Oi! Alex! Let me please introduce yourself and the rest of your band. Tell me please about your jobs, ages and
hobbies, please.
Well, there’s me Alex on vocals I am 40 years old, I teach English, my hobbies are off-roading in the jungle (in my 1971 roofless Land Rover), going to concerts, classic cars (in addition to the Land Rover I have a 1967 Plymouth Fury V8), travelling in general and swimming . Leonello on lead guitar who is 37 years old and works in the IT industry  he plays in a couple of cover bands, Oscar on bass who is 24 and works in construction he’s into boxing, Chinin on rhythm guitar 20 is a messenger, and GianKarlo on drums 21 who is currently between jobs. I’m not too sure if Chinin and GianKarlo have other hobbies. All of us are into music, I suppose you could say that being in BZ is a bit of a hobby. All of the band are skinhead except Leonello who isn’t but shaves his head anyway (it makes him look younger).

Ok, how to start? I have a lot of questions because your way of life is very interesting..lets go! You wrote in some interview that in Peru people have no information about „what skinhead really means“. When you moved there, have you had any problems because of your skinhead image? Do people know about nazi skinheads or racist bunches there?
The skinhead scene here in Peru is very small, maybe at the moment around 30 or 40 skinheads. When I came here in 1999 there were maybe 10 or less. The skinheads here have discovered skinheadism from the internet, so as you can imagine when I first met them they had a very different concept of what being a skinhead was really about. As we all know there are various versions of the “truth” on the internet about the origin of skinhead etc. So the first skins here were usually RASH or redskins. Ironically there were and probably still are a very small group of skinheads who call themselves “nazi” here, but here in Peru and in all of Latin America the “nazi” skinheads are just a “fashion “ rather than an ideology. Most of the skinheads who call themselves Nazis are of mixed race heritage. Skinheads here are so few, and the general public very little exposure to them that they really don’t understand what we are or what we represent when they see us in the street. It is a little different when we go to a punk concert or a ska concert because the people there are a little more wised-up. With the general public, they just look at as strangely and have no concept. At gigs etc, we get on with everyone, we are well respected. People actually look up to us and admire us (where else in the world does that happen?!!!)The advantage of there being such a small scene here is that you can build a NEW scene in a healthy way from the very beginning. You don’t have to have all the problems with politics; we can START the scene as apolitical and with the values of how a skinhead should be (friendship, loyalty, music, football, streets, clothes, beer etc.) rather than having all that “baggage” from politics. This is what I hope will happen here in Peru; that the skinhead scene here will be apolitical from the very start.

Tell me about your falling in love with your pretty and very nice woman…Was it the love for the „first look“? Or did you know her a little bit more time?
Are there all Peruvian women so beautiful in Peru? Have had she any prejudices or fear because of your skinhead image
Haha. Well you are right, I came here for love (a long time ago) but I am no longer with the person who I came here for (who is the mother of my daughter) , it didn’t work out with her.  In fact her and my half Peruvian daughter live in the UK.  My current girlfriend is not a skinhead and isn’t really into the scene, although she supports me 100% comes to the gigs and is very understanding she is also friends with all of the skins here.  I personally think that Latin American women are very beautiful; it is a matter of individual taste of course.

There are some racist songs on your 1st CD. Why did you decided to be white nationalist and racist when you were young? What was the real reason? Was it only defence against violent english streets full of gangs?
Well I do not want this to sound like I am looking for excuses.
The skinhead scene in the middle to late 80’s in the UK was very small. The non political Oi! Scene was almost dead, there were no ska bands. So it was very easy to get drawn to bands like Skrewdriver, Brutal Attack etc.  The music was powerful and the scene was very healthy. I was very young and gullible I suppose. I had a lot of friends in the area I lived in (Essex) that were right-wing (RAC) skinheads, so I went to gigs with them, met more people  and made friends all over the country and little by little you find yourself believing the politics. Me being a nationalist or racist was not really a defense against anything to be honest there were no gangs and very few non-white immigrants where I came from. I think that it was just an accident of time and place. The time that I was a teenager and started being a skinhead  the only real scene was the RAC scene so I naturally drifted towards that. I have to admit those days were exciting, some of the bands were great, the atmosphere was amazing. And it was the only place you would see hundreds of skinheads together. It was easy to get caught up in all the excitement.
Now when I look back I realize that most of the politics I used to follow I did not actually believe in, I just went with the flow (this is one of the main reasons I left the scene in the early 90’s when I realized that I was living a lie). There are some aspects of the beliefs that have stuck with me (I am still anti-drugs for example although I no longer care if someone else takes them, I just know that I would never touch them myself).

