1) Introduce please your person. Many people think that Mad Mike is  the rich man because he sells a lot of commercial left-wing Cds (haha, joke!).  That you live in big house with luxury long car. If you could be true,  so tell me your age, your family status (how many children etc).
Well Jackie,I am sitting here over my laptop inside my new mercedes benz and writting you the answers.I am on the way to a business meeting and I haven´t got much time. As you maybe know the first million is always the difficult one. My girlfriend and my daughter are at home and I am thinking about to stop for some prostitution and cocaine on the way.Your country is very know over here for that.It is a plessure for me to talk to you and the other people in your third world country.

 2) Have you got any other business beside making fuckin beautiful CDs  and streetwear Nazihunter ?
Well, it is strange that no one ever thought about the label name, I was a  butcher before and as I decided to stop this stupid business I was  searching for a job I like, so I decided to set up a record label. To be  honest, fighting nazis is sometimes no so far away from doing a  butchers job.

 3) Do you cooperate only with KOB or with the other record company  (for example Fire and Flames?)  ?
KOB is our partnerlabel,we also work with several others.Fire & Flames is here in town and so we often put our heads together and think about  our futureactivities. It is important to collaborate with others,only together we´re strong  and powerfull.

4) I think that the stations of the Mad Butcher record were in Berlin, in Monchengladbach and today it is in Goettingen. Why did you decide to move there? Is Goettingen really the city of antifascism and left-wing powers?
Well,in Mönchengladbach the scene totally fucked up,we had a really strong crowd of leftwing skinheads in the past,but people left town others got drug addicted.The police closed our antifascist center and so I decided to watch out for a new place to stay.Göttingen is a wonderfull town with a straight antifascist scene and I had many friends there before I decided to live there.

5) Is it hard to find any good band today? I think that bands usualy send you their promos. Is it truth?
Hmm,there are many bands I like today and I would like to do much more releases,but there is this fuckin´capitalist system that says that you need money to do.You can be happy that you live in the east of europe where good old mother russia is protecting you and money is just a word.

6) What do you want to change in nowadays skinhead Oi! scene? I think that there are a lot of prejudices inside this movement! I hate "fights" among Redskins and Anarchists etc. There is no unity from my point of view....
You are asking me to write a book? There are tons of things that are pain in my arse.It would take ages just to name a pat of them,but what I hate the most are these stupid fencewalkers,I mean people that call them self apoltical,you find them at or shows and you see them a day after drinking with the nazis in a bar.I have never said that it needs to be a leftwing to be antifascist,antifascism is no political mind,just a human way of thinking.These people are even more worse than fascists,they even haven´t a wrong mind.

7) I think that you travel a lot. Where would you like to travel in the future and why?
 I am watching football a lot,I am what people call a groundhopper.My next target is island.I think the nature there will be beautiful.

8) I know a few bands who worship Stalin. What is your opinion on this...man ?
 Stalin kicked out the nazis out of europe,maybe he was a little bit strange by the way he act with people and there are many things he did I do not like.Finally this times where different from today and the view from today is different from the view of the past.One thing is sure,without Stalin I would sit here in a uniform typing this email or I would be arrested somewhere in a camp for being what I am.I would also write this now in german to you,because we would talk to each other in the same language.

9) You have recorded and edited a lot of INTERESTING CDs! But which one is your the biggest jewell, the biggest pride????? And why?
 Hmm,that´s a difficult question,most of the bands are like bitches,the label that pays the most is the label that is releasing their stuff.There are only a few other examples,my biggest pleassure is still Los Fastidios,the band was never into money and I had the chance to build them up from the beginning.They never changed to a major and we are still friend.Everything we do we do together.That makes me pride.

10) When you should be alone on some island, what would you take and have got there??
 A huge porncollection and a container of handkerchiefs