Your names are very well-known so you dont have to introduce your libidinous persons. But why did you decide to be ANAL SKINS? Not only because of this unusual name of your band but just tell us something about your sexual life.
You start this interview in my way :-). So we will talk about fucking not about my band, is that right?! You horny slavic people. You have nearly the best girls with the best tits there. Ok step by step. My name is Hassan Anal, I am the singer of the Anarcho-Sexist Oi! band "Anal Skins" from Kuala Lumpur. I was born in the US, lived a long time in Europe and now I am back in the country of my parents. We decided to take the name Anal Skins cause we want to combine the two main things in our life: Sex and Oi!. My sexual life is the best you can have. I am open minded and always horney. I am a popstar in is no problem for me to find somebody where I can put my cock inside.

 The men who prefer anal contact (sodomy) have usualy small dick. And you are Asians and they really have it. Describe us your cocks!
Sexual freedom is not about the size of your cock otherwise you have to make a operation in the hospital. 2000 Dollars and you are King Jumbo :-). My cock is beautiful...his name is "Adolf".

Do you often play the concerts ? With which bands do you usually deal the stage?
We play 6 times a year perhaps but only in our country. We share the stage with all the good Malaysian Oi! bands (Roots and Boots, Cocks Revenge and so on).

I think you are the first Anarcho-sexist band on this Blue planet. Are you proud of this fact? Or do you know any similar or the same randy band? Tell us.
It is our style to bring freedom to this country. To give the normal workers a life of success: Alcohol, Oi!, fucking and work just 4 hours a day!!! We are proud of this. I think we are the only band which says that we are Anarcho-Sexists but a lot of bands here think like us. They think with their dick and not with their brain!!! That`s our natural way and that`s good!!!

You are Anarcho-sexist (how I have mentioned it before), but I dont know how many people worship this way. Do you know number of your comrades?
We are a part of the apolitical Oi! scene. We say what the all the members of this scene like: Loud and rough Oi! music, to use your brain just to order 5 beers or that no rain can come inside your body, to fuck everything everytime, to be working class and get not enough money for your job,  to be against politics and communists and to love your country just because it is your country. So we are together with the scene here and the scene is very big and full of good bands.

  What do you usualy get (money or food or drinks) when you play live-concert?
We play for beer and girls. Cause we wanna fuck after the show to relax a bit. In Malaysia we play normaly in front of 1000 people (we play in big halls). Everybody knows us but it is forbidden to listen to our music.
The state and the police hate us. We are for sexual freedom but the most of the people in Malaysia are I don`t have to tell you that this is a fucking problem. But you see the people come to our shows cause the love to fuck and to be free.

 Do you like gays? Or..are you gays?
If you prefer the Anal way you are still a little child which never get out of the anal times. A gay side is in every is your personal turn to control it or to liberate it. Sometimes when I am drunk I like to liberate it.

 Do you think that bands like Jesus Skins or Jewdriver could like you? What do you mean about these bands and people (skins) who trust in God?
I would fuck the hell out of them. I hate Allah, Buddha, God and all these trendy wankers. Religion is for sexual frustrated people. Jesus Skins are a good band but with shit attitudes, like all these political Oi! bands.
Real Oi! is direct and stupid not like the student commie music. Jewdriver is total shit music and I think they are drugdealers.

 Have you any got any stuff for sale? In which address can we write for it?
We have T-Shirts, Buttons and our Split 7" with The Strong (my old friends from Chicago).
You can order it via Myspace:

  And what about your opinion on sXe?
On what? Is it a joke? Send them to jail till they drink and fuck like an elephant. My country is full of these bastards.

 What do you want to say to women (or men) who are affraid of sodomy (anal contact) ?
Stay cool, use good liquids and clean your fuckin ass before (otherwise you will know which food your partner prefer. You just have to take a look at your cock).
Play a bit with dildos and fingers before and than the hammer will show how great the asswar is!!!

You member has got good name GG Stalin. His mother really had to love him. Am I right?
It is just his artist name. Normally his family name is just Stalin.

I am married but if I will have any anal contact with the other woman, is it the question of "unloyalty" or not?
Now you just liberate yourself of monogamy. Monogamy is a idea of the church. They don`t wanna let you on the anal trail to liberate your cock cause it`s just the "anal way" which will stop all wars on earth and also the war in your trousers!!!

Are you hooligans? Is it possible to make all hooligans united? If yes, so for which important aim?
We are Asswar Hooligans. We support our local swinger team: Cum together!!! Hooligans united? If you are drunk you can fuck everything. Is this a good answer?

Do you know any band, person or skinhead fanzine from the Czech republic?
No sorry. I remember the beer cause I stayed for a long time in Europe (my father works for Heineken Beer Company). I heard of one band: Pilsener Oiquell. I like to fuck the bassist. The band is really I love real Oi (I told you: No communist bullshit, just stupid and direct)!!!

Thank for you interview and do you have any final motto?
Thanx for the interview. Perhaps we will play in Europe one day with the band. My motto: Hate the state - love the ass!!!
Keep the faith!!!!