You were skinhead in England for the long time of your life. You know english streets very well. Tell me where is the reality now? Are the english streets more careful then in the 80s or 90s? Or is the situation due to mulitcultural society worse? I need to know the truth..I hope you understand.
To be really honest it has been 10 years since I have lived in England so I think that I am out of date a little. I do visit the UK every year and see the changes. I think that the streets are a little more dangerous than in the 80’s and 90’s for various reasons.  These are my perceptions based upon my visits, my contacts with friends and family and of course I like to keep up to date with the situation of my country. People seemed to have dumbed down, English teenagers and school leavers are not cultured, they don’t give a shit about anything or anyone, they don’t read, they don’t care about culture, art or history, I don’t know what has happened but when I was a kid it wasn’t like that. Nowadays you are far more likely to be a victim of random violence walking down the street because that’s what kids do not for fun; attack complete strangers.  People are just interested in watching Big Brother and other bullshit culture-less “reality” programmes on the TV. There is also a problem as I understand it because there seems to be a lack of control on immigration so the government has no idea of how many people are in the country. I understand that there are a lot of criminal gangs from eastern Europe operating in the UK, Bulgarian pickpockets, Albanian beggars, and lots of gangs. And I see that there is a problem with the Muslims it seems. Immigration itself is not necessarily a problem, but when it is uncontrolled and the immigrants do not want to abide by the laws, then it becomes a problem.

To be nationalist or patriot doesn´t mean to be racist. I believe in pure patriotism. You sung that „proud to be skinhead, proud to be nationalist“…Are you still patriot or nationalist? And which land is the most closer to you heart? England, Peru or which one?
Back in the 90’s when I sang those words, being a nationalist was pretty much synonymous with being a racist. It was like a sanitised way of saying that. I think that in the UK, depending on the context it is still the same. Patriotism for me is a very different thing. I consider patriotism to be pride in your country. “Country” being a very different thing from “state” or “government”. I believe that if you are proud of your culture, history, geography, architecture, food, music, achievements as a country then you could be considered a patriot. It is not a “right-wing” thing, nor is it a race thing. My personal feelings towards the two countries I have lived in are mixed. I was born and lived the first 30 years of my life in England. I feel that I am very fortunate to have been brought up and educated in that country at that time and grateful for the opportunities it gave me. But things there have changed a lot. I love England. I have great memories of the country it was. I feel a great nostalgia towards the England I grew up in, but I don’t think it is the same country anymore. I haven’t lived there for 10 years but I visit regularly. I am in touch with friends and family and from what I see, read and hear it is not the same place it was. But England for me, the England I knew and grew up in holds a very special place in my heart. As far as Peru is concerned I have been here for almost 10 years. Peru has been very kind to me. Remember I have a half Peruvian daughter. I feel an affinity towards this country and I can’t see myself living anywhere else. I suppose you could say that I feel “patriotic” towards both countries if that’s possible

You played in the Czech Republic. Do you remember the concert? With which bands did you play together? And your opinion? Was it organized by Hammerskins or Blood and Honour?
I remember the event very well. It was my first and only time I had been to Eastern Europe. The gigs was organised by Bohemian Hammer Skins but I think they later became the same people who did B&H?  We played with Buldok and Kratky Proces. There may have been other bands, I really can’t remember. I really do not remember the name of the city where we played but I think it was near the Polish border. There were a lot of Skinheads there. I remember seeing a couple of buses full of skinheads from Poland. To be honest the guys from Buldok and BHS were good guys, they treated us well at the time. I wonder if they still hold the same views? One thing I would like to add is that Kratky Proces, to this day, are probably the BEST skinhead band I have seen in concert. Even though I couldn’t understand a single word of what they were singing, the music and energy was amazing. The crowd went wild. There was a video released of the Battle Zone concert there. I have even seen a clip on youtube.  We also spent a few days in Prague. A beautiful city. 

