It is my honour to introduce your strictly pure SHARP band HARDxTIMES inside of my skinhead zine! Many years ago you recorded your mini-CD but after this people from BDS told me that your band has split up. Was this truth? And why?
Band split up after a chaotic but great U.S tour; bass player left the band in the middle of the tour and a great a friend of us, mickael from philly, learn songs shows after shows and we finally end up the tour.
Coming back to France, we find a new bass player pretty easily.
We basicaly split up because member’s motivation were not there anymore.
Band been created with some people and sometimes it’s never easy to change original members and keep original motivations.
So due to internal difference of view, we just split up.

Tell me something interesting about the members of HxT. Your jobs, hobbies. I think that some member of your band was member of the army, am I right?
For 3 of us david momo & me we been from a generation that were in the army by obligation (we’re around 40 years old).
So some of us chose to do there regular time and some choose to engage for 3 years or 1 year and a half. That is what david & i did : sign up.
We have jobs yes of course !!!!!  
Living like a roach waiting for state money isn’t what we think of life.
David & i got kids; there is of course a need to be have exemplary attitude. So working for all of us is a normal way of thinking.
Alex is a sale manager specialize in fresh products, vincent is technician for tv programs, momo is a bar tender & owner of disagree records a HxC punk label.
David is working for the french post since more than 15 years and i’m consultant specialize in loss management.
We have regular hobbbies, doingt sports for david alex and i, hanging around , going to shows (and mosh like hell)...
I’m into some humanitary associations (vegetarian & pro-tibetan) & we’re all involved in the all punk-Oi!-HxC scenes

Inside the booklet of your the first CD is photo of some very nice skingirl. She was bass player, I guess. Doesn´t she play with your band anymore? Or is she still the member of the band? Haha, is she single or married?? Tell me her e-mail address ;-)
She’s my ex-friend, she’s the one that left the band in the middle of the us tour. No need to say more; and of course no fun for us or me.

Some people from Paris told me that it is city without nazis. Is it truth? Tell me please something about your local scene. About the bands, clubs, crews, problems etc.
What is that mean without nazis ? Reading in people’s mind and execute all the ones that think different ? Nazis ain’t in the street anymore, that’s a fact.
Old nazis from the 80’s just get old, been in jail, died or changed. So there is no more nazis like it were between 83 & 93. There are rarely at shows too.
Skinhead Scene change from extrem rigt to extrem left. Violence change of political color but it still intollerance that runs over here. Skinhead isn’t a political thing and there is no such thing as a nazis/racist skin. It’s just a racist scumbag that steal our culture and clothing style.
On the other hand, when the “reds” change from a weird look into skinhead style, they just did it because  it was a recruiting way of thinking : getting in the skinhead scene to recruit young fools for communist party, anarchist & red syndicat.
We don’t need those things. Skinhead movement is a straight anti racist way of life, no need for a red star to prove it.

Clubs rarely accept Oi! Bands and punk shows but still there is a few where  we can organize stuff.
Paris punk rockers & rockin street are good crews and organize good stuff, 40 oz orgazm too.
Scene is split up in paris...that’s a french and a parisian thing.
You got the old guys like us a few others into HxC & reggae doing there stuff, going mostly everywhere and you got a young generation...
 who is for some of them extremly intollerant and left wing, some young sharp wich are the best of it all without any doubts (check out the band streetkids from paris) and fight for the true skinhead way of life, and you got a part wich is “non-political”....they are in the middle get slapt by reds, kicked by nazis ... Well there is a time when you hav to choose : you can’t shake everybody hands & be everybody’s freinds.

Just like some bands claiming there are Paris Oi bands; well if they would get out of there appartments, stop playing PS3, jerking of on internet and START TO HANG AROUND in the streets of Paris... Maybe it would be a start.

I saw your patches and you are very patriotic people. Some poeple say that  Paris is very dirty and violent town. You love Paris, I think. Tell me please your reasons why you like it and why do you like France generaly.
We’re not that much patriotic & we’re not political !!
 you just don’t shit where you live ! You live in France so like it or work for a change.
There is no worst thing as people complaining and never doing anything to change it !
Blue, white & red is our flag; our grand parents fight nazis under it and it’s a shame to see racist scums using it as a white power symbol.
We’re proud without prejudice; beeing proud to be french doens’t mean you’re superior or better.
We love paris it’s a great city, old stones, million cultural events, shows, parties and nice asses at every corner.
It’s not a violent city. Or maybe but we live in so we don’t realize that much.
Anyway, violence can be avoid, You can look for troubles, you can fall on troubles but you can also stay away from it...
And when problems are on your way : better be ready (kravmaga skinhead crew represent !!!)

