You are preparing the 3th CD. Which topic inside the lyrics will prevail there for this time? Will be it written about the 2nd World War again? Will you always play and sing about this period of history?
About the new CD; First of all it will only be our 2nd full length CD, because 'Warsaw Rising' was an EP that still had some songs related to the battles at the Eatern front during WWII. The topic of the new album will be war-related for sure but it won't be about the same war. I think HOB's lyrics will always be war-related, but we're not limiting ourselves to one particular war or period. I cannot give away too much about the new album yet, as we just started recording the instruments and Martin is still working on the lyrics...

I know some War metal bands like Sabaton, Ex-Deo or God Dethroned. But you described the whole WAR PERIOD very clearly and in detail! I like your CDs a lot!!! Are you interested in 2nd WW? Do you find your inspiracy in books or through war movies?
Of course we're interested in war, esp. Martin has read many books and watched a lot of documentaries... he really needs to delve into the subjects to come up with lyrics that are historically correct...

Many people have got many different views. Some tell that Russian soldiers were better. But the other say that SS and German Army were the best of the world. Could you please tell me your point of view?
I really don't give a shit about who was best or who was 'right or wrong' in these wars; I purely see it as historical and very interesting stories that fit our music well. We're not a political band, so we shine a light on the atrocities that occurred on both sides. All parties were cruel and made good and bad strategic moves.

Do you still have got your CDs on sale? I could not find the prices of them. Can I find anywhere on the internet your whole merchandise and your stuff on sale?
Our debut CD is available everywhere on the internet, you should look better. Check or or of ocurse for example. The 'Warsaw Rising' EP was a limited edition and is almost sold out. We're not selling the Cd's through our website, only shirts (

You live in Dutch land. Is there any similar band as yours? Is there strong metal scene?
There's no band similar to us in Holland. Some other good bands over here are Legion of the Damned, Thanatos, Asphyx, God Dethroned etc...

Do you play professionaly or do you have your normal job?
Most of us have regular jobs besides the band.

Describe me please your the best wishes associated with your band...Which bands influenced you and with which bands would you like to share the stage?
Our main influences are Massacre, Autopsy, Death, Celtic Frost and Bolt Thrower
We already played festivals with Slayer, Bolt Thrower, Obituary, Behemoth and many others and this year we're on the same bill as Kiss, so what more could we ask for???