Would you like to come back for the show one day to the Czech republic? And how much money have we to prepare for the tickets? And for how many people would you like to play?
I would love to visit your country again. I still think that Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I think it would be difficult for BZ to play there to be honest. The Peruvians in the band would never get a visa. Maybe there could be a possibility to do something with the BZ USA formation and The Templars. But I am not too sure that it would be a good idea for me to play in Europe. I have a complicated history and I can envisage problems from the left (I am an ex-nazi in their eyes) and the right (I am a race traitor in their eyes). So it might be a little controversial. But I would love to visit the country again.

Which other land do you like too and why? Do you feel bigger respect to the european culture and heritage or to the ancestors of the western or eastern civilization?
I like living here in Peru for various reasons. It is an exciting country (Andean mountains, coastal deserts and The Amazon jungle). But I am not nor ever will be Peruvian. My heritage is European. I was born and educated in England but my parents were both immigrants , my mum is Spanish and my Dad is Maltese (Malta was British at the time he was born) and Greek. I have no interest in Eastern (asian) culture particularly, I have never been to Asia or Africa and don’t really have any wishes to do so. I feel a connection to the southern European and  Mediterranean countries, that must be because of where my parents are from. I love reading about British history too.

Is there anything in your life what would you like to change or take back ? And why?
If I had a chance to live again there are a couple of things I would do differently. I wish I had never got involved in the political aspect of being a skinhead. I would much rather had been more level-headed and just stuck to the real aspects of being a skinhead as I do now (clothes, music, beer, friendship, football etc) But I was a kid and I was easily led. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t have good times, because I did, but I really wish I didn’t follow that unpleasant political path. Although the experience itself has made the person who I am now, and I still hold some views which were influenced by those times (I am still very anti-drugs for example, and whilst I am not racist in any way I recognise that immigration has to be controlled in ANY country). The other regret is more on a personal level, I don’t think I’ll go into it in detail.  :p

You have re-done your old tattoos? Which tattoos were changed? You used to wear celtic crosses a lot…Are you still interesting in the celtic history? Or was it just only symbol of the white power?
I have had all my tattoos re-done. In the vast majority of cases they have just been retouched and very little has been changed. The problem is that Peru is a sunny country and the tattoos are over 20 years old so they had faded a lot. Tattoos are cheaper here and there are some great tattooists. My tattooist here is a personal friend too (www.artesagrado.com) and his studio is only a couple of blocks from where I live. I had all the little runes and celtic crosses covered up during the process (I didn’t have too many) because, as you correctly mention, they were pretty much representative of the white power movement. I am not a celt, I have no celtic blood despite being born in the UK so there was no real point in keeping them.

Do you have any other new songs which you play in the shows with BZ Peru and BZ USA? And tell me more if your band is on some compilation? Do you prepare any new CD?
With BZ USA we just play some of the old Battle Zone songs, we have spoken about recording new stuff in the future but to be honest I am usually only in the USA for a few days so there is never really enough time. BZ Peru has several new songs (in English) we are planning to record and release a mini album (possibly 5 or 6 new songs and maybe some of the hard to find old material as bonus tracks) sometime this year. It is just so hard to get time to rehearse. I really hope that this year we release something.

Alex, when you play some old songs, so which words were changed..I think just about songs as Victimsed, Nerves of steel, England or Nowhere to hide…
Well basically there are some songs that we don’t even play any more, such as Nowhere to Hide, Young Gifted and White and there are others that have changed some of the lyrics such as Victimised.

Your second CD was never released? Or was it recorded by any nazi group and sell? Do you feel angry when you see your old CDs sold on the internet among other WP CDs? Did you ever earn any money from this old CD?
You never really earn much money from selling CDs or playing concerts, money was never the reason to play in a band. The money you made from the CD’s usually went into the cost of rehearsing, recording and playing concerts. A lot of times we would play the concert for free and we did not always get the cost of transport covered. I don’t get angry about my CD’s being sold, to be honest I haven’t really seen them for sale on the internet.  The second album was being recorded but was never finished, the songs were not mixed. Some guys from Hang em High Records located me several years after Battle Zone had finished and offered to release the second album. I agreed, we mixed it and they released it on vinyl several years after it had been originally recorded. They then struck a deal with a European label to release the album on CD I never “earned” much from Battle Zone. Everything has just been doing it for fun, any money was made was spent on the band anyway.