You all have a lot of tattoos. I saw on your arms some "oppressed boots", "Trojan/SHARP helmets" and straight edge pictures. Tell me more about your tattoos, I like it too!!!
I’m from a generation that were more into writting on your skin what you live, what you listen and our tatoos are our lifes.
Things like “ life is pain, “not seen not catch”, “silence is betrayal”, “drug free”...
I got several bands tatooed : sham 69, 4 skins, blitz oppressed, cock sparrer, madball, floorpunch, carry on...too much to mention.
I don’t think that much tattoos as a piece of art; my skin told the story of my life, and sometimes it’s ugly...both ways.

What does "to be skinhead" mean for you? Do you have any problems because of your skinhead image on the streets with people who dont understand you?
Like i said Skinhead isn’t a political thing it’s a street way of life, a comitment to a pure spirit of music, clothing style & friendship.
Let’s take an exemple : Marcus, jason & the original NYC S.H.A.R.P skins were fed up with white power bulshit invading sneaky the skinhead scene.
They took a stand & made a difference : we keep it up 20 years after.
WE’RE FIGHTING FOR OUR STYLE:  REBELS WITH A CAUSE ! We just can’t let people shit on us, nazis, reds, idiots..;who cares if we’re loved or not ?? We’re bad boys ? Street bumpers, night prowlers, damn it !
As a skinhead you’ll always be the enemy of someone. We’re different, we’re proud of it. We don’t want to fit in and we like it !
And It’ll never stops. There is rarely good reports on TV, only “this is england” can be seen as a real movie, made of the realistic experience of the director, former skinhead himself.
Nazis & reds are still trying to take credit in the skinhead scene. FUCK THEM ! They’re not skinhead. They’re just dressed as us, but they are fake.
Skinhead is all about fighting for your right to be different, so there will always be people who don’t understand who we are, what we are and ...basicaly you can spend a few minutes to talk but :
you can’t make a race horse out of a donkey !!!!

I saw some photos of black skinheads on your concerts too. Thtat´s very pleasant to see this unity. Is this very often in France? And Philippe has on his myspace the picture of six-pointed Jewish David star. Are you Jew,  Philipe? And are there some others jewish skinheads in your crew?
Our shows are packed and there are good vibrations ! skinhead isn’t a skin colour culture; we got the blackest roots ever, we come from ska and are sons of the jamaican culture.
Oi! Shows are made to have fun & not bother about bullshit. Hardtimes is a band that dedicate his energy on positive attitude and positive behaviour...sometimes we show ou teeth...but we rarely bites. Too bad for those who defy us anyway, coz we bite hard.
I’m jewish, there a few jewish skinhead in paris so get this : Any jewish skinhead & skingirls, bootboys and hardmods are welcome for shabbat every Friday with us ! Skinhead shabbat Rulez !
Are you interested in politics? I know you are apolitical skinheads (SHARP) but the politics is everywhere so I have to ask you too :-)
I’ve been in touch with original sharp NYC skins begining of the 90’s & french skins who bring sharp in 88 in France were my friends.
Bringing the antiracism as a natural skinhead thing that’s the sharp spirit; fuck racism, nazism, those damn reds and all the intollerants fruit cakes.
PARTY POLITICAL ARE FULL OF SHIT ! Sharp is a statement, a shout out saying: skinhead isn’t being racist & there is no need to wear a red star to proove you’re not racist.
But you can participate at your comunity, help homeless, join a welfare center help, doing your part in doing good around you in this fucked up society.
Don’t need to pay a monthly fare to a political party, or get your card somewhere to do it. As individuals we got the power to chose, decisions is ours : sheeps & dicks or brains & guts ???

Why did you decide to edit your the first CD on the Bords De Seine records? I think this label often distribute very right wing/racist bands too. And describe me please your discography. I know about some split CD with Mouthguard too...
You can see our discography on our myspace page :
For BDS.... Nico is an old friend. Nowadays we don’t see each other really. He don’t hang around in paris anyway. BDS do a lot of RAC stuff and produce mostly haircut and a few bands with friends of him. He deal with Dim and distibute to much “weird” stuff for what i see. We would not repeat what we did before. End of the subjet.

