Everybody could recognize members of your band because your band is very famous here! But give me more information about your members: hobbies, jobs, families?
Fred : I work as a kung-fu teacher, as a hobby I study philosophy, and I have no children (as far as I know).
Nico: no children as well, but I’m younger, I’m 30. I'm a teacher in history, and I love literature, cinema, music, and travelling around the world.
Mateo: I work part time, doing graphic layout in newspapers, I have no children and I’m 29.

And please more information about your „new“ member Fred Alpi. Once I heard that he is quite „legend man“ of the French scene...
Fred: It's a joke! I am not a legend that is for dead people! But the fact that I am 44 years old and still active in the alternative scene, when so many people give up and betray their ideals when they reach 30, makes some people having respect for my tenacity. My passion for freedom, friendship and rock'n'roll is still growing, and I like to share that, so it is pretty simple actually, because I live the life I always wanted to live.
Nico: Yes, he's a living legend cos this man became a punk rocker in 1977!

In booklet of Rock or Die you have some photos of celebrating, or wedding or graduating…? Is anybody from your closer crew/band already married and with children? (if YES, so my congratulation ! :o))
Fred : not me ! According to me, marriage is killing love. And I have no time for children at the moment.
Nico: some friends are married or have a child, that’s life... But, personally, I hope I will never get married, 'cause I think wedding is a religious and conformist institution.

Is it easy in France to buy a flat, live alone and enjoy life if you are young? Or is it hard to find job, to pay car, petrol and flat etc…? (in the Czech republic we all know this problem, unfortunately)
Fred : no, it is not easy at all, and it is even more difficult
now than it was for me 20 years ago. You can of course still enjoy life, but on a material point of view, it is harder to get a job, find a flat, etc... Capitalism organizes low wage politics here too, especially for young people.
Nico: we live in Paris, guy, a fuckin beautiful city but one of the most expensive in the world with London, Tokyo and New York. Even if you earn 1500 Euros, it's not simple !
Mateo: And it is especially difficult for coloured people, black or arabs, even if they are French.

And what about families in France? In our country young people don’t want to have children because they haven’t good job, enough money and no sureness… Is it easy to get married and sustain children? Tell me something about common family life in France. Some interesting habits :o)
Fred : In many families, both women and man have to work just to ensure the minimum, they suffocate under consumption credits so they have to accept any kind of work and bad working conditions. And television is the drug that slowly kills their willpower for revolt or freedom.
Nico: so many questions about family! Probably same behaviour than in Czech Republic!

Me and MANY other mates from all around the world think, that the main supporter of racism is just Government of our states! Do you have the same idea? I think that the main factory of racist mood is just state and bureaucracy.
It is true that here too, both left wing and right wing government have been enforcing laws against foreign people, and playing with racist feelings. To point out a scapegoat is an easy way to have the poor fighting themselves instead of fighting capitalism.

How much is salary of the normal working man in France? If you are good worker here, you salary is 400 EUR per month!!!
The official minimal salary is around 1000 Euros here, but in many cases it can be lower, for young people for example. But to give an idea, you can't find a flat to rent for less than 500 Euros in Paris, and 300 in a small town, so it is anyway not enough.

I read in Barricata (old format A5) some „problems“ between band J´aurais Voulu and BFM. Probably I cant understand this too much…Are you in contact with this band or don’t you just like them? (your last guitarist was frontman of J.V., wasn’t he?)
There are no problems. We even made several concerts together Jeremiah and Ludo left Brigada. But just when they left, they were some sad feelings, it was like a love story that ended. But everything is OK now.

Which label will you choose in the future and why? I think it will be Fire and Flames, am I right?
We still have our own label, Machete Productions, but we also work with other ones for distribution, like Fire and Flames in Germany and Czech Republic, or other ones in France.

Some happy incredible stories from backstage and the gigs??
Fred: almost every gig is a happy incredible story! I remember laughing a lot when Nico and Mateo felt on the ground after an optimist jump in the air. And an incredible backstage party with Los Foiros, from Bordeaux.

Your drummer is quite powerful man I guess. Is he interested in any fighting sport? I heard that he was member of the Red Warriors. Tell me please something interesting about this crew (or organisation?) ?
Fred : Julien has actually been practising kick boxing for many years now, and even been France champion three times. He is still training and teaching; we organize kick boxing courses in Paris, where friends from the Rash and from the CNT, our anarchist union, can come and train. It can be helpful. About the Red Warriors : yes, Julien was amongst them, and they helped cleaning Paris from nazis in the 80's.

And now my personal stupid question :o) Matéo, why do you wear shoes and not hard boots during singing on stage? :o) Is it because of comfort and jumping? :o)
Mateo: Fashionista! I've never thought about that. Yes, it's more comfortable.

Is there more „radical“ band than yours in France ? Could it be Les Partisans in memoriam for example?
Fred : it depends what you mean by radical. They are more and more bands in the antifa scene, amongst them Brixton Cats and Red Riot, just to mention our closest friends.
Nico: Les Partisans splitted three years ago. They are good friends, I met the singer in July in Lyon and it was a pleasure, but they were more reformist than us, definitely.
Mateo: Radicality is not a competition. The most important is to stay fair to yourself, to be honest with what
you think. We leave lies to politicians.