You ended connection with WP movement in 1994. You were disappointed? Tell me please why…We have no information about „society“ inside the Blood and Honour etc. Here was always everything robbed by the few (for example Bohemia Hammer Skins etc.).
It is along story, I will try to summarise it in a few lines. Basically I began to realise that I did not really believe in the WP ideology.  I realised that I had “grown out” of this phase and did not really believe in racial superiority etc. At the same time Combat 18 appeared in the UK. There was a problem. I was trying to subtly distance myself from the WP scene (but remain a skinhead), so I was thinking about stopping the fanzine I wrote (Last Chance) and I had decided not to continue with the band anymore. But unfortunately C18 saw that I still had some influence (especially through the fanzine, which ironically I wanted to give up) and wanted me to support them, play gigs for them and write about them in the zine, they soon realised that I was not being cooperative with them, so they started putting rumours around about me  (it was interesting to see who my real friends were, because most people just believed the rumours instead of believing in me, it was an interesting demonstration of human nature) and generally giving me a hard time until finally they came the visit to my home and work with machetes (my best friend brought them to my house as they did not know where I lived, he’s the guy with the photo dedication on the back of the second LP (vinyl edition)). I was already trying to discreetly get out of the scene little by little (it was not something I could easily do from one day to the next) but when  I realised that most of my “friends” had deserted me  and then I got the visits I just decided to disappear and have nothing to do with the scene. I really learned a lot from that experience. I am now much more careful about who I choose as friends. And it really helped me see that the majority of these people who claim to be superior to everybody else are just scum. They are losers. I am talking about some people who were quite big in the scene at the time, skinheads in bands etc. It was ironic, when in the following years C18 did the same to some of those people and when the truth came out about the original C18 working for the police etc. those people wanted me to return. To be honest the whole episode gave me further evidence that all that WP superiority stuff was bullshit. I was a brilliant lesson in human nature. I learned a lot.

I dont know if the skinheads were used to use drugs in 80s but here a lot of them smoke crack and LSD etc..Was it just the same cause in England?
The scene I was involved in (WP, RAC whatever you want to call it) was completely against drugs. Nobody took drugs at gigs (you would have got beaten up if you tried) and skinhead used to occasionally beat up hippies who smoked weed. I really believed that the skinheads in those days practised what they preached as it was not part of the culture to take drugs. It is difficult to know if people took stuff in the privacy of their homes. I certainly am against it and always have been. I know in France in the 80’s and 90’s it was big even amongst the WP skinheads there, but in the days of Skrewdriver etc I NEVER saw it, I bet it is different now.

You wrote 1 song about cosmetic murders…very interesting for the skinhead band. Are you still against the violence on the animals?
I used to have a lot stronger views about animal welfare than I do now. I do believe that testing on animals for make-up or perfume is wrong. (that’s what the song is about). But I do believe that it has been an unpleasant necessity for human medicine. Although I do not agree that drug companies should continue to test on animals purely to find a cheaper pill, but just for the research in new better cures. I used to be a vegetarian for 13 years (this was after  Cosmetic Murder was recorded). I am against hunting for sport and animal cruelty in general, but I am not active and my views have changed since those days a little. I would like to point out that at the time it was very unusual for a skinhead band (esp a RAC band) to sing about that subject. Paul Burnley (who was a close friend at the time) actually wrote a song about saving the white race and not worrying about animals (I can’t remember the name of the song) due to discussions we had and because of Cosmetic Murder!

What the „to be skinhead“ really means for you, my friend?
I don’t want to sound too cliché but I think it is difficult to put into words. Some people are born to be skinheads, most people are not. For me it is a difficult feeling to describe, it is an affinity I have, it is something I have been since I was 15 years old. The clothes, the music, the friendship, the history, its all of things and much more. Its about being part of something great, sharing this thing with other similar minded people. There is a “feeling”  which I cannot describe, but which I am sure you readers will understand.

And 1 thing..are you still against the immigration like in the song Nowhere to hide? I dont think so :-)
My views have changed a lot and are NOT reflected in that song anymore. But I have to admit that immigration has to be controlled. There is no problem ­with immigration of skilled people who want to work and contribute to society. But when you have the type of immigration in Europe right now, where there are a lot of people who just want to exploit the social benefit system, there are always going to be problems. Immigration as a concept is fine. Both my parents were immigrants and technically so am I. But it has to be controlled, and the immigrants must contribute positively to the society of their hosts.

What would you like to regard to everyone wherever?
I would like to thank Peter for his patience and to send my best regards to all of your readers.