And something about future plans of the band? With which band would you like to play and share the stage? Which bands do you often listen to?
Futur plans ? Invade germany (for a change), bring back the mosh in skinhead pit, new E.P on UVPR records end of september, album in 2009.
What we listen often ???? Everything men !!!!! You have to be open mind to be a good musician; we still love the old stuff from 4 skins to murphy’s law and skinhead reggae;
Soul music and recent hardcore stuff like the first step, internal affairs or more to pride.
Alex is really into death metal because that’s the scene is coming from :-) just imagine him with long hair dressed as tigh pants and americana oldschool sneakers.

I know that Philippe is Straight Edge. Wau, how could you relax without alcohol? Hah. How long are you interested in this? Do you really like skinhead live without any beer? It is impossible for me :-) and do you really  believe in the loyalty to 1 woman for the whole life ? :-)
Alcool is a weight at our feet, an addiction; how can you claim freedom & liberty for yourself and be that attached to such a fucking drug as alcool or smoke or whatever polute you ?
Addcition is the disease of the 21rst century it just proove that people are weak, slave to a product that make them forget how life is hard.
It shows how much we need to stay awake and aware.
You want to slave people ? Make them slave to material & addictions (tv, drugs, alcool,...) we’re lost in a huge maelstrom called modernity.
Beeing drug free & vegetarian is nothing but my fight for freedom. How can you respect people when you don’t even respect yourself ????
And for sex, i never get where comes that stuff you said.
You have to stay true to yourself, your friends and  the girl you’re with. Beeing straightxedge isn’t beeing a mormon (or a moron :-)
Beeing SxE is dedication and pride, not beeing a monk. But like i said, every path is different; i respect people who gets married and stay true to one women; nothing bad about it.
For me, true love is universal; love without borders, barriers & restrain (read M.L King or gandhi)
Living without beer easy when you see how pathetic people can be when they’are drunk. I got too much respect 4 myself to be that ridiculous anymore. And after 13 years..I feel no regret, never felt that good since then !

Some band Street Kids is among your friends on the myspace. And they have on  their web among friends some Homosexual Skinheads site. Which is your opinion on this "section"? Do you accept gays etc.?
I don’t judge people for the colour of there skin, there religion, there political ideas or sexual orientations. As far as people assume what they are, so what ?
As long as they don’t grabb my ass no problem. Did you see those dicks hiting on girls everywhere (especialy in skinhead scene ?) drunk, going on girls and act disgusting ?
Is it better because they are straight ? Fuck no !!!!!!
If someone is skinhead & gay, so what ? IF They are skinhead first !
Fetish are different, they use skinhead look as a reference to virility and menhood. They are not skinheads.
The homosexual skinhead you refer too is a true dedicate skinhead crew, there are a few in paris. They mostly got more skinhead culture, and neet look than a lot of straight people i can see at show sometimes. And they are not feary, and gay cliché, they are just homosexual.
Why you ask ? any interest ? wanna get in touch ? :-)

And the last one..what do you know about the czech scene, about the Czech  republic? What would you like to regard for all these nazi boneheads worldwide? Thank you a lot for the interview, brothers !!!
Sorry out of paris from 1rts to 4th district, i don’t know shit. Isn’t earth flat anyway with dragons, ghouls & goblins after the sea ?
I thought czech republic was on quarantine because of zombies, i’m not sure ???

For nazis worlwide, what can i say...i wish there would be a chance to make them change. I still hope & wish.
I still have hope and considere every human as a good person inside. Sometimes it’s just hide deep and people get lost on the road of life. I’m sure people are made of good deep inside.
But you know, i’m no hippy idiot and don’t smile and give my left cheek when someone (try to) slap my right one. I might good inside too, but my life been made of hate and anger and never ever let anyone talk shit to me. There always a line that people shouldn’t cross. I’m not as great as the dalaï lama or gandhi; maybe one day.
SO..... basicaly save us time nazis : change or hang yourselves !!

Thanx for the interview.
If you need to precise some questions feel free

All the best from Us
HARDTIMES IS PARIS SKINHEAD GLORY : we’re the best fuck the rest !