Introduce please yourself (age, how many members you have in band…)
Hi guy, my name is Seby. I’m 35 and I’m the singer of Derozer a four pieces punk rock band. We all come from Vicenza, north east of Italy.

Are you working or studying?
Derozer is our job.

Your opinion on hooligans and football violence?
Thanx to my age I live the wonderful 80. in that time violence in football was between two gangs. The clash were hard and dangerous but correct and without police. Now is totally different and definitely worst.

Is it easy to live in Italia?
If you are always out of money as we are it is not so easy. If you are rich I think it could be like a paradise. But if you are rich every corner of the world could be your paradise...or not??

Where would you like to drive on holiday?
You know we play about 150 gigs a year all around the world and I really don’t need holiday. But one day I want to go in Africa.

Your favourite beer?
Well the Czech pils are excellent, but my one still the John Smith bitter from Yorkshire.

Are you practising any fighting sports?
Yes, I play defence in a 5 piece football dont think is a fighting sport? Play against me.

Have you on sale anything for your fans (for example T-shirts, patches, pins, CD, EP etc)?
Yes we got tons of stuffs I think the only item miss is underwear. You can find something in our official web site.

Have you any idols (great persons from history)?
I have no idols except Paolo Rossi but I read a lot of books about Che Guevara and I think he was more great than a face on a t-shirt.

Is anybody from your band in contact with mafia?
Of course if you live in Italy and do some dirty job you must be connected.

How could you characterize your style of music?
We start under the influence of bands like Ramones, Queers and Screeching Weasel, but now you can call our music Derozer style.

When skinhead starts to be a non-skinhead?
If you feel a skinhead you are one.

Is anybody from DEROZER playing in Los Fastidios too?
Me and Mendez (bass player) spend 6 years in L.F.

Which part of woman’s body are you keen on? :-)
Woman herself.

Would you like to sing any new songs in English too?
Yes in the new album „Di nuovo in marcia“ we play a couple of song in English, that’s the first time, well see what’s going on.

Do you love any land in this blue planet? And why?
Well I love the entire blue planet, maybe because I love life.

And now famous question for our readers…What can you tell me please about Banda Bassotti? I have sent my zines to Gridalo Forte but they never have answered me…Are they so busy or just arrogant? Are you in contact with these people?
I know them very well, and if they don’t answered to you is because they are very very busy not other reason.

Your opinion on commercial bands like Rage Against The Machine in T-Shirts of CCCP etc?
If they want to reach my respect they have a lot of to road to do, but the question is are they looking for it?

Are you interested in football? Which club do you prefer?
If of course I’m an old hooligan, my team still the one of my hometown Vicenza F.C. 1902.

Your own reasons for to be antifascists?
It’s a must to be against and fight all the oppressor doesn’t matter the colour. An oppressor is just an oppressor.

Your opinion on A) prostitution and B) violence on women?
I can’t think about violence on women it’s simply awful. About prostitution it’s more complicated if there is forced I say NO.

Do you prefer any religion?
I’m totally anti-religion.

Your cure for the illness called capitalism?
Probably Socialism but not in the CCCP way.

With which bands would you like to play?
My dream was to share stage with Bad Religion but we already did and with Ramones it’s not possible anymore.

Your message to all skinheads and to the readers of S-R?
Stay yourself and support your scene.