Hi comrades! Let me please ask you on the usual things as jobs, hobbies and age of the members of Brixton Cats.
So the band is composed of, Solen, the singer, Jeff at the bass, Nico behind the drum and me who play the guitar. We are between 25 and 40 years old...

What does it mean BRIXTON CATS ? What was on the back of this name?
Brixton cats was the name given to the prostitutes in the Brixton area of London, and Brixton is a suburb of London where used to live together Jamaican and English people from the working class, which are a parts of the redskin culture. Also “Cats” is a word which you often find in rock’n’roll’band name… so all these things put together give “Brixton Cats” !

Somebody told me that Paris is the city without boneheads. Tell me something about your scene in Paris / France.
It’s untrue to say there are no Nazis or fascists in Paris, there use to be a lot more of this scum, and thanks to radical antifascists who kicked their ass there are not so many today. But they still exist and they try to organise some gigs in little places. Once they even tried to attack a pub where we were… and they had to run!  Well, nowadays Paris is almost “clean” but we have to stay vigilant… The fact is that it’s a big city, and on the left side of the Seine, a large part of Paris is owned by rich and traditionalists families. Let’s say that boneheads aren’t so numerous, but that Christian traditionalists and rich fascists are present historically in Paris.

Do you have got really „only“ your debut CD recorded? Describe me please your discography and the short history of the band. How long have been the Brixton Cats lived?
We have released 2 records, the first one was a “demo” of 6 songs, it was 5 years ago. And there is our first “real” album, called Brixton Cats released in 2005. We have been working for several months on our next album and we hope to record it at the beginning of 2009. Due to health difficulties and the departure of JB (our former drummer) we have had to postpone a lot of gigs and the recording of the album, but now it’s ok.

You changed the first drummer. Why JB left the band? And your nowadays drummer (Paolo – am I right ?) still plays with the Cartouche?
JB left us in 2007 after many great years and gigs shared together. JB wanted to see something else and plays in a band called BMG nowadays. Nico (and not Paolo !) replaced him in September 2007, and still plays with “Cartouche” (Cartouche wich are recording their new LP). A new musician is still difficult to find, but with Nico we find not only a good drummer but a really good friend.

I found Julien from BFM as the quest on your CD. I think you behold some brotherhood with these boys together. Tell me more…are you one family?
Julien from BFM participated to the recording of our album, with other friends. We shared the stage many times with our comrades from BFM, we can talk about one family, let’s say that they are our godfathers. We share the same view of the punk rock scene and the antifascist commitment.  It has come to such a point that Jeff and I play nowadays in BFM…we are the new bassist and guitarist in BFM.

I know your song about the oppression politics of the sionist Israel. Do you have any problems because of this song?
Yes we have sometimes problems because of this song, in fact only in Germany with people who call themselves “antideutsch”. It’s really strange and quite boring that we always have to justify ourselves about this song. They blame us for being anti-Semites and of course we are not, we just talk about the oppression of the Israelian government and criticize its policy of occupation and imperialism, you know even the NATO says that Israel does not respect the legal frontiers of the territories… we explain ourselves many times in interviews but people who criticises us never do that openly, it’s always when we can’t explain our positions… that’s why we find it really boring… We hear of them, but strangely we never had the occasion to “talk” about that with them face to face…

Your booklet is written in french and all songs are written and sang in french too. Don´t you want to sing in english? Could we anywhere find the translation of your songs too?
In our next album there will be several songs in English. Unfortunately we don’t have any translation of our lyrics on our website for instance.

I remember your funny stories for playing the shows (pissing, drinking, jokes, etc., haha). Tell us something more and secret :-) Punk rock!!

We visited in December Berlin together. Do you like this city? Mathieu bought some jewel for his girlfriend. Was it good present for her? Was she happy and surprised? :-)
Oh you remember that?! Yes she liked the ring, but she isn’t my girlfriend anymore… not because of the jewel! SO you see that I am a “romantic-punk-rocker”!

Do you prepare some materials for the new CD? Will be it edited and recorded by Solitude Urbaine Records again? I think this label is really excellent! What’s your attitude?
Like I told you, we have already started to work on new songs and already play some of it on stage. But we haven’t really thought about the label or things like that. We will see…

How could you describe your political views?
Clearly we are antifascist and libertarian-anarchist. We believe in a more egalitarian wealth-sharing society. No matter your job or qualifications, you should be able to live decently, instead of that, everywhere in the world you have people who work for nearly nothing, who are forced to have several jobs, and at the same time there are people earning so much money they won’t be able to spend it in one hundred years…
In France, the deputies are voting a text giving you “the choice” to work until 70 years old… what a choice… if you don’t have enough to live you don’t have choice, you’re forced to work more… in the same direction, law to extend the work time by reducing the duration of holiday… it’s always against the same people who pay the price of the economic growth…
Another thing, the subprime crisis endangers the world economy, but who pays? The state, which means us, citizens, will pay for that by lending or giving money to the banks…
But remember when the system was working, who earned the cash? Not you, not me, so those who feed on our backs are being saved by us…

I stayed with you 1 day and 1 night and you are totaly beutiful people! Still with smiling on your face. You are bunch of very clever people (your drummer knew about our czech 2nd league football clubs!!). Mathieu whistled some nazi march in the subway and called us „racistes“ when we wanted to stop him :-) I really like you. Give me your cure for your still good mood :-)
(So thanks for the “beautiful people”) Our cure ??... Sex love and rock’n’roll !
We don’t have a cure, some of us abuses of alcohol but I’m not sure that makes them “good people”, maybe it makes them crazier but that’s all! In fact we really love what we do; we live for that, so if you see us on tour, before and after a gig, be sure we will be happy with smiles on our faces!
We found it really cool to stay with you too… I don’t remember I was whistling some Nazi march… whatever we enjoyed ourselves, the gigs, the night…
Nico (our drummer) and football…. That’s true that he is totally crazy about football, when we play, as soon as we have finish he checks the score of his football team (Paris)! And in the car with Jeff they talk for hours of football… we don’t need radio on our car !

And the last question..the final message or regard?
Thank you for the interest and the moment we spent together and one more time sorry for answering you so late… Keep our scene clean, keep the faith and enjoy yourself mate! It was a pleasure meeting you.