Tell me something about the members of your band? Age, hobbies, family status (married or single), business…We dont know anything about YOU, comrades.
TXAMPI- The members of Nucleo Terco are six workers from different sectors. Some couples have and others do not, some coaches and others not, some are political activist and others not. We are totally different six people with a common project, as workers spread our consciousness through music. 

How could you describe your band? Is it pure (red)skinhead or punk or herbert band?
TXAMPI- Undoubtedly, Rock Proletario. Nucleo Terco is not a skinhead band or punk or herbert, or Oi!. The members of Nucleo Terco are not even professional musicians and that is why we are not in any style box defined. For us to disseminate the message is important in our subjects. We do not want to fall into topics such as parties, drunkenness or fights live the political and social reality that surrounds us, we prefer to speak precisely all that, attacking the root of the problem and not evade it.

I like your hard music with influence of Hard-Core. Why did  you decide to play this style of music? I know that bois from Opcio K-95 decided not to be Oi! band anymore because of a lot of drugs inside this scene. Which is your attitude to drugs?
TXAMPI-  We understand that music that most closely fits the message conveyed is that the music quickly, our letters do not fit into topics with ska or reggae rhythms. Obviously we are not in favour of wasteful consumption of drugs, whether legal or not. Nor are we nobody to tell people what to do with his health and his body. The discipline begins at home.

Do you support any communist party? Are you in contact with any anarchist movement or are you strictly communist at this way ?
TXAMPI- Unfortunately, there is no communist party that represents the interests of the working class today; support and work with parties close to our ideology, Marxism-Leninism. Often working with fellow anarchists through the anti-fascist movement or RASH.

I saw inside your booklet and on your web the pictures of Stalin. Whats your opinion on this man? Many people as me hate him (Lenin did not like him too :-) etc.
TXAMPI- We do not intend to raise controversy, however, we have a very definite ideology, we recognize all the figures of Marxism-Leninism through history, all are open to criticism, but all are essential. There are many distorted historical facts, distorted, removed, but recognizing from an objective point of view the role of Stalin at the helm of the Soviet Union in the period before and after the Second World War, we draw a positive evaluation, we recognize his work although not many more than others preceding him as Lenin, Marx and Engels. Similarly, we could talk about Simón Bolívar, Rosa Luxemburg, Enver Hoxa or Ludo Martens, with all find similarities, and we all have many differences, but denied its role in history, we believe, in any way, hypocritical.

Your fans (and a few members of Nucleo too) were really strong bois. Are you interested in any fighting sports or bodybuilding?
TXAMPI – Yes, some members of Nucleo Terco play sports as boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing…

Do you like Union Jack and Spanish flag? What do you think about when you see these flags flying?
TXAMPI- There are two flags that we do not represent us. We believe that over any national sentiment, is the sense of social class. The Union Jack flag is an imperialistic, we are very critical of skinheads who exhibit the flag as if it were theirs.

Spain, Madrid…Could you please describe street-skinhead scene in your region, state? Are there a lot of nazis? Is the scene in your region 100% united?
TXAMPI – I do not live in Madrid but in the Basque Country. I have lived 25 years in Madrid, and I saw everything. Most of the skinhead scene is antifascist, but there is always some discussion between anarchists and communists. Anyway, we all have clear who is the common enemy. There are many Nazi organizations and their members are policemen, soldiers or children of judges of the state, so have the legal support of the state. This does not prevent them to cope in all districts. After the assassination in November 2007 by Carlos Javier Palomino, 16 years old, the antifascist movement in Madrid, has caught more strength and the various anti-fascist organizations have joined forces to fight the Nazis in the streets.
Here in the Basque Country, there are few neo-Nazis, all police or military as well. But here the fight is not against them, why not look left. The struggle is for independence and construction of the Basque Socialist State.

Do you have any problems because of your bolsheviks faith? Because of you are communists? Here, there are a lot of problems with anarchists, who are always against redskins etc.
TXAMPI- Generally not, quite the contrary, we have known many comrades in many places since he started playing with it today, yet we work and collaborate, even after the emergence of third core, many bands have adopted gender Rock Proletario music, creating an international musical and political front., we received criticisms that have fallen under its own weight. We have been accused of authoritarian, we have been compared to Nazis and has not been able to argue or can be done, of course. We do not want to pay attention to this type of insults, we have very assumption which is not our role and we are going to entertain in false accusations.

Your future plans (I don´t think many concerts and these :-)) Would you like to record any song in english?
TXAMPI- As mentioned before, we are not musicians, nor what we are going to be, so we will have to adapt the way of the Nucleo Terco time available. We have published a new record just one month and soon started presenting live, who knows if we will by the Czech Republic…

Are you interested in football? Which club do you prefer?
TXAMPI- No, some of us yes we are followers of football teams but none of us is neither hooligan supporter. Some of us are encouraged to Rayo Vallecano, I at Celta de Vigo … but we do not remove sleep by football.

Where would you like to drive on holiday?

TXAMPI- We would like to know whether we will have more vacations!
Your opinion on A) prostitution and B) violence on women? C) vikingrock
TXAMPI - A)                          We oppose the trade in women, children, men and girls as objects of pleasure in exchange for money. We believe that any human being deserves more than a cold encounter to account clock. Prostitution and anything that promotes it stinks.
B)                          Condemnable and unjustifiable, as well as child prostitution, abuse animals. Channel your frustration based blows against your loved ones is an attitude insane, condemnable and punishable (and I'm not talking about financial penalties).
C)                          It's a musical style as other types of metal. I do not hear, I prefer the Hardcore…

Who is the enemy No.1 for us, for everybody?
TXAMPI- Any worker without class consciousness.

Have you any idols (great persons from history)?
TXAMPI- Lots, we do not want to go into scrambled letters.

With which bands would you like to play? And where?
TXAMPI- We will always be proud to play with any band close to our political ideology and our principles, anywhere

            Are you patriots?
TXAMPI  - Once again I stress that it is my personal opinion and not the rest of the group.
The history of the Spanish State is a history stained with blood, since Spain was an empire, which exterminated and plundered its colonies, which did not build a culture or a sense of unity, if not quite the contrary, it destroyed in its wake languages, cultures and people. I do not feel Spanish.
Here in the Basque country, political parties are outlawed, it imprisons people, is called the communist terrorists, the police mercilessly strikes men, women and children with impunity. The torture in the Basque Country, has been denounced over and over again before bodies such as Amnesty International, who prefer to look the other way. The outlawing of leftist political parties has been denounced in court in Strasbourg, without there having been no response. It is a state of emergency. All this happens on behalf of the unity of Spain, a country that does not belong to nor want to belong.
But, above all national sentiment, Nucleo Terco is a sense of social class, we believe that we must fight for our social class, not by our country. I find it very difficult to explain this situation in a language that is not mine, but I hope I've understood.

Yor message to all skinheads and to the readers of S-R?
TXAMPI-  We take to send a greeting to all your fanzine readers and we invite you to learn more about Nucleus third in
It has been a pleasure.
Long live the workers' struggle!