Many people think about you that you earned a lot of money from the Resistance publishing. They think you dont work, you have a big house, big expensive car…what do you really do during all the days?
I invested $50,000 of my own money into Resistance, lived on very small amount of money, lived in a small 2 bedroom house. I left the movement broke, with debts incurred trying to keep it afloat. I don't know where these ideas came from ... I heard them even back in 1996.

You have got tattoos on your arms. I could see your 777 on your left arm. Did you ever be sorry because of these tattoos? For example when you meet any good non-white man etc..?
I have not removed my tattoos because they tell a story about a time in my life. I am not sorry, that would make no sense as the past cannot be undone. Instead, I attached new meaning to my tattoos ... I go back to the ancient meaning instead of the modern one.

Have you ever had fear from your nazi „comrades“ when did you sell Resistance and said to NS hello ? Were they angry and full of hate and „revenge“ ? I think many of them think you are traitor…
Yes, many of them think of me as a traitor. Many others write are not happy with my choices but hold no grudge against me. Others don't care what I do and still consider me a friend. I do not live life in fear. I have always said what I feel, shared my ideas, regardless.

I have read that you were in jail..How long and why? And did you change your mind behind the bars?
I was only in jail for 4 months. It was easy time in a soft jail. After I got out, I was on parole and probation for a total of 5 years, during which time I couldn't have any contact with people in the movement. And the police did watch me. It was not during my time inside but rather in the years after I got out that my attitudes and views changed.

I am not sure but probably you live together with any beautiful Indian women. Am I right? Is the love stronger than any political or ideological stream ?
I divorced my East Indian wife a couple of years ago. Our connection was based upon our mutual spiritual worldview and our meditation. These are things I still take with me.

What would you like to change in your life if you could do it?
I would have fought the inner war before having waged vedl the outer war.

Are you still in touch with people from the Czech republic? For example Karel Duben (ex-bohemia hammer skins) or Tomas Fabian (ex-singer of Wolfheart and Buldok?). I dont know where is Tom now (maybe in Great Britain) but I would like to meet him once again :-( He is Mr.Singer for me!!! Do you know his new project OutsideR? Very powerful!
I haven't heard Tom's new project, but a couple of Czechs do stay in touch with me.

And with Novacosm…When would be it possible for us to buy your new CD? I am looking forward to this very much!!!
I am working on a few albums at once. Sometime in mid 2009 the first CD will come out. Then there will be a new release every few months for a year. I am also working on my autobiography entitled "PERSONAL REVOLUTION", for release sometime in 2010.