1st of all. Sucker, tell us please more about yourselves, age, job, hobbies. Describe us baldheads or mohawks from your band :-)

Well, I’m 36 and live in Berlin for 10 years now. I really don’t know how to describe myself, but I try to make a living off artwork stuff in the meantime, doing designs for bands’ albums etc. and also some comic style graphics – you can have a look at my homepage (www.ss-graphics.de). Apart from that I’m still the same punkrocker kind of guy that never wants to grow up, and I’ve got a new band going now for about 2 years:
BAD CO. Project.
We’re a gang of five that really fit together perfectly and it’s a lot of fun with the other guys – Billy (spiky hair, 43, guitar and bad scottish manners – he used to play for the TROOPERS), Stephan (the cute, 29, bass and groopie missionary – from TOWER BLOCKS), Marti Neurotic (77-style, 30, guitar and booze – from FRONTKICK) and Andy, with whom I recorded the “Sucker Stories” album (punkabilly, 38, drums and “hack” – from MAD SIN). When we’re on the road together it’s like a motor you cannot switch off…

When did you decide to join the underground and start to singing? Was there strong scene with many bands around you when you were a child? Just, where do you live?

Haha…no, not at all. I was born in the area around Erlangen/Nürnberg in the south of Germany, and when I was a kid there wasn’t really much going on there… maybe in Berlin, where I live now. But it was also the late 80’s or early 90’s and punk wasn’t that big in these days, it had been substituted by crossover and hardcore and you really had to look for a good punk band… So me and my cousin just started one ourselves. We called it OXYMORON.

Probably, you answered this Question many times ago, but I have to ask you..why has Oxymoron split up?

Well, I guess just too many problems added together at last so we had to decide that the band was to be put on ice - our terms for saying we split up for a while at least…. we didn´t have the right line-up in the end and were fed up replacing members all the time. There´s also been arguments and different views between me and our drummer Bjoern who always were the backbone of the band, so it seemed to be the only choice. Maybe we get Oxys back together some day though, but it doesn’t look like at the moment or it let’s say “it wouldn’t feel right”...

Do members of Oxymoron continue in any other bands? In Bad Company or in Towerblocks too?

No, apart from me there’s no one of the other guys playing in a band at the moment as far as I know.

My opinion is that Oxymoron was (is) the best streetpunk band in Germany!!! Do you agree? Or which band is similar or better than yours?

Well, I guess there hasn’t been a band like Oxymoron in Germany with that specific kind of sound for a long time at all – at least not when we were around… Nowadays there is a lot of good new bands, and more of them play the kind of music we preferred. Towerblocks name us as their main influence and I would say if there is a band today that sounds pretty much like Oxys it would be them!

Your english is excellent. Did you learn it alone or did you stay abroad for some times?

I actually learned it at school in the first place, then I read books in English and listened mainly to UK bands, trying to understand the lyrics and so on… When we were touring with the band we were in England and the States many times and for weeks – that helped a lot, too…

Sorry for this, but I think that CD Feed the Breed is not so powerful like CDs before. Do you feel the same difference? Or is it just my feelings?

I wouldn’t say it’s less catchy or powerful - maybe it’s not as straight-forward but the song writing is much better in my opinion… I didn’t want the 4th album sound like the first or second one, and everybody improves over the years. Today for example I like to sing and play the songs from the “Feed the Breed” rather than those from the “Fuck…”
album, and the new ones are always more attractive than the old ones…

Commercial punx are everywhere today. So if you need work, many bosses are not shocked because of your hair or tattooed arms here. Is it the same in your land? Or is it diffucult for punx to get a job?

It’s not as hard as ten or twenty years ago I think, but still many people don’t want to employ you if you look like that. It depends on where you work and what your job is – a lot of older punks have their own companies now like a record labels, booking agencies, printing plants etc. because they started it on their own. If you have the chance to work there it’s cool and you’re not part of the bullshit business system… 

How the punk rock should be? Some tell about social revolution, the others about beer and twats. There are White power punx here too. So what about the politics inside the scene? Is it mistake?

I wouldn’t say it’s a mistake to think about what you’re doing - it’s necessary!
So everyone needs to think if something is wrong or right and not just sit there and don’t care about anything… that’s not political in my opinion but a part of what punk is about: to think individually and query the world around you, not to swallow everything you’re fed with… I want to live my life free and without anybody telling me what I have to do or believe in, enjoying my time and getting drunk when I want, but I also feel I want to achieve something with my very existence - not a social revolution but at least something that keeps the stone rolling… like with the songs that inspire other people to do something themselves… And White Power has got nothing to do with the punk rock scene at all, so get rid of these fuckers!

I am not sure if you have ever played in Czech republic. Would you like to do it? How much money should we prepare for you? :-)

Yes, with OXYs we played a couple of times in the Czech republic - Prague was a great show! We’d like to come over with BAD CO. someday soon, too. Maybe somebody can arrange a show there…???

Tell me about your musical influence…do you listen to your own CDs often? Tell me more about your new CD which should be prepared soon…

Well, I don’t really listen that often to my own CDs as soon as they’re finished and released… My major musical influences were early 80’s punk bands from the UK like Blitz, Exploited, Test Tube Babies, One Way System… and Cobra from Japan. In the past decade it’s also been other stuff like Joan Jett, Billy Idol, Extrabreit, Motörhead… but no techno or hip hop crap.
Some of my faves at the moment are Segismundo Toxicomano, Far from Finished, Stage Bottles, Pistol Grip...
The new album is completely written already, we’re just about playing it in the practise room to prepare for the studio. It’s gonna be more straight than the first one I would say but basically it’s the next chapter, so the style will be similar. It’s gonna be called “Mission Mohawk”…

And what about any delicious incredible life experience or situation? :-)

Phew… there’s been so many strange things I’ve experienced in my life, especially while on the road with the band… I could write a book about it! I can recall getting hunted by the San Fransisco cops for over a thousand miles because we were accused of beating up and robbing some black guys… or getting chased by some black gang in a ghetto in Atlanta… or maybe waking up the next morning after a excessive night you thought you cannot survive…

What do you wish to yourself and to other people for this year 2010 ?

Health, fun and a lot of rock’n’roll…!!!
The most important thing is to enjoy the life you lead, so make sure you do!
Cheers and all the best,