Tell me something about National Front in your country. Some main reasons why common people should hate them! Le Pen was here and NF is quite popular here (because of problems with gypsies and immigrants)…and I think people are blind!!!
Fred : they are fascists, which is a sufficient reason to hate them. They are pretty strong, but the worst is that their ideas have spread through almost all official political parties, so we live under they program for many aspects.
Nico: Fortunately, Le Pen is old and has no credible heir. Like a lot of fascists, he's a rich man, and in fact, doesn't care about working class. Fight for your class, not for your country!
Mateo: Fascist activists are pretty discreet on the streets here, they appear only when they are protected by the police. They are really strong in running, they run fast and long, it is very hard to catch them.

How recognize nazi on the street ?
Fred : he runs away when he sees a redskin.
Nico: like in US, Germany, Italy, Spain,... Nazis buttons on his jacket, right wing music band shirt, national flag on the bag, etc.

Something about new CD. I read that it should be more strict, more radical? By which way? By music or texts?
Fred : both !
Nico: Wait! We are currently recording our next album, it takes a lot of time. New songs speak about jail, or capitalistic scum, and about international solidarity.

Hard X Time was SHARP band from your country. They broken up yet. But why just they choose Bords De Seine records when they were SHARP???? Do you know reasons? Your opinion on this boys/band ?
First of all, let's say that we have nothing against Sharp, which has sometimes been said because of our trouble with some members of the Paris Sharp. Sharp friends organize our tours in Canada or Italy for example. But in Paris, the Sharp, mainly lead by members of (ex)HardXTimes, has been organizing gigs where they welcomed bands playing Skrewdriver covers, known for playing even nazis in the audience ! This is why we were in trouble with them They we no real Sharps, but "right-wing apoliticals" trying to protect themselves with a label.
Their collaboration with a nationalist label simply proves that we were right to have some doubts about their sincerity.

You were in Geneve on Festival against Racism. Your memories? Good idea, big fest I think.
Fred : Yes, it is a very good festival, and I loved the three days we spent there. This is an example of what strength through solidarity and a clear political aim can lead to.
Nico: it's a great antifascist festival, and a meeting point for friends coming from all over Europe. For bands, the best conditions to play!

You are mostly skinheads. Media hate us and spread lies and hatred. Immigrants believe this shit. Have you problems because of your skin image? Many comrades wrote me about attacks in metro, on the streets…It is the same all round the world I guess.
It is slowly becoming better in France, because of all the concerts we organize, in which more and more people - and not only skinheads - come to, as well as the huge impact of Barricata, which clearly shows what we politically are. Misunderstanding often comes from ambiguous positions, and as ours are very obvious, more and more people know about it.

The Oppressed are back! SHARP spirit without politics. Clear idea?! Was their show on Barricata festival powerful ? Do they still spread motto „neither red or racist“ ?
Fred : Listen to Rody Moreno himself : if you state that you are Sharp, which means anti-racist, that is already a political statement, because you are anti-fascist. And anti-fascist can also mean anti-stalinist, what we, as anarchists, also are. The Barricata festival was great, according to everybody, and The Oppressed were so happy that they absolutely want to come back next year. Oi Polloi were personally my favourite band in the festival.
Nico: Until 2005, I never saw the legend Oi band. My favourite title is "the AFA song", I listened it three times this year: in Berlin in January, in London the next month, and in Paris last June for our festival. Wonderful! Oppressed are really nice people, with a good spirit. I think they enjoyed Paris 'cause our punk and skinhead scene is politically clearer nowadays than in the 80's.

Which is the most popular movie for you? And the most popular actor ?
Fred : my favourite movie is The Dictator, and my favourite actor is Charlie Chaplin. Being able to make people laugh and think so much at the same time is prodigeous.
Nico: i've a lot! Did you see "Captain Conan", a Bernard Tavernier's movie about the first world war? It's a great film, and a great book. Gladiator, Raging bull, Taxi Driver, The Godfather, Apocalypse Now, Aniki, Freaks, Amarcord, Aguirre, Metropolis...
Mateo: my favourite films is 21 grammes, and my favourite book, probably, Ask to the Dust written by John Fante or Great Balls of Fire of Nick Toshes (biography of Jerry Lee Lewis).

What do you distribute in your distro??? Only your things or just any other zines (SkinRead for example :o)) ?
We take a lot of CDs, books and fanzines with us on tour. We distribute all that at our press table. It is important for us that people also find information and ideas at our gigs, not that they only come to consume music.

And 1 question about Gridalo Forte Records. I like their music, their things…but „somes“ say it is too much „leftists“…Would you like to record split CD with Banda Bassotti ? It could be interesting I guess.
Fred : some other say that they are not enough politically involved anymore, the point of views can be very different, you see. They have welcomed us really well when we played in Rome, so it could be a good idea.
Nico: A split with Banda Bassotti! It would be a honour for us! I really like that band for a long time, and have a lot of respect for them, but I preferred their first period, "Bella Ciao", "Luna Rossa"..., cause it was more punk than ska.
Mateo: Je suis daccord avec Nico, Banda Bassotti, comme Stage Bottles ou Opcio sont de très bons amis avec qui nous prenons énormément de plaisir à jouer.

You know my zine. I am selling this you every half-year. Has my zine any mistake which do you want to solve? :o)
Fred : I don't have it here (I am in Sweden just now) so I can't tell. But keep on anyway, it will only be better if you put all your soul and energy into it. Be strong.
Nico: I don't understand Czech language, but it seems to be better each new issue. Most important is to carry on to smash fascist poison, homophobia and capitalism, and spread anarchist ideas. Go on kids! Stand up and fight!