˝Motorno ulje˝ interview

1. Please, introduce yourself /age, how many members in band…/
Motorno ulje is Croatian oi/punk band, which was formed in summer 1997.
The members are: Digić (25) - guitar
Taradi (23) - bass guitar
Strija (22) - drums
Lazar (23) - singer
We have published one split demo recorded 1998 in garage with band Corewar, and demo ˝Zadnja litra˝ (˝last gallon˝) recorded 1999 in studio.

2.Are you working or studying?
Digić is veterinarian, but he momentary works as collaborator for local sport newspaper. Taradi is unemployed driver, Strija works in computer company, I'm working in a printing-house and studying too.

3.Whats about street scene in Croatia /is strong scene there?/

Croatia has got a lots of very good punk bands, but not so much oi/punk style. Bands are usually playing punk-rock, HC punk, old school HC, anarcho punk… Lots of punk bands from this area have a specific sound - we call it ˝Balcan Punk˝.

4.Can you subscribe us any Croatia bands , crews, groups ?

The oldest and the best croatian punk band are ˝KUD Idijoti˝. They're playing simple punk-rock more than 20 years. Except them my favourite Croatian punk bands momentary are Fakofbolan, Frontalni udar, Anti-Todor, Antifrik, Đubrivo… In '90-es here was a few very good oi/punk bands like Alergija, Oi!Stompers, Trn u oku… but today they're a part of history. The biggest punk concert in Croatia is ˝MONTE PARADISO˝ in Pula. Every year on first weekend in August there are playing bands from whole Europe. It's traditionally gathering of a few thousands punks and skins from this part of Europe. Great atmosphere. Visit: http://www.monte-paradiso.8m.com/

5.Why did you decide to play punk-rock?

We like that lifestyle and music. Digić And Taradi are playing punk because they wanna be very popular and catch the chicks! (hehe)

6.You hate fascism…me too - have you any serious problem with them?

Not so much. A few little fights and verbal quarrels with local ˝nazi˝ wankers. On our first demo we have a song against that rednecks.

7.Do you listen any foreigner bands?

Of course I do. I like hundreds of bands from all over the world. Some of bands from not so much known countries are very interesting to me. 

8.Which styles of music do you listen?

Oi!/punk/ska/HC and some of bands in other music styles (metal, pure rock, YU-rock, reggae…etc)

9.What do you know about Czech republic and our scene?

In lots of zines I have read Czech and Slovak scene-reports, and I have read a few issues of Bulldog zine. I know that you have very good scene and you can be proud, and also you have cheap beer! We are very jealous of you! J

10.Do you read any foreigner magazines/zines?

Of course I do. I order music magazines and fazines from all over the world.

11.Your opinion on hooligans and football violence?

If they want fight for some football club so let them fight, I don't care because I don't go on football matches. In Croatia many football matches were (and will be) ended because of football violence.

12.What could you tell us about war in Yugolavia?
Hmm…this is very fucked up question and it's hard to say something about it in a just a few sentences. Yugoslavia didn't have luck and split up in peace like Czechoslovakia. Politicians have fucked up the thing.

13.Would you like to visit my small town inside wood? /hehe/ We have more than 13 pubs in this small town…

For me is enough 1 pub and your wallet! J

14.Band Heros & Zeros live in Nederland but their singer Marko and other members have lived in Serbia. It is my favourite band now, do you know them?

As I know only singer and guitar player of ˝Heros & Zeros˝ are from Serbia. Singer Marko is also singing in Dutch HC band ˝Vitamin X˝. In Serbia in 1992.-93. he had a short-lived bend Spiteful. In Serbian and Croatian fanzines I have read some of his columns, but I don't know a lots about him and other boys from ˝Heros & Zeros˝.

15.Is it easy to live in Croatia?

Last few years unemployment is a big problem. But if you find a job living here is very cool!
You can come to summer holidays in Croatia and you'll see that we are very impolite people (hehe).

16.Can you say anything to readers of Skin-Read?

I would like to tell you address of our internet site but at this moment, we don't have it because some stinky blockhead had fucked up the link.
Thanx for interview, Slut, and cheers to all SHARP skins and punks in Czech Republic!
NEVER SURRENDER!                                                                                                          
Lazar and ˝Motorno ulje˝

Ranko Obadić-Lazar
Ivanovec h.velikana 1
40000 Čakovec
e-mail: lazo@hi.hinet.hr