Kev, you are interested in tattoos. Do you have your own tattoo saloon? Is this your main job? Did you let any of yours tattoo (political for example) remake ? Or do you own still the same pictures written in your body since you was member of White Power Movement ?
First of all, yes I am a tattoo artist and I have been for 33 years. I have my own studio. The only tattoo I have had removed is the boot tattoo from my face, it was getting me into too much trouble.

You were one of the most important and famous man of british WP scene. Why did you decide to let it be ? Were there any bad influences inside ? For example stupidity of any members or blind violence etc. ?
There was a lot of back stabbing and nastyness that went with the WP scene, so called comrades turned out to be low life idiots....
I think the main reason I left was because I came to the realisation that we will never change anything untill we change ourselves.

You wear Thor´s hammer. And you tell that you are interested in buddhism. Do you worship your ancestors? Or do you like Asatru and Vikings like people associated with the pure nature?
I still wear my thors hammer as I hold the lessons of the past very dear. I am interested in buddhist philosophy, as I am intersted in a lot of philosophy. I dont worship anything as such, I do identify with the positive energys that exist within the universe.

You wanted change society and state through your rock music. Do you have still the same world view? Or do you have other ideology in your brain now?
What would you like to message to any other „skinheads“ around the world?
We never tried to change the world, we did try to make people aware of the truth through our music.
Today I prefer people to make up there own minds.
My message to all is be true to yourself. The journey starts within. Your mentality reflects your reality ............

I listened to Return to Thunder CD and it sounds very well. Do you still listen to rock music or are you just in techno sound only? I know about your Techno-T project.
The Return to Thunder album was my farewell to rock music. I prefer eletronic sounds as the creative possibilities are endless. The Techno-t thing is over mate, It was good at the time but now I have moved on again. I prefer to D.J. and express myself through music and my tattoo art.

Do you know Novacosm project of George Burdi (ex-Rahowa)? I think it is very interesting music full of energy and hinduist teologhy.
I dont know of the George Burdi project.

I hope these Qs are not so „stupid“ ;-) If yes, so sorry...But I want to just ask you...
Your questions are not stupid my friend.. you take care of yourself and your family. I wish you all the best in life.