Could you please at the beginning introduce yourselves? Age, hobbies, business, girl friends-wives?
My name is David, called Conehead, I am 27 years old and life in the “Rheinische Republik” in the nice city of Düsseldorf, but I was born in “Westfalen” (in the “Sauerland”). We are separatists, we don’t feel “German” because Germany is a construct. We remember our roots and they are not German, they are rheinish. I learned as job to brew bear (a dream for every skinhead), but at the moment I work as a normal worker. I have got a 1,5 years old son and a lovely girlfriend. We live in an old squad. My hobbies are sports (Jogging), politics, good music, good food and drinks, football (Fortuna Düsseldorf and Athletic Bilbao) and my family.

Would you like to give any message to the world through this zine ?
Remember your roots, respect other people and cultures, built a socialist world and have a fuckin great time!!!

From your point of view…who is our the biggest enemy no.1 ?
The greatest problems of our time are: Capitalism and religion. Smash that shit. We need socialism and human thinking.

Have you on sale any things like T-shirts, badges, pins…? If yes, where could we order that?
I have got a little label with a few outputs (Conehead Records/Oi!, Ska and Punkrock) and we also sell shirts and badges of our group (Cable Street Beat Düsseldorf) and antifascist football stuff and republican stuff of Lost Boyz Flingern and Fortuna. Our page:, and if want to order something please mail me:

The most exotic Oi! band which you have ever heard?
I heard many exotic Oi Bands, most were very bad, but a good one is “Roots & Boots” from Malaysia.

Could you please describe street-(skinhead) scene in your region, area (Düsseldorf)?
We have a big scene in the western part of Germany. The Redskin/Antifascist Skinhead scene gets stronger in the last years. But we also have a big apolitical Oi! and Ska Scene and also many right wing shiters called themselves skinheads. The most of the new right wing kinds don’t become Boneheads at the moment, there is a new style (copied from the 80s left movement).They called themselves “Autonome Nationalisten”. That’s good for the real skins. The apolitical Oi! Scene don’t like us Redskins and we don’t like them. But we respect each other. Everybody is making their own shows and sometimes they will come to a left wing political show of us and sometimes we will go to a apolitical Oi! Show.

Your personal future plans (I don’t think many concerts and these :-))
My family and I have some many dreams: A house or something, a better political situation for the working class. We want to build our own little socialist world. For the scene: Making concerts with my group Cable Street Beat and to produce some good records. I want to built a skinhead scene with style and attitude.

You’re on touch with Stage Bottles. Could you please tell me anything more about this brotherhood?
I know them since a very long time. Olaf, the singer, is a very good friend. He is also Fortuna Supporter (because he was born in Düsseldorf) and member of Lost Boyz Flingern. I travelled a lot with the band. Very important band for the German scene.

Tell me about problems which hurt you everyday (in the state system, society…). What would you change NOW if it is possible?
First of all I will split the German nation construction. I am a republican and for example I hate the most Bavarian people and I will never feel German. Which problem hurts me every day? For the working class the problems are international. I will have the same repressions as you have. There is no border. We need a way to give every human a voice and to create a society of peace, justice and freedom. So for me a socialist way is the only chance.

Have you any motto which should we worship or follow?
Lifes to short-use your chance to enjoy the world and to create a better one. It’s like the Redskin motto: ”If there is time for a party-there is still time for a fight!”

People around the world know many famous band like Stage Bottles, BFM, Los Fastidios…but only a few fans remember for example 4 Promille, Loikaemie, Jesus Skins, Troopers…Do you think it is sad that many good bands exist only in the shadow of the different more famous bands?
In the Europe here are many many good unknown left wing skinhead bands (youngang, hors controle, lumpen...). 4 Promille is a very big band in Germany. They are from Düsseldorf and some of them are Fortuna supporters. I know them. I don’t like Troopers. But I think it is sad that so many good left wing skinhead bands don’t get bigger because the scene don’t give them a chance. I will organize a tour with three new antifascist Oi! Bands in October to support them.
Have anybody from Lost Boyz any jewell associated with skinhead subculture which you aren’t allowed to never sell ?
Not really, but we did some actions and can’t talk about this because it could be a big problem for some people. I think we are one of the most hated football supporters groups in western Germany. We are also hated in our own scene and I think for the most people is our republican stuff and ideas a problem.

Your the worst experience in your lives?
I had of my best friends became a fascist, but that is a very private think: I can’t talk about such things. It’s too hard.

And the best one?
The birth of my son. Great guy.

What would you do if you inherited any money or win a lottery?
Built a house for a collective to show many people that there is another better way to life. And for me and my family: I like to travel lot (and perhaps a season ticket for Athletic).

Which band do you prefer very much?
Oh there are many bands I prefer, but my all time favourites are Blaggers ITA, Newtown Neurotics, Banda Bassotti (the first and the second record), Red Union, the Upstarts and so on...

Which zines do you read? Have you any favourite book or films ?
I know only Revolution Times and Das Rote Fanzine from Germany (RIP).
Left wings Skinzines are “Skinheads Black & Red” from RASH Berlin and there are always some little fanzines like “Stahlwerk”. Also the normal zines such Moloko Plus, Oi! the Print and so on.

Some scientists say about the end of the world..Do you believe in this?
I believe in Fortuna Düsseldorf J, Karl Marx and my family...that’s enough.

Tell me more about Conehead records (what did you recorded , future plans, how many people work together…)
We released a sampler with Oi!, Ska, Punkrock for the Lost Boyz and a LP with the 60s Trad Ska band “Shots in the dark” from Rome. Next output will be a northern soul sampler and some Oi! stuff. My label friends are Rüdiger of Teenage Rebel Records and Mike of Mad Butcher Records. Cheers mates.

Your web sites are orientated on fussball. Which club do you prefer? And what does it mean for you loving football? Is it different to call yourself rowdie or hooligan?
I am fan of Fortuna Düsseldorf and Athletic Bilbao. I don’t like the modern football. I don’t call myself a hooligan. If there is a fight, there is a fight-no problem. However, I go to game to see my team and to support it. I like the Italian ultra style and the style in Bilbao (a mixture of a little bit English style and ultra elements). Football is very important thing in my life, but its hard to see the way that football goes in Europe. Commercial shit and repressions-very hard!!! We built in Düsseldorf our own group, Lost Boyz, to create our own football lifestyle: Antifascist, anticommercial, subculture way!!!

Which era of history do you love?
I love the 20th century and everything about the resistance and so on.

Awaking can be the worst nightmare. Your the worst awaking in the morning?
Our greatest enemy (1. FC Cologne) won the German championship.... very hard dream!!! Fuck them all.

Do you like Skinread zine??? :o)
Yes, of course...that’s why I give you this interview comrade. 

Recently there were big problems in the suburbs of Paris and of the rest of France (then Europe too). Young immigrants burned cars etc. Your emotions because of this situation? Your opinion?
Its always the same problem: Capitalism and racism !!! The government builds ghettos for immigrants. That showed these people: You are not part of our there are only a few ways to get money: Dealing with drugs, steeling cars and so on. On the other hand you have fanatic Muslim shitters who take their young fighters there.

Your message to all skinheads and to the readers of S-R?
Fight for revolution (also a little revolution every day is a revolution), have fun, fight fascism and enjoy good drinks and drugs (because life is to short for bad ones)
Thank you for the interview and sorry about the delay!!! All the best!!! Forza Bohemians Praha (great antifascist mob) !!!!