unfortunately our team Zbrojovka is without stadium, without good players, without fans and good leading management. But it’s still my favourite club and will be till the end of my life... I can’t forget on the matches with 50000 people (in the second league too) and I remember this atmosphere full of emotions and I hope that I will through something similar.

31. To be honest, I waited real ballads from Milosek´s solo project Svornost, but this is the border of melodic rock. And about lyrics, I think Milos was changed from the last time (interview in Bulldog etc), wasn’t he? Those days he wrote to left-wing Riot News and listened to bands like Banda Bassotti, Erode etc! What about this change to right wing and patriotism? :o)

M- How I wrote you before. I still listened to bands which you wrote here. And very glad to, ´cause personally I am keen on politic bands from left or right side:-) But I can’tsay that I’m right-wing man. But I lost illusions. Before I believed in people, in the society which could work in the better world with better ideas. But when I look around, I think that society works very well instead of many scums inside. But it could be worse..But I know that separating people cause of classes is stupidity. Everywhere are good and bad people. And these bands play and sing about something  which is not possible with people who live now and here. And personally I can’t agree with their attitudes. But I understand that their attitudes are clear ideas for them and they are idealistic and that’s what I like too much. I have still ideas and I’m positive man and I’ll always support autonomic cultures. So I will always support this scene and people around me ´cause I love every culture which stand against consume shit on TV. But generally, I don’t believe in society where everybody lives without any differences. It’s utopia and stupidity. And then I miss real patriotism. To be patriot and love my own land is very good I guess. And we are not allowed to let nazis misuse these symbols and patriotism. That´s reason for my own band Svornost.

32. Would you like to vote for the punishment of death? For example sometimes HC scene is full of humanism and is against these punishments….

K – It´s difference between stupid humanism and man condemned by „fair law court“. Personally I was judged and condemned for act which I only saw (I wasn´ t interested in!). If I was 100 % sure, I´d be for this punishment. But to be sure! Very strange sentence is „when the court law decided, so it must be truth“
M- How Kabanos said. I´ve no problem when some paedophile murder scum will get this punishment. I want to see him dead. But in other way I don’t believe in justice.

33. What about problems with Muslims teenage gangs in France? It was spread to Sydney I think …

K – The reason of these problems is definitely our society. We’ve to be more and more tolerant. Instead of they aren’t tolerant anymore :))))
M- That’s problem. Big problem. And if we will still hide, that will be worse. Many ultra-humanist people fight for the rights of people who support anti-human society which is the opposite side of women rights, human rights etc...I’m angry with fact that Europe doesn’t stand too much for her rights, freedom and values which were built. For example cause with caricatures. Europe didn’t stand for her own state but imposed upon people who burned her embassies. I think, that this problem should be solved by every parliament party (maybe just left-wing parties too) and not only let this problem to nazis who get power and profit from this (and the end would be very dramatic). And everybody must understand these people who give their voting voice to nazis. Because normal parties aren’t interested in problems of normal people with Moslems for example.
Z – I hope that people will rise before this problem will grow up.

34. And what about Rabiat gang? What was, what is now? Pat told me that many people left this crew…if is this truth, why was it??

K – „One man shouted, then he lost faith, but we are still here!“
M- It depends on the age too, but I think that the strong core is still here.

35. And the drugs? Marrijuana etc? From my point of view it’s muck and it makes stupids from the people. Or?

K – That’s truth. But it’s personal thing. 
M- So, it depends how often do you smoke and so on. Everything (when it’s a lot of) makes stupid from you (include alcohol). But I don’t condemn people if the aren’t stupids from this.
Z – I think I’m happy with alcohol like with „drug“. And I’m not interested in other experiments.

36. Are you ashamed for any your act and would you like to take it back???

K – Yes, I can find something. But it isn’t associated with this scene. If I’m ashamed so I know that I won’t do it anymore!
M- Surely, I made some craps, I ´m ashamed with something and I’ve bad feelings but I don’t want to describe this here, sorry.
Z – It’s impossible to it back so why should we remember this?

37. You play some cover from Orlík too. What about band called Orlík revival? Would you be interested?? Do you know band Revolta, which is called just Orlík revival?

K – I’ve quite close relation ship to Orlík. I listened this when I was child and my own cousin played there before Landa came to this band. But he had some argue about something with Landa and he couldn’t cooperate with him and want to Kritická Situace. I don’t know band which you mentioned. We play cover from Orlík and after this song which we play is on LP „we don’t want to have fascists here“ :)
M- I was growing on Orlík, it’s just classic. I understand that for somebody can memory on Orlík have puckery taste, but for me it’s full of great memories when we listened this on the housing estates, on school trips and we were so strong and rebels. But it was just a joke :-)
Z – I heard something about band Revolta, but it’s not possible to go among the audience of this band. Personally I tried to establish Orlík revival a years ago but this dream was cancelled. I was growing on Orlík.

38. Clearly by musical side: RAC is interesting for people ´cause of strong music and stupid easy solutions. Do you listen any RAC? Or should they been attacked and ignored ?

K – It depends on the bands.
M- It’s private thing of everybody what to listen. Some RAC I listen and something from this is musically really good. But of course I have my own opinion on their lyrics.
And the same is truth for the left-wing bands. Everybody can listen what he wants but use your own brain.
Z – If we talk about music so Skullhead or Lions Pride are excellent bands.

39. Kabanos, recently you wrote me that you have fought with boneheads and that you have a hand like bulla. Is this often :o)) 

K – No, I’m 30 and I’m not cabbage :) I fight only when I have to stand for my rights! 

40. Hardset – tell me something about this wear? Do you support hockey? Is Hardset Czech and quality wear?? You were used to have a sign Rascal, but it was misused by neonazis…wasn’t it?

K – It’s new Czech street-wear sign and added things.
- we don’t want to support rubbish so we save small hockey-ball club under our sign.
- Hardset means the most quality wears! :)
- Somebody had registered R before we have done it. I don’t know more things. Now I’m  just glad from this fact. Hardset sounds better and more originally :)