Well, my dear people! Introduce please your band! The age of the members, families, business, hobbies...
Ok, the band is: -
Clem- Drums/backing vocals. Clem is the oldest member of the band and his age is a great mystery. Some say that he knew Moses and that he's older than time. Some say that he's so old he can stop time. Others say the he is simply out of time...Clem's hobbies include Hamsters and Ferrets.
Mark Carew - Lead Vocals/Bass. Mark is also the lead singer and double bass player with The Long Tall Texans and the double bass player with the Astro Zombies.
Mark was once involved in a scientific experiment to enlarge his head and to reduce the size of his ears. Unfortunately the opposite happened...
Stuart Brown - Guitar/Backing Vocals. Stuart at 83 is the youngest member of the band. Stuart's ancestors changed their name to Brown to try and detract from the ginger/red hair. It hasn't worked.
Richard 'Bosky' Allen. Keyboards/Vocals. That's me! I was once stranded on a desert island.

I think all from your band stay in England. Am I right? Would you be so kind and tell me anything special and interesting about this land? What do you like there, what do you hate the most?
We do all live in England. England is a nation which has influences from all over the world. This is partly due to England previously trying to rule most of the world...
Some of the things I love about England: - our music, our films, our multiculturalism, our sense of humour.
What I hate the most: - our laziness with learning other languages (goes back to when we were trying to rule the world).

Are you interested in policy? Do you sing about any political topics? What do you think about so call crisis? Is there any possibility to join people together? Under which flag could be it possible?
I'm very interested in politics. I think it's a shame that the divide between rich and poor is increasing and that some people are making a lot of money out of the crisis and other people's misery.
Which flag would it be possible to join people together, maybe the St Pauli Skull and crossbones?

Where do you usually find reasons or motivations for writing your excellent hits? In love, women, working class life, misery, or just in relaxing times etc.?
Thanks very much. Most of the songs that I write are inspired by an emotion, some are stories but with an element of truth. For me writing music is something I've done from an early age and it helps me to relax and deal with life. Because we're with an independent record label, we can write the music that we want to write, instead of the music that's going to make the most money.

Your music definitly is not BORING! I like each song of you!!! Do you have any mystery how to write so beautiful music? Where do you take inspiration? Do you listen to dub, soul, reggae or just more Oi! and punk?
Thanks again! For me I always have a soundtrack going on in my head and I then write what comes out of that. I never write to a formula, but I realised that the secret of a good song is the right mixture of something familiar and something you haven't heard before. I'm inspired by everything around me, sometimes relationships, sometimes politics, sometimes partying and sometimes stories. I listen to all kinds of music.

Have you ever played in Czech republic? In which countries have you already played ? Which one was the best from your point of view?

We've played quite a few times in the Czech Republic (the last time was last year at the Mighty Sounds Festival, great festival).
We've played in England, Scotland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Hungary, Slovakia, Japan and of course the Czech Republic.
We've always had a brilliant time in the Czech Republic.

Could you describe your audience and your fans? Are there many streetkids (skinheads) in the crowd? Or are there more pretty and sexy girls and women inside the pot ? ;-)
Our audience is normally very mixed and made up of punks, skins, students, everyone else and lots of very pretty girls.

I remember one of your interview where you told positively about SHARP movement. Do you think is it necessary to fight racism? Or is it just hangover for a few black or white stupid violent teenagers? Where is the cure for the racism? I know in some parts of the world is very big problem with black racism for example...
It's my belief that you can't afford to be 'grey zone' and that you have to take a stand against racism. Many people still don't understand the roots of the skinhead movement and that the right wing element hijacked a small element of the scene in the 1970s. It's important that this should never happen again to the scene. I think the cure for racism is more integration and appreciation of different cultures. If the Jamaican immigrants hadn't moved to Britain in the 1960's, we wouldn't have had this fantastic ska scene.

Are you preparing any new material? With which band (can be RIP) would you like to share some stage?
Yes and it won't take as long as our last album 'About Time' to come out! About three quarters of the album is written now and we hope to record it this year.
It would be fantastic to share the stage with Bob Marley and the Beatles and Elvis for Mark, our singer.

I think there wont be better skinhead soul band than The Redskins were! I know very nice band called The InCiters either. Do you know The Redskins too? Whats your opinion? Do you know any other skinhead soul bands around?
There's a very famous soul artist from the 70s called Steve Ellis and the love affair - one of the big hits was the song 'Everlasting love'
We have a mutual friend who got married a few years ago.
Our friend asked us to play at the wedding and also Steve Ellis, so we became Steve's backing band for the night, it was a great party!
The redskins were a fantastic band with superb songs.
There's a band from Hamburg who are friends of ours - K-Mob. They play ska and reggae but also some soul in their set, really good band.

Where can we buy your stuff ?
You can buy our stuff from our record label's website: - http://www.sunnybastards.de/
If you go to the shop, there's CDs, LPs, t-shirts, hoodies, Harrington jackets and even ladies pants!
Also we're going to open our shop on our new website soon: - http://www.thehotknives.info/
And remember to 'like' us on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/THE-HOTKNIVES/56095767169

What would you like to mess among people in the Czech Republic?
Thanks for supporting us, and we look forward to having a beer again with you soon.
Thanks very much for the interview Petr.